Check The Tape – Nebraska

I swear, it’s so hard to crank out this post (waaaahhh). I started this post Sunday night and here it is, Wednesday evening, me trying to finish before my thing at 7:30.  Two things that are dumb: having a job (OK not really) and trying to watch the game 11 times instead of actually Checking The Tape.  Whine over – here’s the CTT:

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Braintrust Podcast… Transcript

I’m so bad at this.  I organize a Braintrust podcast last night – Steve, Craig, and Martin “TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN” O’Donnell – we record the whole thing… and the recording didn’t work.  I mean, I checked at the beginning the little thing said “recording on” but “recording on” must mean something different than “recording on”. [Read more…]

Postgame Interviews & From The Stands Part II

If you’re one of those people who gets uncomfortable at my postgame from-the-stands hyperactivity, please do not listen to the last clip here. You’ll lose the last two ounces of respect you still had for me. But if you’re one of those who likes that stuff, well, you asked for it. [Read more…]

Slideshow – Nebraska Game

I just can’t get enough of this game. I’ve already watched the highlights on BTN twice and re-watched the second half on BTN2Go. I also put together a bunch of Jonathan’s photos from the game. Enjoy. [Read more…]

From The Stands – Nebraska

So I just hugged a bunch of players and parents on the field. Is that bad? Does that make me biased? Yes. probably. But I couldn’t stop wooing. ANYWAY, I went down to the stands when Nebraska picked up the game-clinching first down and pressed “record”… [Read more…]

Next Year

I’ve been remiss. (I AM remiss?) Wait, is remiss future tense?  “It would be remiss of me to not talk about next year”.  I need to get better at this language.  I’VE BEEN REMISS in not writing articles about the roster next year. I want them to fall into the hands of the new coach so he’ll fully understand what he’s inheriting. Let’s do that now. [Read more…]

Craig Has The Scout – Nebraska

Ghosts of the Football Game Past

I am not going to lie, I got the yips on this game after I posted my article.  I went and found my saved copy of Ray Eliot’s Proper State of Mind.  I really felt like the players were going to mentally struggle with this game.  And at the end of it all, it was the coaches who needed the speech. [Read more…]

Check The Tape – MTSU

It’s interesting to watch a game on tape that I watched from the stands, not the pressbox.  I generally watch games from the pressbox or on TV, so I’m used to then watching tape after viewing from those angles.  Being in the stands and then watching the game again – totally different experience.
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Back & Forth – MTSU

Last week: Steve watches the game by himself.  This week: Steve watches the game with his newborn daughter in his arms.  Last week: Illini falter down the stretch and lose big.  This week: Illini falter down the stretch and somehow hit a 51 yard field goal to win.  I think we have a good luck charm on our hands.  [Read more…]

Postgame Interviews – MTSU

I’ve interviewed Clayton Fejedelem at least 10 times.  I got laughed at in the pressbox at the spring game in 2013 when I asked to interview Fej postgame.  So here he is, scoring a touchdown after a blocked punt, I’m interviewing him after… and all I ask about is the defense and the dropped interception.  I’m so bad at this sometimes. [Read more…]