Looks Like University Of Illinois – Trevour Simms

I’m crankin’ through, man. Headed to Rantoul on Sunday and I’ve committed to being caught up on 90i posts and LLUOI posts by the time I get there. Which means, what, 17 more 90i posts and five more LLUOI write-ups all in the next five days during a week where I’ll probably work 60 hours? No problem! [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Griffin Palmer

Hey, I’ve seen him play! What do I remember about him? Nothing. He would have been a… sophomore when my son was a senior and their two high schools met in a conference game. So when I heard he verballed, I reached back to my memories to see if I could remember a tall, skinny sophomore tight end from DeSmet. I got nothing. This is going nowhere. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Joshua Black

If you thought yesterday’s 90i explosion was great, well, just you wait and see.  It’s now time for a burst of LLUOI posts.  Five players have verballed to Illinois since I last came up for air, so I will now attempt to knock out those five posts in the next two days.  I’m nothing if not wildly inconsistent.  [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Dominic Thieman

Recruit from schools that recruit. It’s #7 in the How To Find Sleeper Recruits guidebook. Many think that coaches recruit from schools like Glenville, St. Thomas Aquinas, and De La Salle because they want to get in good with the coaching staff or because the kids have been coached up. That’s part of the reason. Another reason: they’ve already done the recruiting. [Read more…]


Have I mentioned how much I enjoy series’?  Have I mentioned how much I hate the burden of series’?  Right now I’m behind three 90i posts and three LLUOI posts.  Which usually means I’m frozen as a writer until I’m caught up. Today, with my first chance to write anything in 48 hours, I’m ignoring the series’ and writing about recruiting. For both sports. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Drake Spears

That was a long 57 days. After the little burst of verbal commitments during spring ball (Kentrail Moran, Eli Peters, Amani Jones), I was hoping we’d get a big jump on the 2016 class. But then it went quiet (partly because, well, you know), and I was worried certain Illini leans were leaning elsewhere. Thankfully, Drake Spears put an end to that. [Read more…]


May is almost over.  Which means my yearly “I kinda take the month off from writing” month is almost over.  Typically, at the beginning of June, I’m writing about two things: current football recruits and summer basketball recruiting.  Today?  Today, with both, I’m impatient.  [Read more…]

2016 Football Recruiting Overview

This is typically a very dead time in the offseason. Spring football is over and Rantoul is not for 3 more months. For me (Craig), this is the time I start to look at the roster and figure out where the team is going (as does Robert as seen by his 3 deep from last week.) [Read more…]

2015 Signing Day Summary

OK, so here’s part six of six. I wrote out all of my thoughts on Wednesday, then I cranked through four LLUIO posts, and now I’ll break it all down. My very first blog post in February 2009 broke down that recruiting class into five categories. I’ve done the same every year since. Here, finally, is that summary for 2016. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Ke’Shawn Vaughn

There’s so much to talk about here.  How did we pull this off?  How did we land such an outstanding tailback with such an outstanding offer list?  How much of an instant impact can he make?  And, perhaps most importantly, what Signing Day domino almost fell, putting this whole thing in doubt? [Read more…]