90i #33: Eric Finney

This is one of those I was hoping to cheat on. Occasionally, after Rantoul, I rearrange the top of the list because this guy looked good and that guy didn’t get many reps. But with the battle at Star, I don’t think I learned anything. So this is probably the correct ranking for Finney, but it might be 15 spots too low. [Read more…]

90i #34: Mike Svetina

I just really hate injuries. I hate everything about them. I hate that after a phase where Purdue was ACL-U and then Iowa had the AIRBHG (Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God) and then Maryland lost all four quarterbacks and had to start a linebacker at QB… now it’s our turn to be Injury U. Hate it. [Read more…]

90i #35: Joe Fotu

I wrote more words on IlliniBoard last week than any week in IlliniBoard history… and I’m even further behind on The 90 Illini. I have 18 days to get it all done. Let’s do this. [Read more…]

2015 Defense – Rantoul Overview

Coming out of Rantoul, my discussions with Robert revolved around two items: Wes Lunt being the man and the defense forcing turnovers.  Based on those conversations, I am going to try and put some basic principles of the defense in this post.  The purpose of doing so is twofold, to give a preview to some changes we can see this year; then to try and convince myself this team can really pull off seven wins. [Read more…]

Friday Interviews

A couple quick player interviews with Taylor Barton and Malik Turner. TayBar enters his junior year needing to be the quarterback of the secondary. Turner enters his sophomore year needing to be the breakout star of the receiving corps. Here’s what they had to say: [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag VI

Let’s go back to the emails and message board questions with this one. Then back to the Twitters for the rest. Then I’ll check my voicemail for mailbag questions. Perhaps some will arrive by US Mail… [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag V

Three more mailbag posts this morning before practice starts at 10:45. I think I can I think I can I think I can. [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag IV

OK maybe I won’t type SEVEN of these mailbag posts tonight. Maybe this one is the last one before I fall asleep. So, like, if this it the top post in the morning, then this is where I stopped. If not, the Mountain Dew kicked in. Let’s get to it. [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag III

I’m in a groove now. Writing these like stream-of-consciousness posts (so please excuse the typos). Just gonna sit here and crank and crank and crank until I fall asleep. [Read more…]

Thursday Evening Interviews

I really think I can knock out six more mailbag posts tonight. I had a good nap this afternoon, have some caffeine here by my side, and am ready to give it a go. But first, a few post-practice interviews from this evening: DJ Smoot and Austin Schmidt. [Read more…]