Looks Like University Of Illinois – Eli Peters

I have one more basketball post I need to get out.  I might let it build all weekend and post on Monday – not sure.  But I can’t fully move on to 100% spring football until I vent a little more.  However, I’ve put off the Eli Peters LLUOI for too long.  I’ll write this, then write the basketball postmortem, and THEN move on to spring ball.  First up – our new QB. [Read more…]

Thoughts From The First Spring Practice

Posts like this… posts like this I could write for 200 hours and never tire. Go to practice, drive home and think over everything I saw, and then write out 2,000 words on 2 hours of football played in shorts.  Some posts take hours, even days to write.  I will now hit 2,000 words in 90 minutes. [Read more…]

Kentrail Moran Interview

I don’t normally interview recruits. Not sure why, just not my thing. But when a four-star running back verbals at the same practice I’m attending, yeah, I gotta find out why today.  

Please note that he was quite nervous.  I mean, he’s a high school junior and here’s this bearded man sticking a mic in his face.  His answers were short and sweet.  And that’s fine.  When a 4-star running back kicks off the class with an early, momentum-building verbal, he can do whatever he wants. 

FOLD Week IV: Answering Questions

I decided to make this final FOLD Week post a mailbag of sorts.  There was a good question in the comments the other day, so I wanted to cover that and a few other things.  My original plan was to include a podcast with Martin during FOLD Week, by the trips to Champaign Sunday and Iowa City Wednesday eliminated the chances of doing that.  So here’s the final FOLD post where I answer some of your OL questions.

[Read more…]

FOLD Week III – Centers/Guards

This right here – this is the spot where all of the medical scholarships hurt.  Medical scholarship means “player is no longer capable of playing football because of injuries so they get to keep a scholarship but are no longer on the roster nor do they count against the 85 scholarships”.  And we’ve had, what, five offensive linemen go medical scholarship the last four years? [Read more…]

FOLD Week II – The Tackles

Tonight – the tackles. Tomorrow – the guards. Then I head to Iowa City to drive through a snowstorm and watch us (hopefully) beat the Hawkeyes.  Then I drive home and get stuck in the snow.  Then I tweet something and some reader in the middle of nowhere brings me blankets and coffee.  [Read more…]


It’s….. FOLD WEEK. FOLD stands for February Offensive Line Discussion week. About 5 years ago, I was mocked, nay, heckled on an Illini message board for starting a thread about the offensive line in February. Who could POSSIBLY want to talk about the Illini offensive line in FEBRUARY? Me. And I shall continue to do so during the last week of February every single year until I’m no longer on earth. [Read more…]

Football Slapdash

I have 37 minutes. I have several thoughts on several football things. Around here, we throw all of those jumbled thoughts together, try to make it appear as one coherent post, and call it “Slapdash”. [Read more…]

Point/Counterpoint: The Soldier Field Game

I love the idea of moving the Northwestern game to Soldier Field. Steve hates the idea. So I figured we could do a little point/counterpoint and then let you decide which side you’re on. I had hoped that Steve would pull a James Carville in Old School and simply respond with “I have no response – that was perfect”, but that didn’t happen.  Here’s our debate: [Read more…]

2015 Signing Day Summary

OK, so here’s part six of six. I wrote out all of my thoughts on Wednesday, then I cranked through four LLUIO posts, and now I’ll break it all down. My very first blog post in February 2009 broke down that recruiting class into five categories. I’ve done the same every year since. Here, finally, is that summary for 2016. [Read more…]