Previewing The Season With Andrew From TheB1GTime

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Last night I joined Andrew Coppens from the Big Ten blog The B1G Time on his podcast. He’s previewing the entire conference this summer, and this week is Illinois week. That’s the same site where I participate in the power polls and whatnot – when you have a second, go check them out.

And if you have 47 minutes and you’re interested in hearing my dulcet tones, the link is below.


  1. backuplongsnapper says:

    Turner booted Butkus from FIU. He landed an asst. job with the Jaguars.

  2. It would be fun if you made your own podcasts like that. It was cool

  3. Orangeandblue4eva says:

    I actually think that blogger feels like we are not terrible. IDK just my impression from him talking.

  4. Illinigrad says:

    It was a great broadcast. Robert, I forgot that we were three 4th quarters from the BIG Championship game. That is an amazing statistic. You were, as usual, on top of things for the broadcast. Congratulations! I hope we go 5 and 6 for the season. That would have things really pointed in the right direction. 4 and 8 I cringe at just because i do not want to sit through that many losses (again). I suspect we will be lucky to get to 3-9 because of the defense. If we go bowling with 6-6 then Beckman will be very popular, as will Cubit.

  5. i can’t find the link. where is the link?

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