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You forget. You forget the why. You're fully aware of the who and the what, you can schedule the when and the where, but every now and then, you need a game like this to remember the why. When Reisner's field goal went through, and the seniors gathered to sing the school song with tears in their eyes, I remembered why. … [Read More...]


Fighting Illini v. Miami-OH

From The Field

When we missed the field goal and needed a three-and-out and a miracle, I headed down to the field. Then I pressed record. Then the assistant AD came up and … [Read More...]




When Kendrick Nunn tweeted the hashtag #bombsquad back in September (on the day when Jalen Coleman-Lands picked Illinois), I decided that Bombsquad would be a pretty … [Read More...]

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Fighting Illini v. Miami-OH

Player Interviews – Penn State

I tried to get to as many seniors as I could. I ended up getting four of them - Alex Hill, Michael Heitz, Davontay Kwaaning, and Reilly O'Toole. And I talked to Darius Mosely as well. And, of course, FEJ! … [Read More...]


SOC – Penn State

It's always odd to see the permalink name assigned to each post. If I've used a title before, it will automatically add a number. This here is soc-penn-state-5. Which means I've not SOC'd Penn State five times. It actually might be six, since the first … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 04 Purdue at Illinois

What You Should Know About These 2014 Seniors

I am an Illini football fan for the players. I want them to win so I can YAY TEAM second; I want them to win for them first. The field celebration after the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl win remains the highlight of my 6 years of blogging. That team, all that … [Read More...]


The Three Step Pull – Part Deux

It feels so good to have captured three of The Seventeen Illini Fans Who Care More About Football Than Basketball to have them write for IlliniBoard. If you read Steve's words on Monday, Craig's words yesterday, and Martin O'Donnell's words that follow this … [Read More...]


Those Were The Days – Penn State

Gonna be a five post day here on the IB. First, Detlef with Those Were The Days, then Martin O'Donnell's latest Three Step Pull, then three posts from me: one about the seniors, one after the Austin Peay game, and finally, around midnight, the SOC. Starting … [Read More...]


Craig Has The Scout – Penn State

The second half of Preview Day, where Trevor previews Austin Peay and Craig previews Penn State. For this one, Craig's a bit surly. Just like Steve was a bit surly in our Back & Forth.  Just like I was surly when I Checked The Tape. Mid-November: The Most … [Read More...]


Ball-You-Man – Austin Peay

It's Preview Day here on the IB.  In this post, Trevor previews Austin Peay for tomorrow.  In that other post over there, Craig previews Penn State for Saturday.  While I take a day off to re-think that whole "football >>>> basketball" thing. … [Read More...]

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Check The Tape – Iowa

As painful as any post I've written in years. This tape is so hard to watch. 3 point underdogs, at home, first crowd of 50,000+, a team that just lost to a team we beat (giving up 51 points in doing so), and then THAT. … [Read More...]


Back & Forth – Coppin State

The One Where Tyler Tells The Story About Ervin Small Punching Him In The Chest For Blocking His Shot In Practice. Also, Tyler and I get to discuss our crazy offensive outburst against Coppin State. And I pose this question to Tyler: can Leron Black be Lowell … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 1

Back & Forth – Iowa

I say this all the time, but I have no idea what it would be like to write about a vibrant athletic program. I've been doing this for nearly six years and have had two 6-6 football seasons and two NCAA Tournament victories to write about. What's it even like … [Read More...]

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