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Looks Like University Of Illinois – Louis Dorsey

I mean, not even 30 minutes ago I finally get caught up on LLUOI posts (you'll see James Knight and Nate Hobbs below), and now I have to write another one. Oh no. What a drag. An athletic WR/TE type who could play Division I football or basketball says yes to Lovie. Well, if I HAVE to write it.. … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – James Knight

This is totally the nickname class. When Howard Watkins Jr. enrolled early last week, the announcement press release referred to him as "HoJo". Which means I'm … [Read More...]



Sugar's album "Copper Blue" got me through the 1993-94 school year. It came out in late 1992, but I was always a little slow on the uptake, so I associate it with … [Read More...]

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Looks Like University Of Illinois – Nathan Hobbs

I'm two behind here, and the final flourish happens these next two weekends, so I'd better get caught up. Let's start with Nathan Hobbs and then I'll try to get to James Knight tomorrow before falling into a deep depression after we lose at Michigan to move to … [Read More...]

Back & Forth – Michigan And Maryland

A high and then a low.  Stepping on the gas in the second half and running away from Michigan and then slamming on the brakes and blowing a double digit lead over Maryland.  One step forward, two steps back.  Here are the emails Tyler and I shared in the last … [Read More...]

Bright Spots

Whimpering down the stretch to Maryland surely has most of the fan base feeling justifiably grumpy. Let’s maybe look at the bright side though shall we? Te’Jon and Kipper have been released from their cages, and both provided a positive impact this past week. … [Read More...]


I've been really nostalgic lately. Not sure why. Last night I'm binge-watching an Amazon show called Red Oaks and one of the episodes ended with the Billy Joel song "I've Loved These Days". Being me, I pulled up the song and listened to it five or six times … [Read More...]

Filling The Roster Holes

The recruiting dead period ended yesterday (for a month, from December 11th to January 11th, coaches can't contact recruits). With that completed and the coaches back on the road (plus Signing Day only 19 days away), let's look at the holes left to fill. … [Read More...]

Something Different

Tracy got fouled in the lane and threw up a shot backwards over his head. It went in. Malcolm got fouled on the baseline and a half second before he came down he tossed up a prayer which bounced straight up in the air.. and in. Te'Jon banked in a three as the … [Read More...]

For Better Or Worse

I've been playing around with the 2017 roster (no truth to the rumor that I have an electronic football game from the 70's and I change the names of all the players with a Sharpie once I make a new depth chart because that would be crazy who would do that), … [Read More...]

10 Things I Like And Don’t Like, Including Recruiting Stuff

Tough week for Illinois basketball fans. Win at home on Sunday over Ohio State, and you want to get right back at it. Instead we get a week off, go into the other Assembly Hall, and get the doors blown off us before the under-16. How many fans turned their TVs … [Read More...]


Who are we? Besides the team that leaves the visitor's locker room in a fog when we're on the road. I know we're mostly a "we go as Malcolm goes" team, but I cannot remember an Illini basketball team entering January where I didn't really know our identity. We … [Read More...]

Pick My Post – Mount Rushmore

I haven't played Pick My Post in a while. So I just put it out there on Twitter and then chose the most difficult response - fill out an Illini Football and Illini Basketball Mount Rushmore for the past 10 years. This is going to be hard. … [Read More...]

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