Looks Like University Of Illinois – Te’Jon Lucas

First, some housekeeping: now that I’m back from vacation the first order of business is to write the LLUOI for Te’Jon. So the Check The Tape post for this week won’t be up until tomorrow. But that’s OK, because it’s u-g-l-y and has no alibi.  That’s tomorrow, though. Let’s first talk point guards. [Read more…]

Basketball Schedule Thoughts

Robert is a little busy with football stuff these days, so he asked me to take a look at the basketball schedule.  I’ve already been obsessing over it for days, so this was an easy thing to do. [Read more…]

They’re Not Booing

With the announcement yesterday of the naming of Lou Henson Court, I asked Tyler C. (you know, the Back-And-Forth guy) to write something. He was a walkon during the Flyin’ Illini days, so I wanted to hear the perspective of someone who sat on the bench with Lou. The far end of the bench. Here’s Tyler: [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Khalid Lewis

Not sure why, but this verbal reminded me of Dylan Ennis picking Oregon. Which might be an Illinois Basketball watershed moment. We obviously didn’t know it at the time (Tracy wasn’t injured – again – yet), but Ennis to Illinois could have been a game changer. Instead, the Villanova transfer picked Oregon back in May. And now, after Tracy’s injury, we’ve added Khalid Lewis. [Read more…]

We’d Better

I’m fully, 100%, totally, unequivocally in “it’s time to put up or shut up” mode today. I’m working on this football preview and all I can see are junior-leapers. I’m looking over the basketball schedule and all I can see are “we’d better win that one” games. The last three years have been ugly. We’d better get better. [Read more…]


What a difference a year makes.  Last year at this time I was writing about how the visits being set up in the fall in Champaign were unprecedented.  Multiple five-stars setting visits in Champaign. A year later and I’m not sure we’ll have even half of the visits we had last year.  And all of the prospects are fringe top-100.  Expectations = dumbed-down. [Read more…]

Freshman (Basketball) Jersey Number Day

I normally don’t write this post.  Football always has at least 20 new numbers – last year basketball had two.  So while I do enjoy basketball number discussion (such as “Aaron Cosby will be wearing Dee’s number??” a few years ago), I don’t get the same excitement as I do for football FJND. These numbers tho…

[Read more…]

Basketball Recruiting

I mean, if you want to talk about attention-grabbing headlines, this is it. This is the kind of stuff that might get me hired at the New York Times. “Robert, we need a headline for this new Kim Kardashian story.” “How about ‘Kardashian Story’, sir?” “BRILLIANT”.

This is a basketball recruiting post. I will now discuss basketball recruiting. [Read more…]


May is almost over.  Which means my yearly “I kinda take the month off from writing” month is almost over.  Typically, at the beginning of June, I’m writing about two things: current football recruits and summer basketball recruiting.  Today?  Today, with both, I’m impatient.  [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Mike Thorne Jr.

Six weeks ago, Jalen Coleman-Lands was probably the odds-on favorite for Big Ten Freshman of the Year. There was only one player, a raw PF headed to MSU, ranked ahead of him. Then Indiana, Maryland, and Michigan State all added five-star bigs.  Which means two things: JCL is now the fifth best frosh, and we really need someone to guard all these bigs. Enter Mike Thorne Jr. [Read more…]