Craig Has The Scout – Ohio State

I find myself looking well past this game. I think Craig is the same way. As he states later in this post (spoiler alert!), for Illinois to win, Ohio State will have to beat themselves. I think that’s right on. You think that’s right on. 99.4% of Americans think that’s right on. Let’s get this one over with so we can get the bye week, get Lunt back, and see what we can do in the final three games. [Read more...]

Check The Tape – Minnesota

Look, this might have been Minnesota’s worst game of the year and our best game – this might have been Michigan 2009 – and the rest of the season will be miserable. I get that. Still, I can’t help but walk into work on Monday morning and bask in “I saw you beat #24″ from my Mississippi State coworker who is currently celebrating his dream season. Wins are never not fun. [Read more...]

We Interrupt This CTT

I’ll be posting the Check The Tape tomorrow instead of today. Because while reviewing the film, something jumps off the screen. I didn’t want it buried in a CTT post, so I figured I’d talk about it today and then finish the CTT tomorrow: the thing jumping off the screen: we footballed. I mean, really, really footballed. [Read more...]

Back And Forth – Minnesota

Steve and I agree – emailing back and forth Saturday night and Sunday after a Big Ten win: 83% more enjoyable after a win. It’s just like the tailgating lots after the game on Saturday. I walked out of the stadium at 6:15 and there were maybe ten times the tailgaters still there as the rest of the sason. Homecoming + weather + WIN. [Read more...]

Luck Be A Lady

I rather enjoy that the Turnover Fairy has become a thing. I see it all over Twitter now. Google Turnover Fairy and you see a bunch of my posts. I didn’t even originate the term (I think it was a Big 12 blog, a throwaway line about a fairy coming down and blessing Texas with turnovers). But she’s now my BEST FRIEND.

For starters, let’s not put this all on the Turnover Fairy. The defense played it’s best game, holding Cobb under his average and generally keeping us in it. The offense came out on fire with Reilly O’Toole leading two long drives that finished with seven instead of three (which we would really need later when we sputtered). I absolutely did not expect the defense to hold Minnesota to 171 yards rushing. I thought they’d approach 350-400. So kudos. [Read more...]

Postgame Interviews

You already know my intro. You could write it yourself if you wanted to. I’m an Illini football fan for the players first. The story, to me, is always the players. Coaches do good things, coaches to bad things, (coaches do dumb things), but I’m all in for the players. So these interviews have one theme: what’s this win like for you? [Read more...]

From The Stands – Minnesota

How Illinois was it to get the ball with 1:25 but have to punt? Extremely Illinois? Pure Illinois extract? That was as Illinois as we could be at that moment. But despite a holding penalty when you’re running clock, despite having to punt and deal with a Hail Mary, and because of four or five lucky bounces, we WON. [Read more...]

Halftime Chat – Minnesota

I mean, you totally expected David Cobb to have 28 yards on 12 carries at the half, right? And for our defense to have held Minnesota to 86 yards on 31 plays? All of this TOTALLY EXPECTED, right? Of course not, which is what Martin O’Donnell and I discussed at halftime. [Read more...]

SOC – Minnesota

Stream Of Consciousness posts this year have a theme: me going around on Friday nights avoiding what I really feel about the game and then writing that. In August, I felt like the team wasn’t mentally read for the first game. Three weeks ago, pretty sure we were losing to hapless Purdue. Tonight, still feel like Minnesota is beatable.

[Read more...]

Turnovers Are Football

I think this will be my shortest post ever. Every other blogger on the planet puts up 250 word posts, but I’m not happy unless I beat a point to death. So this is me trying to maybe not belabor a point and just let some charts and graphs do the talking. The topic: ALL A FOOTBALL TEAM HAS TO DO IS FORCE TURNOVERS.

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