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You know what's fun? Not tweeting angst. Not sweating the second half. Not worrying about blowing a four point lead with four minutes to play because you have a 24 point lead. Also fun: beating the NUrds in football and then sweeping them in basketball. It has now been 413 days since we lost to Northwestern. May we at least get to 4 digits before it happens again. … [Read More...]


NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 20 Texas State at Illinois

FOLD Week IV: Answering Questions

I decided to make this final FOLD Week post a mailbag of sorts.  There was a good question in the comments the other day, so I wanted to cover that and a few other … [Read More...]



Ball-You-Man – Northwestern

Editor's Note: The final FOLD week post will be late tonight or tomorrow (for the 17 of you who care). I've now been at work for 13.5 hours (on a Friday).  These are … [Read More...]

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NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Iowa

Don't worry, you faithful 17.  The final FOLD Week post is, in fact, on it's way.  But first, let's get to the emails Tyler and I bounced back and forth since the Iowa game.  … [Read More...]



The temptation here is to write the "live life while you're young, kids - enjoy this time" post. I'm 42, wearing orange, sitting with Krush, acting like it's 1992 again. (Speaking of, could this team use Deon Thomas or what?) But I'm not going to write that … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 06 Western Kentucky at Illinois

FOLD Week III – Centers/Guards

This right here - this is the spot where all of the medical scholarships hurt.  Medical scholarship means "player is no longer capable of playing football because of injuries so they get to keep a scholarship but are no longer on the roster nor do … [Read More...]


Ball-You-Man – Iowa

We're going into Carver-Hawkeye with a shot to steal a big road win against a team trying to play their way into the tournament just like us. Strap on your goggles boys and girls. By the numbers The Hawkeyes are looking to hold serve at home to close out … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: Missouri vs Illinois

Back & Forth – Michigan State

This one hit hard.  Kind of felt like the Minnesota game in 2010.  Late February, at home, right on the bubble, win and it locks up the tourney... but we lose.  We were the First Team Out in 2010, and the way things set up this year it feels like we'll be … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 2

FOLD Week II – The Tackles

Tonight - the tackles. Tomorrow - the guards. Then I head to Iowa City to drive through a snowstorm and watch us (hopefully) beat the Hawkeyes.  Then I drive home and get stuck in the snow.  Then I tweet something and some reader in the middle of nowhere … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 06 Western Kentucky at Illinois


It's..... FOLD WEEK. FOLD stands for February Offensive Line Discussion week. About 5 years ago, I was mocked, nay, heckled on an Illini message board for starting a thread about the offensive line in February. Who could POSSIBLY want to talk about the Illini … [Read More...]


Hey Jealousy

I'm the worst at being a reporter. Just the worst. Everyone else is down in the press room right now getting quotes. I'm seated courtside... watching the MSU players celebrate and take pictures with their parents on the court. I'm the band kid staring at the … [Read More...]


Ball-You-Man – Michigan State

Five games left that determine the season. Somehow go 4-1 in those five and we're flirting with a single digit seed. Go the expected 3-2 and we're praying on selection Sunday. Anything less and we need a late BTT run to get in. Michigan State at home is the … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Cosby Gone

It's always odd when someone leaves.  As you know from the words I write here, I spend a lot of time thinking about future rosters.  Football depth charts, basketball rotations - I'm always looking at the present and trying to predict the future.  Then a guard … [Read More...]

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