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If This Blog Existed Ten Years Ago Today…

It's almost 4:00 am.  I haven't slept.  I might not sleep.  I'm pretty sure it's Easter right now, and I'm pretty sure I'm due at my fiance's house at 9:00 to pick her up before church, but I just had the craziest night of my life.  The best win in Illinois history - that's was this was, our best win ever - and I didn't get to watch it until 12:30 in the morning.  Let me … [Read More...]



Looks Like University Of Illinois – Eli Peters

I have one more basketball post I need to get out.  I might let it build all weekend and post on Monday - not sure.  But I can't fully move on to 100% spring … [Read More...]



PG & C

Did my best to avoid the NCAA Tournament the last four days.  Avoided the blog entirely, too.  Felt like I needed three full days to clear my head.  I organized the … [Read More...]

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Mike Thomas Interview – Part II

Can I just say that I'm amazed an athletic director would agree to an hour-long sit-down with a blogger?  Can you IMAGINE Ron Gunther doing this?  In this second part of the interview, I ask Mike Thomas maybe six questions about money and he answered every … [Read More...]


Mike Thomas Interview – Part I

On Friday I had the opportunity to sit down with Athletic Director Mike Thomas for almost an hour.  This will be the first of four posts where I transcribe that interview.  Might be three - not sure.  Transcribing is hard.  And it takes time.  Brumby, can you … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: Missouri vs Illinois

Back & Forth – Alabama

I'm SO avoiding the tournament today. And this weekend. Can't remember it hurting like this. For the first time since 1985, I'm not even filling out a bracket. And if I see one single happy Iowa fan I might puke. So here's Tyler and I rehashing the … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Low Points

I told anyone who would listen today that we were going to play our best game in months. It just felt like we'd turn it on at just the wrong time and we'd all be left with "where has THAT team been?" emotions. I was completely and totally wrong. The … [Read More...]


Ball-You-Man – Alabama

An NIT three seed playing Alabama in post season basketball. That is a thing that is currently happening... By the numbers Alabama had a rough season. After getting off to a blistering 12-3 start the Crimson Tide finished 6-11, missed the tournament, and … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Kentrail Moran

I love it when a plan comes together. When Matt Domer wasn't admitted to school in January (for the second time) and Devin Church transferred away, we looked at the roster of tailbacks in a few years and said "Dre Brown and then who?". Then BOOM 4-star … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 20 Texas State at Illinois

Post-Practice Interviews

I avoid Selection Sunday when we have no chance.  I don't watch the selection show and I avoid Twitter. I don't even want to hear about it. I checked about about 7:40 to see who our NIT opponent would be, said something on Twitter about Roy Rogers, and went … [Read More...]


Thoughts From The First Spring Practice

Posts like this... posts like this I could write for 200 hours and never tire. Go to practice, drive home and think over everything I saw, and then write out 2,000 words on 2 hours of football played in shorts.  Some posts take hours, even days to write. … [Read More...]


Kentrail Moran Interview

I don't normally interview recruits. Not sure why, just not my thing. But when a four-star running back verbals at the same practice I'm attending, yeah, I gotta find out why today.  Please note that he was quite nervous.  I mean, he's a high school … [Read More...]



There will be no postmortem post today.  I'll wait until after the NIT loss.  The only words I'll say about that awful Michigan game were the words in that lame "here's our texts" post.  I do not have the wherewithal to produce anything more … [Read More...]

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