When Kendrick Nunn tweeted the hashtag #bombsquad back in September (on the day when Jalen Coleman-Lands picked Illinois), I decided that Bombsquad would be a pretty good team nickname next year. Take the shooters on this team and add Jordan + JCL? Bombsquad it is. Now, three games into this season, I can’t wait for next year. This team? #Bombsquad [Read more...]

Ball-You-Man – Austin Peay

It’s Preview Day here on the IB.  In this post, Trevor previews Austin Peay for tomorrow.  In that other post over there, Craig previews Penn State for Saturday.  While I take a day off to re-think that whole “football >>>> basketball” thing. Here’s Trevor: [Read more...]

Back & Forth – Coppin State

The One Where Tyler Tells The Story About Ervin Small Punching Him In The Chest For Blocking His Shot In Practice. Also, Tyler and I get to discuss our crazy offensive outburst against Coppin State. And I pose this question to Tyler: can Leron Black be Lowell Hamilton? [Read more...]

You Got Krushed

So much of me needed that. Football me, knowing he has to watch Fitzee clinch a bowl by beating us, needed that. Basketball me, attending a close game vs. Georgia Southern, needed that. Illini athletics me, always having known that basketball cures all Illini ills but then painfully watching that fade recently, really needed that. [Read more...]

Ball-You-Man – Coppin State

Here’s Trevor’s preview of Coppin State. If you read his first preview for Georgia Southern, you saw that he said “watch out for Jelani Hewitt” about 15 times.  Good call, Trevor.  Today’s message isn’t so much about the players as it is about the coach and what system he likes to run. Here’s Trevor:

[Read more...]

Covet Thy Neighbor’s Guard

Rusty, no? Three points before the first TV timeout (I thought the Orange Hush might last the whole half). Then a burst of 14 points in the next four minutes. Then, from the 12:00 TV timeout to the 8:00 TV timeout, one single free throw. I left me wanting Georgia Southern’s point guard to switch teams. [Read more...]

Ball-You-Man – Georgia Southern

A new feature! Everyone say hi to Trevor.  We’ve asked Trevor to be the basketball Craig – dig through every Illini basketball opponent and figure out how we can best attack what they do.  It’s the same as every writer we’ve added to the site: write your passion. As you’ll see, with 33 screencaps of a Georgia Southern game from last year, Trevor is a tiny bit passionate about Illini Hoops. Here’s his preview: [Read more...]

Back And Forth – Quincy Exhibition

This was going to be a practice post. We’ve added another writer to the site – someone to be the Steve for basketball – and he and I were going to “practice” a Back And Forth post after the exhibition game. But I really like how it played out, so I’m publishing. Meet Tyler, everyone. Or, as IB people know him, Walkon. [Read more...]

Hey Jenny Slater. Hey Jenny Slater.

This post will be… uncomfortable for some of you. For others, it will be very “dinosaur discusses social media”. Some might applaud. Many will boo. But I think it’s important that we, as Illini fans, talk about this. Can we maybe not be THOSE PEOPLE on Twitter? [Read more...]

Slapdash – Hoopyball Edition

I hope “hoopyball” isn’t trademarked or anything.  At least I hope it’s not a term associated with someone’s writing.  I see it on Twitter from time to time, and I think it’s funny, so I’m going to start using it until someone contacts my lawyer, Brumby F. Brumby Esq.  Anyway, I have a few minutes, so here’s some random hoops thoughts slapped together haphazardly. [Read more...]