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Holidays can be stressful. So much to do, so little time. Many people turn to massages for stress relief, or maybe they'll go to a funny movie and unplug for two hours. Me? I need to write. Even though I have 1,001 things on my to do list right now, this is most important. I'm headed to my first Braggin' Rights game in 15 years tomorrow, and I need to write some words about it. … [Read More...]



Looks Like University Of Illinois – Jordan Fagan

Three verbals behind. So let's see if I can knock out this LLUOI today, another tomorrow, and another on Thursday. There I go again, setting public deadlines for … [Read More...]



Supposed To

I'm still deep in an Oregon funk. Beating Hampton couldn't bring me out of it. Missouri just looks like a trap game - they're horrifically awful (on a neutral … [Read More...]

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Ball-You-Man – Hampton

So last time I said I wasn’t nearly as down as Robert was, but I have to say, I’ve moved a little closer after the Oregon game. I’m probably still not where most people were post Villanova. We’ve got plenty of season left, and I can’t sit here and believe … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Oregon

I'm not gonna lie - I somewhat avoided emailing Tyler back this week. Not because of Tyler, but because the Oregon loss was so painful. I've been pointing to the 2014/15 season for such a long time and to see it possibly start to crumble these last four games … [Read More...]

Behind the Box Score

Behind the Box Score: Cosby & Starks

We’ve all read it, heard it said, and probably said it ourselves: This Illinois team cannot beat high-major competition if our transfer guards don’t hit shots. It’s pretty simple actually. It’s also true. This edition of Behind the Box Score looks at Ahmad … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 04 Purdue at Illinois

Bowl Practices

When a team qualifies for a bowl - especially a team that hasn't been bowling in several years - you'll always hear someone say "...and they get those 15 extra practices". So just how important are those practices? Will 3 more weeks of practice really make … [Read More...]

Fighting Illini Basketball Scrimmage

This Shouldn’t Be Last Year

Confession: I am 100% completely stealing this take from Tyler. I'm that guy who sees "Smith's best three games have all been against Ohio State" on Twitter and then calls into the postgame show to say "you know, Smith's best three games have all been against … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Ball-You-Man – Oregon

We’re coming off a tough loss last time out against a very good Villanova team. I’m not nearly as down about it as Robert is, but this next game will be a good measuring stick for me. If we are as good as we think we are we should blow the doors of this Oregon … [Read More...]

NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Back & Forth – Villanova

Tyler and I talk out our depression. Big stage, bright lights, big city, tie game... flop. Here's the emails we've shared since Tuesday night (when we were both struggling to sleep due to "it was RIGHT THERE and then it slipped away"). … [Read More...]

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 04 Purdue at Illinois

Bowl Slapdash

I need to do less series'. I have three LLOUI's to do, and I STILL need to CTT, and a B&F with Tyler, and I don't have time to just write, you know?  Here we are in a bowl game, my own personal Christmas miracle, and I'm bogged down with series'.  So for … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Monday Practice 1

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Connor Brennan

I made this promise to do every LLUOI post within 48 hours of a commitment. But I have a very good reason why this one took 72 hours: I enlisted help. I asked IlliniBoard line play expert Martin O'Donnell (that's on his business card - Line Play Expert) to … [Read More...]


Not There Yet

I gotta be honest - this one has me down. I've been talking up the 2014/15 team since the spring of 2013. And when this game was announced, it seemed perfect: the best possible stage (against a top-10 team) for our arrival back on the national scene. Cosby … [Read More...]

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