Post-Practice Interviews

I had fun with these three interviews last night. First, an interview with Zach Heath talking about beards. Then, a chat with Tito Odenigbo on trash-talking Ohio State in 2007 fans AND Northwestern fans in 2014. Finally, a longer chat with new co-DC Mike Phair about what he sees from his DL so far.  [Read more…]

Amani Jones Interview

Chicago Phillips linebacker Amani Jones committed to Illinois at practice tonight. So for the second time this spring, a kid commits to the coaches at practice… I’m standing there with a recording device… why not get a quick interview?  So here’s Amani Jones on why he picked Illinois tonight [Read more…]

Defensive Rotations – Part II

OK, so we’ve established the rotations we’ll see on the defensive line and at linebacker. The DL will rotate eight or nine guys, all with fantastic names like Carroll, Teko, Jihad, Tito, and Chunky. The four man crew on the inside at linebacker will be just fine with Monheim, Neal, Svetina, and Walls. So what about Star, cornerback, and safety? [Read more…]

Defensive Rotations

It’s easy to write about a scrimmage dominated by the offense. Smith threw it to Jones who scored a touchdown yay offense go team. It’s not as easy when the defense dominates. If the final score of the spring game this weekend is 6-3, the fans will be unhappy. Even if it means we might have our best defense in years. Let’s unpack that. [Read more…]

SHG Scrimmage – Quick Thoughts

I’ll get more in depth tomorrow.  Just got home, long week, heavy eyes, not sure how much longer I’ll be before I nod off.  But I know at least 16 of you freaks require some Illini football words before tomorrow, so here they are. [Read more…]

Chicago Scrimmage (Part II)

Last night’s post was about the offense. And it wasn’t pretty. Today’s post is about the defense. Which… might be pretty? Again, there’s always the scrimmage conundrum – was the defense good or were they just facing a bad offense? – but I’ve watched enough of these to know that the defense, right now, is the top unit on the field. [Read more…]

Chicago Scrimmage (Part I)

Remember my post after the Springfield scrimmage last year?  The one where I was all “OK, maybe our defense is bad, but Lunt throwing to G-Mo and Dude K is an absolute thing to behold”?  Yeah, this isn’t going to be that post. This might be the opposite. 

[Read more…]

What I Want To Learn

I am now officially declaring spring football to be cranked up a notch. No practices have been open to the media or the public since the first weekend (March 15th), so since my last post on the subject, there hasn’t been much to learn. These next three weeks, with two public scrimmages and the spring game, there’s so much I want to learn. Specifically… [Read more…]

(Being In The Big Ten) West Is Best

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of ways Illini Football can climb to respectability… the thrill of (a few) victories… and the agony of (so many) defeats… the human drama of athletic competition (played in front of 39,000 people)… THIS is Robert’s Wide World of Illini Kool Aid! Today’s topic: the weakest division in major college football. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Eli Peters

I have one more basketball post I need to get out.  I might let it build all weekend and post on Monday – not sure.  But I can’t fully move on to 100% spring football until I vent a little more.  However, I’ve put off the Eli Peters LLUOI for too long.  I’ll write this, then write the basketball postmortem, and THEN move on to spring ball.  First up – our new QB. [Read more…]