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Braintrust Podcast… Transcript

I'm so bad at this.  I organize a Braintrust podcast last night - Steve, Craig, and Martin "TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN" O'Donnell - we record the whole thing... and the recording didn't work.  I mean, I checked at the beginning the little thing said "recording on" but "recording on" must mean something different than "recording on". … [Read More...]


Postgame Interviews & From The Stands Part II

If you're one of those people who gets uncomfortable at my postgame from-the-stands hyperactivity, please do not listen to the last clip here. You'll lose the last … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Te’Jon Lucas

First, some housekeeping: now that I'm back from vacation the first order of business is to write the LLUOI for Te'Jon. So the Check The Tape post for this week … [Read More...]

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Back & Forth – Nebraska

Well this was certainly more enjoyable than the last 15 Back & Forth posts with Steve. It's weird - when you win on a touchdown pass with 10 seconds left to beat a historic power to move to 4-1 on the year, you tend to wake up the next day fairly excited … [Read More...]

Slideshow – Nebraska Game

I just can't get enough of this game. I've already watched the highlights on BTN twice and re-watched the second half on BTN2Go. I also put together a bunch of Jonathan's photos from the game. Enjoy. … [Read More...]

What Happened On That Play

I'm glad Illinois pulled this one out. If it was a loss, a post like this from an Illinois blogger comes off as sour grapes. "The Illini would have won if the officials hadn't blah blah blah". Instead, with a win, it's just one thing: an evaluation of total … [Read More...]


TOUCHDOWN! No, wait, his feet were out. Good, they're going to review. LOOKS GOOD! Wait, can't see his toes. Official was right there they can't overrule. THROW TO G-MO AGAIN. Interference. THROW TO G-MO AGAIN. Interference. Will they keep doing this until the … [Read More...]

From The Stands – Nebraska

So I just hugged a bunch of players and parents on the field. Is that bad? Does that make me biased? Yes. probably. But I couldn't stop wooing. ANYWAY, I went down to the stands when Nebraska picked up the game-clinching first down and pressed "record"... … [Read More...]

SOC – Nebraska

It's time for another "no idea what I'll predict when I reach the end of this Stream Of Consciousness" post.  I've been going back and forth all week.  Nebraska will be the worst pass defense we face - we're gonna win.  30 MPH winds will make … [Read More...]

Those Were The Days – Nebraska

Today, Detlef takes us back to... 1923.  Yes, 1923.  A time when Champaign was pretty much the center of the college football world.  Hey, that makes me think of a future post: 1923.. 2023... 100 YEARS BETWEEN UNDEFEATED NATIONAL TITLES. Ok, no.  I'll stop. … [Read More...]

Next Year

I've been remiss. (I AM remiss?) Wait, is remiss future tense?  "It would be remiss of me to not talk about next year".  I need to get better at this language.  I'VE BEEN REMISS in not writing articles about the roster next year. I want them to fall into the … [Read More...]

Craig Has The Scout – Nebraska

Ghosts of the Football Game Past I am not going to lie, I got the yips on this game after I posted my article.  I went and found my saved copy of Ray Eliot’s Proper State of Mind.  I really felt like the players were going to mentally struggle with this … [Read More...]

Check The Tape – MTSU

It's interesting to watch a game on tape that I watched from the stands, not the pressbox.  I generally watch games from the pressbox or on TV, so I'm used to then watching tape after viewing from those angles.  Being in the stands and then watching the game … [Read More...]

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