Back & Forth – Michigan

It’s odd to think of Michigan as this unstoppable force again. From 2008 to 2014, they were 46-42 overall and 24-32 in the Big Ten (!!). And now, they’re pretty much 100% Michigan again. And, unfortunately, so far, we’re 100% Illinois right now. Let’s not be that anymore. [Read more…]

Bits And Pieces

For the third year in a row, I had a memorial service to attend the day of an Illini game. Last year, when I got out of the memorial service I saw that we led Purdue by 30. This time… we weren’t within 30 at halftime. So did I learn anything from the bits and pieces of the game I did get to see? No. [Read more…]

SOC – Michigan

This one should be fun. This post, not the game. Had this minor procedure done at the hospital this week (thanks again for all the well-wishes), and I’m still in some pain. So I’m still using these painkillers to keep me comfortable. I’ve never written a post while taking painkillers, so… this one should be fun. [Read more…]

Those Were The Days – Michigan

If we’re playing at Michigan, you know Detlef is going to take us back to one of two games: Johnson to Klein in 1993 or Rocky Harvey flies through the air in 1999. (And maybe Juice + Cumberland in 2008, I guess). This one is.. drumroll.. Rocky Harvey flying through the air. Here’s Detlef: [Read more…]

Checking In On Our Guys

Sorry the site has been empty this week. Long story short, I’ve been in the hospital the past few days (minor procedure, everything turned out fine). I’m supposed to go home tomorrow. So while I won’t be able to Check The Tape, I can use this weak hospital wifi to check in on Team Robert and Team Craig. [Read more…]

Back & Forth – Rutgers

When you plan an opponent like Rutgers, how much can you evaluate? On one hand, Iowa only won 14-7 at Rutgers, so maybe they’re not as awful as their three losses to top-5 teams indicate. On the other hand, we were outgained by this awful team. Yep, there’s lots we can evaluate. [Read more…]

Turnovers Are Football

When I fill out the subject line of each post, the little thingy here creates a permalink for the post. And if I’ve already used that post title, it will put a number at the end. I think the Purdue SOC was “SOC-Purdue-6”. This one? Turnovers-Are-Football-3. The last two, I think, were losses. This one, turnovers (and only turnovers) = win. [Read more…]

SOC – Rutgers

This is one of the harder games to predict in the last few years. I still don’t have a handle on how bad we are, and we know Rutgers is bad, so the question is how far the badnesses out-weigh each other. Put simply, are we bad, or are we Rutgers bad? [Read more…]

Those Were The Days – Rutgers

When you forget to post Detlef’s weekly Those Were The Days post but you remember a little after nine so you toss it up there at 9:10 on a Friday night when four people might see it and that sucks because it takes us back to Zook’s first game and the big Rutgers comeback and that was fun. [Read more…]

Wise Words From August

Before I get to posting Craig’s Check The Tape, I noticed an extra draft in my email folders today.  See, Craig had sent me a draft of a post in early August – speaking directly to me and addressing my August Syndrome – and my response to him got hung up in my drafts folder.  So now, 10 weeks later, let’s all go back and read it.  [Read more…]