Player Interviews – Texas State

It always kind of centers me. You don’t have to listen to all three of these interviews if you don’t want to, but if you have five minutes, listen to the David Reisner one. Transfers from Navy, awaits his chance, parents tell him to keep fighting, and then, suddenly, coach calls his name and he’s the starting placekicker. [Read more...]

From The Stands – Texas State

I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL!?!?!? Someone help. Please. Angry while nervous? Despair while somehow relieved? I really don’t know what to do, say, think, or feel. I’m out of words. So I recorded 8 minutes at the end of the game. And then laid out A PATH TO SIX WINS where we don’t lead going into the fourth quarter of any game. MAKING HISTORY. [Read more...]

Craig Has The Scout – Texas State

So next week, when Craig posts this as Craig, you’ll all realize that it’s not me, right? Many times last winter, when Brumby would write something, everyone would think it’s me. Just making sure everyone starts checking the byline. When Tyler Griffey starts writing from Austria again this winter, I don’t want you thinking I’ve moved to Gmunden. [Read more...]

Structural Engineering

There will be no CTT today. Because I can’t find any T to C. BTN and ESPN/ABC games are archived by the Big Ten, but apparently they don’t have the rights to Fox games. So there’s no tape. Thank goodness. Instead, let’s talk about college football, the Big Ten, and blueprints. [Read more...]

Back And Forth – Washington

This one was hard to dissect. It will be even harder to CTT. Who wants to revisit a game like that? And as I’m typing that I’m realizing I’m asking people to read a post where Steve and I email back and forth discussing a game we’d all rather forget. [Read more...]

Airport Thoughts

Given a day to think about it, I’m not quite as emotional as I was yesterday. No longer desperate, you could say. I’ve done some reflecting here at the airport – on the game, on the mood of the players after the game, on the trip to Seattle – and this post is a list of eight of those things.

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I am not a Lou Holtz fan. I very much dislike Notre Dame (not as much as some of you, but, they’re Notre Dame). I even struggle watching him on pregame shows because the voice just hurts to listen to. But I need to see some Lou Holtz around this program. I don’t want to hear about getting somewhere. We’re not getting somewhere.

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SOC – Washington

First things first – it’s the realist. This state is just fantastic. My sister went to grad school in Oregon, so I spent a lot of time there over the years, but I never really ventured north. These islands in and around Puget Sound? Pretty incredible. I’ll warn you – I’m on a high right now after watching that sunset with my wife.

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Those Were The Days – Washington

This week, Detlef takes us all the way back to the 1964 Rose Bowl. Illinois Rose Bowls – every 20 years or so. 1963… 1983… 2007… 2029? I can’t wait for 2029. I’ll be… 56 years old. As I head out for yet another hike with my wife with that depressing thought, here’s Detlef taking us back to New Years Day 1964: [Read more...]

Craig Has The Scout – Washington

I have to say – ignorance is bliss. I had a cell signal for all of maybe 45 minutes yesterday. So while all of you were watching your screens waiting for Brunson/Tracy news, I physically couldn’t. Most relaxing day ever? Had to be. So nice to be ignorant. Anyway, here’s Craig scouting Washington. I’m gonna go up on a mountain where my cell doesn’t work.

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