Looks Like University Of Illinois – Ricky Smalling

Let me just start with this. Using the composite rankings, the highest ranked player to pick Illinois last year was TE Zarrian Holcombe, who ranked #704 nationally. Ricky Smalling’s ranking on the composite list? #333. This is Lovie climbing up two or three rungs on the talent ladder. As it should be. [Read more…]

Spring Mailbag IV

I should add some teases to these before-the-jump intros so’s I can get me some CLICKS. You won’t believe what these Illini football players look like today – #6 WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! [Read more…]

Spring Mailbag III

More mailbaggery as spring ball winds to a close.  One more practice on Tuesday and then Lovie dives head first into recruiting recruiting recruiting. This first one is from an email: [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Hardy Nickerson Jr.

Easily the biggest Illini player personnel moment since Ke’Shawn Vaughn grabbed the Illini hat at that press conference.  Just a gigantic commitment. Yes, he’s a fifth year transfer, so he’ll only have one season, but still, there are going to be a lot of Tom Cruises at the bottom of this post. [Read more…]

Spring Mailbag II

I’m going to cheat and use a tweet about Dre Brown from last night as my first “mailbag” question. Because I need to talk about it. Because talking about it can bring healing. Maybe. [Read more…]

Spring Mailbag I

See, now this is making me sad because I usually only do two mailbags per year – Spring and Rantoul – and now the Rantoul mailbag won’t be named the Rantoul mailbag. I really need to get over this. It’s like Camp Rantoul was my child or something.

OK, on to the mailbag questions: [Read more…]

Starting From Scratch

I watch a lot of Illini football playing against Illini football.  Spring practices, Rantoul (*snif*), I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to watching the Illini play the Illini.  So when there’s a scrimmage like this, I usually go by general feel. My general feeling: we really are completely starting over. [Read more…]

Pick Another Post: The Big Ten In 2021

I liked another one of the questions from the other night so very much that I decided to break my own Pick My Post rules and Pick Two Posts. This topic: every Big Ten team five years from today. [Read more…]

Not Fair

Love Tracy Abrams. Love Mikey Dudek. They’re the players that every coach loves – last one in the gym, first one to meetings, fight for everything they get. So to have both of them miss two consecutive years with season-ending injuries… it’s just too much. It’s just not fair. [Read more…]

Football ‘cruitin

As I plug my ears and avoid all Mikey Dudek knee injury stories (truth: I’m absolutely sick to my stomach), I turn instead to football recruiting. I don’t really know where this post will end up but I’m going to just start talking about ‘cruitin and see where we end up.  [Read more…]