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90i #77: Patrick Nelson

He’s obviously not #77 anymore. He tore his ACL last week, so unlike Mikey Dudek or Dre Brown, he’s definitely out for the season. But a list is a list, and when I sat down to do these rankings earlier this month, Patrick Nelson was at #77. Patrick Nelson Safety 6'-0", 205 lbs. True Freshman (on scholarship, 5 years to play 4) Hales Franciscian High School / Chicago, … [Read More...]



Freshman Jersey Number Day 2015 (Part II)

I'm halfway through the freshman numbers and we've just now reached the 30's. If you've ever wanted confirmation that every player chases a low number these days, … [Read More...]


NCAA Basketball: American at Illinois

Basketball Recruiting

I mean, if you want to talk about attention-grabbing headlines, this is it. This is the kind of stuff that might get me hired at the New York Times. "Robert, we … [Read More...]

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90i #78: Justice Williams

((Spring of 2018)) "Who do you think will win the job at Star now that Crawford has graduated?" "JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL". I will seriously need you people to place tweets on a tee for me the next five years.  So many justice quips and if he doesn't redshirt I'll … [Read More...]


Freshman Jersey Number Day 2015 (Part I)

Freshman. Jersey. Number. Day. I mean, you wait all spring, you know? Is Gabe Megginson going to be something weak like #64 or something bold and strong like #72? (Yes, that joke was just for you, Martin.) Let’s take the next few moments and reflect on the … [Read More...]


90i #79: Julian Jones

I really am going to move forward with this whole "Truth, Justice, and The American Way" thing. I'm picturing the 2018 linebacking group to be Tre Watson at Mike, Julian Jones at Will, and Justice Williams at Star. So if Tre Watson is going to be "Truth", then … [Read More...]


Looks Like University Of Illinois – Dominic Thieman

Recruit from schools that recruit. It’s #7 in the How To Find Sleeper Recruits guidebook. Many think that coaches recruit from schools like Glenville, St. Thomas Aquinas, and De La Salle because they want to get in good with the coaching staff or because the … [Read More...]



Have I mentioned how much I enjoy series'?  Have I mentioned how much I hate the burden of series'?  Right now I'm behind three 90i posts and three LLUOI posts.  Which usually means I'm frozen as a writer until I'm caught up. Today, with my first chance to … [Read More...]


90i #80: Jamal Milan

The 80's are always the hardest to rank. Wait, that soulds like I'm discussing the decade. I mean the 80's as in thr players ranked from 80 to 90 on The 90 Illini. Mostly freshmen, almost all will redshirt, what does it matter? IT MATTERS. Jamal … [Read More...]


Lift For Life 2015

As you may know by now, the Illini football players have taken up a cause: Acoustic Neuroma.  Teammate Andrew Carter was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma - a tumor on the nerve that connects the ear to the brain - in 2011.  Since then, the players have raised … [Read More...]

NCAA Football: Camp Rantoul Tuesday Practice 3

90i #81: Harry Black

It's "The 90 Illini" and there are only 85 scholarship players, so every year you're going to see at least five walkons on the list. If we're at 84 scholarships (which I think is our number right now but I'm never sure which walkons moved to scholarship), … [Read More...]


90i #82: Jeff George Jr.

I will now give you all 15 seconds to feel old. Jeff George's son is on the roster. Howard Griffith's son will be a 4-star in the 2018 class. *Frank Williams' son* made a recruiting visit over the weekend. The years between Jeff George and Jeff George Jr. are … [Read More...]


90i #83: Trenard Davis

It's officially move-in day for the freshmen. Which means Freshman Jersey Number Day is just around the corner. And soon after that, camp starts and we learn things like "Trenard Davis is lined up with the wide receivers" which means my dreams of him playing … [Read More...]

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