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Flying Blind

I think I tuned in when Penn State was up 50-48. So I watched a 12-8 basketball game today. In fact, I didn't even know Rice and Cosby were suspended until a friend texted me looking for some inside scoop (like I'd have inside scoop). So here's a postgame post (and opinions on Rice/Cosby) from someone who knows nothing and didn't watch the game. … [Read More...]



Spring Roster Updates

The spring football roster was posted online today. Which is good because I was getting tired of checking thrice daily. As discussed in the "Taking Inventory" … [Read More...]


NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Minnesota

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of happy to have a week off. Not just because it means one less game without the injured players (better than having two byes in … [Read More...]

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Ball-You-Man – Penn State

Talk about a much needed week off. We come off a road loss with a week to get everyone right. Cosby may be available, Rice will be a week closer, and Malcolm gets to rest whatever's slowed him the last few games. … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Sean Adesanya

I mean, the series is titled "LOOKS LIKE University Of Illinois". So by "looks like" I'm not implying that it's a lock, right? I mean, Tom Cruise just said it LOOKED LIKE he'd go to the University of Illinois. At that moment, there was no guarantee he'd show … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 1


Finishing the very last task of anything is a strange feeling for me.  We've been working on a home renovation project - Teenage Boys No Longer Live Upstairs At Our Home So Let's Make It Look Like Inhabitable Space Again - since around October 1. I finished … [Read More...]



This will be a short postgame post. I have to get back outside and cut a hole in a door to install a vent for the furnace closet. I am very much looking forward to cutting this hole in the door as it will vent a few frustrations. Renovations on the house are … [Read More...]


Ball-You-Man – Minnesota

Big game against Minnesota before a much needed week off to rest up. We'll be running on short rest and a short bench against a desperate team. Brace yourselves. Winter is coming. By the numbers Minnesota entered the season with high hopes. They returned … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Purdue

Short turnaround time this week.  Home game late Wednesday night, then road game mid-day Saturday.  So there's just two emails back-and-forth between Tyler and I.  But don't take that to mean there's not much info here.  Tyler wanted to talk about Leron … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Two Guys Who Verballed A Month Ago

Big weekend ahead for football recruiting. Tim Beckman has four (maybe five) spots he can fill, there's a few voids on the 2017 roster that need to be filled (namely defensive line), and players visiting this weekend and next might determine how hard the heavy … [Read More...]


The Leron Black Game

I write my emotions. You know that. One game I'm "let's win 8 of the next 10 in this weak Big Ten" and the very next game I'm "we'll never hold a lead again". Tonight? "I've been waiting a long time for a real, true, rebound-eating power forward wearing … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Ball-You-Man – Purdue

Robert's postmortem on the Indiana game and all of our other close losses was a rough read. It really highlights the weight of every possession in college basketball. That's my new go-to argument for why college hoops is more fun than the pros. In college we … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Indiana

The Indiana loss hit me pretty hard. So hard, in fact, that I replied to Tyler's first email with a long, rambling mess of a response where I put words to my fears. We're giving away bobble-heads because it's been TEN YEARS since we made a tourney run. I need … [Read More...]

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