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Fill the Void

As the game against Western Michigan got away from Illinois football on Sept. 17, I did something I’ve felt the need to do far too often during Illini football games over the course of my life: I turned it off. I know I wasn’t alone, and I’m positive that a similar ritual has been repeated by Illini fans over and over throughout the decades of football inconsistency — if … [Read More...]


2018 Depth Chart

I've done this in several bye weeks in years past - since we have a break from football, let's talk about next season.  Given the timing of this one - a loss to move … [Read More...]


Out of the Spotlight

In the twilight of his fifth recruiting cycle at Illinois, John Groce convinced yet another elite high school talent to spend one of his five NCAA-allotted official … [Read More...]

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On Paper

I’m a big paper guy. I’m probably never going to change. If a team looks good on paper, they should be good on the court/field. Paper is big for college football but probably even bigger in college basketball. Land solid recruits, win games. And before this … [Read More...]


I'm taking my sweet time with Check The Tape this week. Bye week, plus I have to hide my eyes every 15 minutes.  As I'm reviewing the non-conference and looking forward to Big Ten games, a conundrum emerges: how do you jump-start a rebuild with so … [Read More...]

Back & Forth – Western Michigan

I wish this wasn't so familiar. I wish these emails weren't easier than the emails after the first game. But being Illini football fans, Steve and I know how to discuss this team when the mood is "well, it looks like there's a long road ahead." … [Read More...]

Not Like This

I expected a loss today. Wrote about it last night. A Year Four MAC team that has recruited well vs. a Year One Big Ten team changing both schemes, on paper that's a push. Add in the way we played last week and I saw a loss. Just felt like they would … [Read More...]

Postgame Interviews – WMU

Only two interviews here - I always feel like I'm bothering the players when talking to them after a loss - but I wanted to talk to Pat Nelson about his first real game action and Joe Spencer about the feeling in his gut as a senior after a game like this. … [Read More...]

From The Stands – Western Michigan

Hard to stomach. Yet so familiar, right? It's such a strange experience being an Illini football fan.  It's hard - ulcer hard - on the stomach to watch something like that unfold and just accept it. Yet it's so familiar.  Sadly, it feels normal.  There's this … [Read More...]

SOC – Western Michigan

Just imagine if this game was still scheduled for Kalamazoo. When Ron Guenther scheduled this game, (well, associate AD Chris Hanna scheduled it because WMU is his alma mater), they scheduled it for a road game AT Western Michigan. Us playing a team that might … [Read More...]

Those Were The Days – Western Michigan

I was curious about this one - would Detlef take us back to the game he refers to as Guenther's Folly (the game in Detroit in 2008), or would he choose another game? He chose a different game: the 2004 matchup with WIU. Here's Detlef to take us back.... … [Read More...]

Craig Has The Scout – Western Michigan 2016

Ghosts of the Football Game Past I normally spend Sundays re-watching the previous day’s game once to confirm my thoughts, break down a play or two, and move on with this section.  I have now re-watched the UNC game four times, and I am going to admit my … [Read More...]

Check The Tape – North Carolina

My takeaway after the game was that Trubisky >>>> Lunt cost us the game. Trubisky 5 incompletions; Lunt 18. Switch the quarterbacks and maybe we win 48-23. My takeaway after watching the tape: Lunt was fine for three quarters (except for the … [Read More...]

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