The Misfits

I’ve started my yearly, lengthy Signing Day Breakdown post but I have not completed it yet.  It’s Signing Day, though, and you always want to write about Signing Day on Signing Day, so I figured I’d start with this: we just recruited the cast of a movie.  [Read more…]

Making Sense

This is, without a doubt, the strangest recruiting cycle I can remember.  Just in the last month, there have been seven players transfer out of the program, eight players de-commit (ten total in this class), and 14 (FOURTEEN) high school seniors verballed to Illinois.  I’m still trying to make some sense of it all. [Read more…]

Roster Changes

Late January is always the time for the big football roster update.  Not only do the seniors come off the roster, but any redshirt juniors leaving the program (getting their degree, moving on) will no longer be listed.  This year… there’s a lot of them.  [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Catching Up

As I’ve stated before, I stopped writing LLUOI posts for football commits this summer. With all the turmoil, especially after Beckman was fired, I expected many recruits to bail (and some to be Creaned). As of now, six have bailed, but after these two official visit weekends I think we have an idea of who will be in this class. So let’s catch up. [Read more…]

2016 Assistant Coach Salaries

I saw the News-Gazette story this week about the salary pool for assistant football coaches and was surprised: the salary pool for assistants is twice that of the head coach’s salary (which has to be a college football first, given our unique circumstance).  So if we have $2.4 million to spend on assitants, how are we spreading that around? I asked. Here’s the info: [Read more…]

Best Case Scenario

I wasn’t really planning on playing Pick My Post here, but someone tweeted a request yesterday. And when someone asks you what it would take for Illini Football to win the national title next season (national title – not Big Ten, national), I mean, how do you NOT write that post? [Read more…]

Coaching Staff Changes

Bill Cubit has 11 months to prove himself.  He hasn’t asked me for advice, but if he did, I’d tell him that he’d better lose himself in the music, the moment, he own it, he’d better never let it go (go). He only gets one shot. And I think he realizes that. His first move: overhaul the coaching staff. [Read more…]

Why Not? 2017 Depth Chart

I’ve seen a lot of discussion – comments here, message boards, Twitter – about how 2017 is a plunge off the cliff. Specifically, it’s that the extension of Cubit (plus current recruiting) means 2017 is the year it all falls apart. Well, let’s look at 2017 and see if that’s the case. [Read more…]

You Want It, You Got It

So, does he stand a chance? I’ve taken the temperature of the fanbase over the last week and the consensus seems clear: Bill Cubit will coach for one season and, regardless of the outcome, will be replaced by the new AD next December. He campaigned for this job. What will it take for him to keep it?

[Read more…]


I think I’m ready to write now. It’s been about six hours. My wife is asleep in the hotel room. I walked to get something to eat. Watched a movie. Forgot about Illinois for a few hours. And after all of that… I’m at the exact same spot I was six hours ago: this University consistently lets their players down. [Read more…]