Looks Like University Of Illinois – Jordan Fagan

Three verbals behind. So let’s see if I can knock out this LLUOI today, another tomorrow, and another on Thursday. There I go again, setting public deadlines for myself that I’ll never meet. Words are fun! Here’s my thoughts (and Martin O’Donnell’s thoughts) on offensive tackle Jordan Fagan. [Read more...]

Bowl Practices

When a team qualifies for a bowl – especially a team that hasn’t been bowling in several years – you’ll always hear someone say “…and they get those 15 extra practices”. So just how important are those practices? Will 3 more weeks of practice really make that much of a difference? And since we’re in the middle of those practices, what are we working on? [Read more...]

Bowl Slapdash

I need to do less series’. I have three LLOUI’s to do, and I STILL need to CTT, and a B&F with Tyler, and I don’t have time to just write, you know?  Here we are in a bowl game, my own personal Christmas miracle, and I’m bogged down with series’.  So for the next 45 minutes, I’m gonna just write about football.  Slapdash style.  Whatever comes to mind. Go. [Read more...]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Connor Brennan

I made this promise to do every LLUOI post within 48 hours of a commitment. But I have a very good reason why this one took 72 hours: I enlisted help. I asked IlliniBoard line play expert Martin O’Donnell (that’s on his business card – Line Play Expert) to take a look at Brennan’s film and tell me – tell us – what he thought. [Read more...]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Julian Jones

I love commits like this. Knowing nothing about the player and viewing it blind, a player committed to a small school who has a great senior year and picks up high major offers is the exact type of player we need to be landing. Football recruiting has gone crazy early as of late, which means there are plenty of senior breakouts to be had. I think this kid is one of them. [Read more...]

Hope To See You There

I think it was the pep rally in Union Square when it hit me. There we were, 6-6 Illinois playing a UCLA team with seven losses, in a bowl that didn’t make any waves nationally, with a team that had just fired its head coach, and I’m standing in Union Square in downtown San Francisco listening to the Marching Illini and it hits me: bowl games are awesome. [Read more...]

Where We Stand

So it was a disastrous Saturday as far as bowl chances are concerned. Oklahoma State beat Oklahoma to get bowl eligible, taking away another bowl spot. Wisconsin was humiliated by Ohio State, eliminating the chance for three B1G teams to get into the New Years bowls. Which means the B1G has 9 spots for 10 teams. Can we still get in? As of right now, I think so.

[Read more...]

Bowl Thoughts

Ok, so I have 15 minutes at halftime. I’ve been researching the bowl stuff nonstop but haven’t had time to sit down and write about it. So in the next 14 minutes and 11 seconds, here’s everything I’ve discovered. [Read more...]


“Hold up”, you say. “Illinois was #102 in Total Offense and #111 in Total Defense and is now headed to a bowl game? How?” I’m glad you asked. Yes, Penn State and Northwestern’s struggles had a lot to do with it. Plus, Total Offense/Defense numbers are deceiving (#teamYPP). But the main reason the Illini finished 3-2 and are bowling? Footballin’. [Read more...]

Back & Forth – Clowning Fitzee

Write me a better script.  Career backup Reilly O’Toole enters the Penn State game, leads us to a comeback win, and then runs for 147 and throws for 147 to send Fitzee home for the holidays while we go bowling.  How does it get bettter than that?  Here’s the emails Steve and I shared since Fitzee was put in his place: [Read more...]