NERDstats Aren’t Helping II

Three years ago today, we were 6-1, bowl-bound, ranked, and I was all panicked about a losing streak. We’ve now won one Big Ten game since (we’ve. won. one. Big. Ten. game. since. October. 2011.), and I thought I’d revisit the NERDstats that predicted our doom. Guess what? They’re not awful. No, really. [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel like a bye week is a great time to answer some of your questions about this website. People will pull me aside at a tailgate and ask something, or I might get several questions over Twitter and email, so I figured I’d group them here and answer in public for all. Maybe I’ll even get into some of your analytics questions about subscriptions and such. [Read more...]

(I’m Finally Getting Around To The) Looks Like University Of Illinois – Caleb Reams

I hate it when I do this. Caleb Reams committed to Illinois on August 9th – the day I took my son to the PGA Championship before heading up to Rantoul – and despite having an entire week to blog in Rantoul, I completely forgot his LLUOI. That’s unacceptable. If kids are going to pick Illinois, they deserve an LLUOI in the first 48 hours. This is me committing to that. [Read more...]

Check The Tape – Wisconsin

Can I just bury this here in the Check The Tape post?  The Gray Ghost uniforms we’ll be wearing against Minnesota in two weeks?  I’m trying so hard to be excited about them.  But I just can’t find it inside.  A direct reference to Red Grange should be something I send to everyone I know.  But this whole “lost 24 of the last 25 Big Ten games” thing is an emotional anchor.  The Purdue loss destroyed so much of my Illini Football soul. [Read more...]

What Is Asked Of Us

I’m flipping around last night. Ole Miss is beating Texas A&M. Look, there’s some highlights of Mississippi State’s win over #2. Incredible comeback for #5 Baylor. Duke beat a ranked Georgia Tech team. All of our former basement brethren, now all growns up. This morning, it’s ovewhelming. This is all just so unfair. [Read more...]

Egg Timer

I have exactly 57 minutes before I need to leave and go run this one errand at this one place that closes in 67 minutes. So I’m starting this timer right here and I’m gonna write ALL THE WORDS in the next 56 minutes. We covered the spread. We came back. We fought on the road at Wisconsin and only lost by 10, nearly 3. And I’m stuck on one thing.

[Read more...]

SOC – Wisconsin

Full disclosure: when looking at the first four games of the Big Ten season, I saw two things – I thought we we’re going to lose to Purdue, and I thought we had a chance to beat Wisconsin. No, really, 10 days ago, that’s where I was. I thought we’d lose to Purdue because we’re bad; I thought we could maybe surprise Wisconsin because they’re bad. [Read more...]

Those Were The Days – Wisconsin

What say we all concentrate on happier times, shall we?  When there weren’t any north endzone stands, and Forbes Hall still stood, and Brandon Lloyd was doing the same thing he did five days ago for the 49ers: acrobatic catches.  Today Detlef takes us back to October 20th, 2001… [Read more...]

Craig Has The Scout – Wisconsin

This first play that Craig breaks down here is a great Football 101 lesson. It’s the same play I looked at in Check The Tape, but Craig goes into much more (and better) detail about the defensive line responsibilities. I see a linebacker and a safety flowing the wrong direction; Craig also sees a nose tackle getting moved to the exact wrong spot on the field. [Read more...]

Check The Tape – Purdue

Want to know how I know there’s a just and merciful God? There’s only 49 minutes of tape to check. Since 2012 I’ve used the BTN2Go app to rewatch the games (and make the screencaps), and this tape cuts off at the 49 minute mark. It’s 14-14 and then that’s that. So here’s my weekly Check The (49 Minutes Of Available) Tape: [Read more...]