Back & Forth – Minnesota

It’s Double Back & Forth Day.  Immediately below, Tyler and I pull our hair out over basketball.  Right here, Steve and I discuss the Minnesota game (a game Steve attended in person), the offensive struggles, and the fact that we have to go to Chicago and hope to beat Fitzee to get to a bowl. Again.  [Read more…]

Little Things

This was was simple, right? I wrote about it last night: “We’ll have to win the battle of the Little Things, and I’m not sure we do the Little Things well enough to win.” Minnesota did (they had one yard in the third quarter yet three points because of special teams), we didn’t (3rd and 21), and so they won. That’s really it. [Read more…]

SOC – Minnesota

Whew. Lonnnng week. So busy that I really haven’t had much time to think about this Minnesota game. I’m usually obsessed with the upcoming game, but this week I had a big project at work (stayed at work until 2:30 am on Tuesday) and have been preoccupied with other things.  So let’s turn our thoughts to the Goophers. [Read more…]

Craig Has The Scout – Minnesota

Ghosts of the Football Game Past

Ohio State just hit Illinois with its best shot.  That was the best Ohio State team that has hit the field year to date.  This is not an exaggeration.  JT Barrett at QB for Ohio State is a much more dangerous team than one with Cardale Jones.  Jones is a much better runner, and as a result Alabama and other teams struggle with him.  Barrett is miles ahead as a passer.  I was using Minnesota as my comp to see how Illinois performed against the Buckeyes. [Read more…]

On Cubit

I asked Robert if we could change things up this week. Instead of writing a Back & Forth post, which would just be this topic from 11 angles, I asked if I could just write about Bill Cubit. He agreed. So I feel like I need to start with a disclaimer: these opinions are Steve’s and Steve’s alone. [Read more…]


It’s not just the redzone. It’s our inability to finish drives. You move the ball down the field, and when you get to the final third of the field (inside the 33 which is a 50 yard field goal), you expect points. We got to the Ohio State 27, 32, 25, 16, and 29 on five different drives. And we scored three points. [Read more…]

From The Stands – Ohio State

You know what?  I didn’t go through my usual anger when the winning opponent sings their school song in our stadium. Maybe I’m just numb to it, but this one didn’t bother me like the others.  What happened happened, we wasted an opportunity our defense presented, and that’s that.  Here’s my thoughts from the stands: [Read more…]

SOC – Ohio State

This is going to be a short one.  Just got to my hotel room and I have two posts to write: this one and then the basketball postmortem.  I mean, with a hoops loss to North Florida and a football game against #2 looming tomorrow, I know you’re all rushing to your computers to read my latest Illini words. [Read more…]

Craig Has The Scout – Ohio State

Ghosts of the Football Game Past

It is hard to express just how bad Purdue was in the past game.  From the previous week of beating Nebraska and forcing five turnovers, followed by a complete team meltdown against Illinois.  Personally, this Purdue program scares me. [Read more…]

Check The Tape – Purdue

I often write my weekly “Stream Of Consciousness” post late on Friday night. Which means that sometimes, through heavy eyes, I don’t remember what I wrote. A reader pointed out something I wrote on Friday and I think it fits as a starting point for this post: “the thing about struggling offenses is that sometimes they just need to play Purdue”. [Read more…]