Back & Forth – Oregon

I’m not gonna lie – I somewhat avoided emailing Tyler back this week. Not because of Tyler, but because the Oregon loss was so painful. I’ve been pointing to the 2014/15 season for such a long time and to see it possibly start to crumble these last four games has knocked the wind out of me. So here’s a morbid back-and-forth where we try to pick ourselves up off the floor. [Read more...]

Behind the Box Score: Cosby & Starks

We’ve all read it, heard it said, and probably said it ourselves: This Illinois team cannot beat high-major competition if our transfer guards don’t hit shots. It’s pretty simple actually. It’s also true. This edition of Behind the Box Score looks at Ahmad Starks and Aaron Cosby to see if we can find anything that stands out with their numbers and / or shot selection.

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This Shouldn’t Be Last Year

Confession: I am 100% completely stealing this take from Tyler. I’m that guy who sees “Smith’s best three games have all been against Ohio State” on Twitter and then calls into the postgame show to say “you know, Smith’s best three games have all been against Ohio State”. But here it is: we’re watching last year’s team. Without Tracy. [Read more...]

Back & Forth – Villanova

Tyler and I talk out our depression. Big stage, bright lights, big city, tie game… flop. Here’s the emails we’ve shared since Tuesday night (when we were both struggling to sleep due to “it was RIGHT THERE and then it slipped away”). [Read more...]

Not There Yet

I gotta be honest – this one has me down. I’ve been talking up the 2014/15 team since the spring of 2013. And when this game was announced, it seemed perfect: the best possible stage (against a top-10 team) for our arrival back on the national scene. Cosby hit that three to tie it and we were right there with 8:00 remaining. And then… that. [Read more...]

Ball-You-Man – Villanova

It’s just nonstop right now. 24 hours after bowl glee, hey look, we could get our best non-conference basketball win in a long time. At Madison Square Garden. Against #7 Villanova. On ESPN. With more eyes on us than have been on us in a long time. This could be fun. Here’s Trevor’s preview of Nova: [Read more...]


Kind of a crazy weekend. I’m sick, so all I’m hopped up on some sinus medication. The bowl fears (there’s always fears) are hanging over my head. I sat here courtside to cover a basketball game… and blogged about my bowl fears. And the basketball? The basketball made me feel comfortable. [Read more...]

Ball-You-Man – American

Getting in the car right now on my way to Champaign.  My prediction: I’ll arrive at media row 3 minutes and 12 seconds from the tip.  Better not get caught by any stoplights between here and there.  Here’s Trevor’s preview of the American… Americans?  What’s their mascot?  American Jeffersons? American Apple Pies? [Read more...]

Back-And-Forth – Miami

I finally have seven minutes between work and obsessing over “dear God we’re not going to get passed over for a bowl game, are we?” to post my emails with Tyler since the Miami game. And I need to find time to post Trevor’s American preview. And then I need to obsess some more about bowl contracts. And then I need to finally Check The Northwestern Tape. [Read more...]

Something I Like – Nnanna Egwu’s Passing

In a feature I think I (Brumby) would like to continue, but no guarantees, I am going to focus on “Something I Like” from the Illini either in a recent game or a continued trend I have noticed. It has always easy for me to pick on the bad, so I am going to try to turn a new leaf with this feature. Today’s thing I like: Nnanna Egwu’s passing.

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