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A Super Bowl Pregame Postgame

First let me take a moment to send good vibes the way of Robert’s family. Here’s to hoping all is well. Now to our Super Bowl pre-game post-game breakdown. We just played one of the best teams in the country, and it honestly wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Now don’t get me wrong this definitely wasn’t a moral victory. We generally held Jared Uthoff in check, which is … [Read More...]


The Misfits

I've started my yearly, lengthy Signing Day Breakdown post but I have not completed it yet.  It's Signing Day, though, and you always want to write about Signing Day … [Read More...]


What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

While Robert is pounding away at his keyboard working on his Signing Day post, I want to talk basketball. Specifically, this: we don’t have a point guard. I’m sure … [Read More...]

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When you know what to write about but you have some stuff going on so you can't really find the time to do that... just start writing.  Here's a quick slapdash post where I explain my absence of late, talk about Signing Day, and give some quick thoughts on the … [Read More...]

Making Sense

This is, without a doubt, the strangest recruiting cycle I can remember.  Just in the last month, there have been seven players transfer out of the program, eight players de-commit (ten total in this class), and 14 (FOURTEEN) high school … [Read More...]


I watched this game looking for something different.  A unique angle.  A new insight.  An unexplored narrative.  Something - ANYTHING - that was different. At the State Farm Center this evening, the Illini offense went to sleep after a nice opening stretch … [Read More...]


I like to listen to random high school basketball games on the radio. I'm weird. So on my way up to Champaign tonight, I listened to St. Elmo-Brownstown absolutely take it to Neoga in the second half of the consolation semifinals of the NTC Tournament. I mean, … [Read More...]


When you don't know what to write about, just start writing. Subtitle: I take a look at the remaining basketball games and update the football depth chart herein.  … [Read More...]

Roster Changes

Late January is always the time for the big football roster update.  Not only do the seniors come off the roster, but any redshirt juniors leaving the program (getting their degree, moving on) will no longer be listed.  This year... there's a lot of … [Read More...]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Catching Up

As I've stated before, I stopped writing LLUOI posts for football commits this summer. With all the turmoil, especially after Beckman was fired, I expected many recruits to bail (and some to be Creaned). As of now, six have bailed, but after these two … [Read More...]

Fool’s Gold

Robert was at the symphony Saturday so I have postgame duties. Whatever it is he took in there had to be a hell of a lot prettier than what those of us who watched the game saw. We squeaked out an overtime win against a team KenPom had as 196th in the country. … [Read More...]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Javon Pickett

Finally some time to LLUOI. My wife is doing this thing called the "Frostbite Series" where she runs 13 miles in 25 degree weather (for fun!). So while she's out torturing herself, I can sit down for a bit and cover some of the latest basketball and football … [Read More...]

2016 Assistant Coach Salaries

I saw the News-Gazette story this week about the salary pool for assistant football coaches and was surprised: the salary pool for assistants is twice that of the head coach's salary (which has to be a college football first, given our unique circumstance). … [Read More...]

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