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Ethos 2.0

When we were 6-0 in 2011 and ranked 15th in the nation, we played Ohio State at home and lost. My post after the game focused on one thing: the fans booing the third play of the game. 6-0, Ohio State at home, first thing that goes wrong 45 seconds in, BOOOO. Over time, I came to regret that post. … [Read More...]



9 That’s Really 7 and 4 That’s Really 6

I should do this more often. The spring game ended about 20 hours ago, but I haven't written a postgame post yet. And I've found that in the last 20 hours, my … [Read More...]




You are now reading Version Two of this post. Version One was never published. Because as I was writing Version One, someone on Illinois Loyalty cracked the code … [Read More...]

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Rebrand Photo Gallery

I brought Jonathan with me tonight, and he took a gazillion pictures, so I figure I have two options here: I could go on and on about the football helmets - how much I like them, how we're going to win 14 additional games over the next eight seasons simply … [Read More...]


We Love No Other 1.11 – Craig G.

My first repeat guest! I guess I could also say that like this: "We just had a Spring Game, and it needs to be analyzed, so who better to call than my friend Craig G. so we can break down everything that happened?" Craig is like me - he keeps his own depth … [Read More...]

Illini Orange and Blue Spring Game

Postgame Interviews

I think I'm going to let my postgame thoughts simmer for a bit on low heat (stirring occasionally) and then post them tonight or in the morning.  I've been in Champaign for 48 hours now, and I haven't seen my wife in a while, so I think I'll post these … [Read More...]

Illini Orange and Blue Spring Game

Spring Game Slideshow

Haven't tried one of these posts before.  But Jonathan was here at the Spring Game today, so I figured I'd take some of his photos and upload them as a slideshow.  If this works, great - we'll use it again on Wednesday night when Jonathan shoots photos of the … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. SIU Salukis

Tell Me About Your Mom

I'm nervous.  I want to do this story justice.  I've started and stopped this post three times, deleting everything and starting over.  It's a story about wide receiver Justin Hardee and the phone call he received that we all fear: "Get home as fast as you can … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. Miami-OH

Thursday Practice Breakdown

Because I'm one of The Seventeen, how 'bout I put together the breakdown from the practice last night as a list of seventeen things I observed?  Or, more accurately, sixteen things I observed and then an interview I did with Chunky Clements.  Did you know that … [Read More...]


Spring Game Head Coach Smack Talk

The rosters are picked. The coaching staff is divided. The alumni coaches all have a sideline to stand on. So the only thing left to do before the Spring Game on Saturday was this: talk to both head coaches - Mike Ward for the Orange Squad and Alex Golesh … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini v. Miami-OH

Spring Game Roster Breakdown

This is one of my favorite articles of the year: breaking down the spring game rosters.  I pride myself on knowing more about this roster than any human on the planet, so when a situation arises like this, I'm the doctor on the airplane when someone passes … [Read More...]


Blue Bloods

In scrolling through Twitter last night after UConn beat Kentucky, several people pointed to the same thing: this is UConn's fourth title in the last 16 years. They gained access to the club in 1999 and have added three more titles since. Once you become a … [Read More...]


We Love No Other 1.10 – Carey Davis

With the Spring Game approaching on Saturday, I figured I'd talk to another former Illini player for this week's We Love No Other podcast.  Today's guest: Carey Davis, Illini fullback during the Ron Turner fullback glory days in the early 2000's. Carey is … [Read More...]

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