Rantoul Mailbag VII

This is it. The final seven Twitter questions. Part of Rantoul Mailbag number seven. WHICH MEANS WE’RE TOTALLY GOING TO WIN SEVEN GAMES THIS YEAR. I love it when a plan comes together. As soon as I’m finished here I’m going to book my tickets for the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City… [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag VI

Let’s go back to the emails and message board questions with this one. Then back to the Twitters for the rest. Then I’ll check my voicemail for mailbag questions. Perhaps some will arrive by US Mail… [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag V

Three more mailbag posts this morning before practice starts at 10:45. I think I can I think I can I think I can. [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag IV

OK maybe I won’t type SEVEN of these mailbag posts tonight. Maybe this one is the last one before I fall asleep. So, like, if this it the top post in the morning, then this is where I stopped. If not, the Mountain Dew kicked in. Let’s get to it. [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag III

I’m in a groove now. Writing these like stream-of-consciousness posts (so please excuse the typos). Just gonna sit here and crank and crank and crank until I fall asleep. [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag II

Last mailbag post was Twitter questions – let’s get to some from the message board and from email. Starting with a question from the boss. When the boss asks a question, you answer that question first. [Read more…]

Rantoul Mailbag I

Mailbag Day! Before I started taking a week for Rantoul every year I would sit at my desk at work frustrated that I couldn’t be there. So for all of your fellow frustrators (new word!), I invented Mailbag Day. You tell me what to watch for and I’ll return here with a report. [Read more…]

Rantoul 2014 XVIII: Mailbag 5

OK, so I asked for questions in the comments sections of the posts, and I haven’t answered any of those yet.  So now I have exactly 59 minutes before the Thursday practice starts.  How many can I answer in that time?  Five?  I think I can answer five.  (Acutally, this first question asks for six things, so that’s like six questions, so I’m going to answer five and then claim it was eleven.  Why am I still intro-ing I have 58 minutes left… [Read more…]

Rantoul 2014 XVII: Mailbag 4

This first one is probably one of my favorite mailbag questions.  We live in a Twitter world, and while there are some things that are shortened in life that should be lengthened (people used to actually connect through long telephone conversations), I do like how Twitter keeps everything brief.  I asked people for questions, and this one was brief: [Read more…]

Rantoul 2014 XVI: Mailbag 3

I didn’t intend for the mailbag to go this way, but let’s pick questions from the message board thread for this mailbag.  First two mailbags were all from Twitter, this one will be message board questions, then maybe a mailbag post from the comments section, then back to Twitter.  Even as I type this out I realize this is dumb.  It’s a mailbag – it doesn’t matter how the mail is delivered.  Just start answering questions, man. [Read more…]