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Lunchtime Depth Chart Musings

I think I do this every year.  The depth chart is released while I'm eating my lunch on Monday before the first game so I scramble over the next 30 minutes to put together a HERE'S WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM THE DEPTH CHART post.  Like this: … [Read More...]



Imaginary Friends

Just returned to civilization. This was the last weekend before football, so my wife and I headed for the woods. After 48 hours of hiking/floating/sitting in a chair … [Read More...]


NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Basketball Schedule Thoughts

Robert is a little busy with football stuff these days, so he asked me to take a look at the basketball schedule.  I've already been obsessing over it for days, so … [Read More...]

Featured Stories

September 20, 2014: Illinois Fighting Illini head coach Tim Beckman talks with Illinois Fighting Illini linebacker Ralph Cooper (42) and defensive back Zepheniah Grimes (33) during the game between the Illinois Fighting Illini and the Texas State Bobcats at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, IL.


There are very few who believe. Not believe in the coach, or the athletic director, or the university, but very few who believe in the Illinois football program. This is for good reason, of course. Have you seen the last 20 years? No one in their right … [Read More...]

amazing discoveries


A quick post on renewals. The whole subscription model went up two years ago today, and many people subscribed on the first day (and renewed on the first day last year), which means many of you are seeing that floating blue ticket again this morning. How do … [Read More...]

IlliniBoard.com 2015 Football Season Preview

Everything I Know II

Want to know all there is to know about the 2015 Illini football team? This is absolutely everything I know. Warning, it's long: 21,858 words to be exact, but hey, that's 2,000 words shorter than last year. Efficiency! One other change this year: instead of … [Read More...]


They’re Not Booing

With the announcement yesterday of the naming of Lou Henson Court, I asked Tyler C. (you know, the Back-And-Forth guy) to write something. He was a walkon during the Flyin' Illini days, so I wanted to hear the perspective of someone who sat on the bench with … [Read More...]

October 04, 2014: Illinois Fighting Illini tight end Tyler White (87) is tackled by Purdue Boilermakers cornerback Tim Cason (8) during the game at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, IL.

90i #32: Tyler White

It is now officially comical how far “behind” this “daily” “series” is. But I’ve someone given up on caring (maybe you can tell). In the last two weeks, every single moment of downtime I’ve had, I’ve been writing. My yearly novel (season preview) comes out … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Illini Orange and Blue Spring Game 2015

90i #33: Eric Finney

This is one of those I was hoping to cheat on. Occasionally, after Rantoul, I rearrange the top of the list because this guy looked good and that guy didn’t get many reps. But with the battle at Star, I don’t think I learned anything. So this is probably … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 2

End Of Rantoul Three-Deep

Craig emailed me his depth chart today. And I TOTALLY DIDN'T LOOK AT IT because I knew I was writing this post. Once I'm done here I'll go look at Craig's. And then mock him for his third string Star not being promising walkon Cedric Doxy. I think Ced can hold … [Read More...]


90i #34: Mike Svetina

I just really hate injuries. I hate everything about them. I hate that after a phase where Purdue was ACL-U and then Iowa had the AIRBHG (Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God) and then Maryland lost all four quarterbacks and had to start a linebacker at QB... … [Read More...]

senior paper 2012.indd

2015 Camp Superlatives

My final Rantoul post every year: Camp Superlatives.  Like that page in your yearbook where Stacy Philmont won "best eyes" but that was total crap because Stacy's cousin Megan was on the voting committee and Megan always hated you after that incident in gym … [Read More...]


90i #35: Joe Fotu

I wrote more words on IlliniBoard last week than any week in IlliniBoard history… and I’m even further behind on The 90 Illini. I have 18 days to get it all done. Let’s do this. … [Read More...]

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