We Love No Other – Braintrust Preseason

Every now and then, I record a podcast. More often than not, the podcast is with The Braintrust – the guys I surround myself with to shape my opinions. Almost always it’s entertaining. On occasion it’s informative. Very rarely do I not screw something up. Here’s the Braintrust on the 2016 season: [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Lere Oladipo

Not even gonna lie. His score on the composite rankings says he’s the fourth-best player in this class so far, but I think he’s the best (and most important) player we’ve landed so far. Let me count the reasons why. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Carmoni Green

I used to complain Ron Zook’s recruiting and how he really didn’t recruit to any positions – just athletes he would move around.  I wanted his recruiting to be more intentional.  Well, Lovie Smith is more or less doing the same thing: athletes, athletes, athletes. And I’m OK with it.  [Read more…]

Football Recruiting How-To

It’s no secret that the vast majority of Illini fans only follow basketball recruiting. But with Lovie in town, and a little momentum in August, and hopefully a really good day tomorrow, maybe it’s time to dust off my 6.54 post and perform a public service: for those of you who are new to this, a ten-minute course on how to follow football recruiting. [Read more…]

Camp Lovie XXXI: Mailbag 5

More mailbaggery where your Twitter questions turn into a way for me to write more words about Illini football. [Read more…]

Camp Lovie XXX: CHTS – Tampa Two?

Editor’s note: This post was a request. In the press conference last Sunday, Lovie stressed that he doesn’t run the “Tampa Two” – he runs a “gap control, single high, eight man front, man coverage” defense (I’m gonna try to get #GCSHEMFMCD to catch on). I asked Craig to explain that to us. What does GCSHEMFMCD mean? Here’s what he put together: [Read more…]

Camp Lovie XXIX: Camp Superlatives

Camp Lovie (my term, the lameness should have tipped you off) has come to a close, which means it’s time for Camp Superlatives. I think this is my seventh time doing Superlatives, and every single time I think I’ve slipped-in the fact that I was voted Most Talented in my senior yearbook. Oops, just did it again. [Read more…]

Camp Lovie XXVIII: Extra Interviews

Here’s three interviews I never found the time to publish: offensive lineman Zach Heath, defensive end Carroll Phillips, and, of course – and it might be the final one because he’s a senior – MANBERG. [Read more…]

Camp Lovie XXVI: Mailbag 3

See, my eyes are already getting heavy. I say “I’m going to try to crank out three mailbag posts tonight” and at the beginning of #2 my eyes are already telling me to go to bed. Let’s see if I can get through this without them closing on me. [Read more…]

Camp Lovie XXV: Mailbag 2

I’m gonna try to knock out three of these tonight. Every time I say that I fail at my own expectations but THIS TIME it’s going to be different. Let’s do this. [Read more…]