We Love No Other 2.5 – Tyler C.

Tyler and I recorded this Sunday night, gleefully discussing this Illini offense and how we pitied the fools who might try to stand in its way. Then, we trailed Brown at halftime last night and I felt like this podcast might sound silly.  Then we maybe played our best half of the year and I was ready to pity fools again. [Read more…]

We Love No Other 2.4 – Braintrust Two

It’s so impossible to keep up with the schedule I set for myself. Travel to games, podcasts, Check The Tape, basketball preview (coming tomorrow!) – I think that I can do it and then I can’t do it all. But three final football games means one thing: time to get my Braintrust back together for a podcast. Seven weeks between podcasts is too long.

As I mentioned yesterday, my football thoughts here are enhanced by the brilliant minds of three dudes: Steve, Craig, and Martin. So why not get them all together on one podcast to figure out if two more wins are possible?

I’ll warn you – we go long. This is 75 minutes of the four of us breaking down Illini football. But if you’re one of the remaining 13, you might enjoy it. Possibly. 60% chance.

We Love No Other 2.3 – The Braintrust

Calling all members of The Seventeen. If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, listen to this one. Why? Because I rounded up three of The 17 Illini Fans Who Care More About Football Than Basketball to discuss the season so far: Steve (Back-and-Forth), Craig (Craig Has The Scout), and Martin (O’Donnell, the only First Team All American on the panel). [Read more…]

We Love No Other 2.2 – Steve Greenberg

Maybe Greenberg and I should just have our own podcast.  I’m a hack because I’m a Beckman and Groce-loving sycophant!  He’s a hack because he hates Illinois and wants to see Champaign burn!  Join The Two Hacks as they delve into the topic of the day here on… Hack Attack?  I’ll Be Your Hackleberry?  No – I’ve got it.  Hack Need.  Come join Steve and I on the next episode of Hack Need…. [Read more…]

The Best Job On Campus

The return of We Love No Other!  After taking the summer off, the podcast returns with a very special episode.  Don’t worry, my recording issues, the volume changes, and the parts where I sound like I’m speaking from a cave – they’re all still there.  It’s a special episode because I have five guests, and they’re here to tell you about the best job on campus: [Read more…]

We Love No Other 1.14 – Mailbag Podcast

I’m really trying to answer every mailbag question.  I have 26 more to go.  So I decided to try something different: mailbag podcast.  I’ll answer some of the questions with audio instead of text.

Originally, I had this idea to make my 7 year-old nephew my guest.  Or at least have him read all of the questions.  I thought little Noah trying to pronounce Simon Cvijanovic would be priceless podcasting.  But transporting my 7 year-old nephew 100 miles just to get him to record some written questions seemed like a waste of resources.  Perhaps another time.

So this podcast is just me.  I read your questions, and then I answer them.  And that’s it.  12 questions, 45 minutes, done and done.

We Love No Other 1.13 – Martin O’Donnell

With the Gabe Megginson verbal fresh in my mind, I asked Martin O’Donnell to come back on the podcast to discuss recruiting.  What’s it like to find yourself not only the top offensive lineman in the state, but also the country?  Are there any pressures when you pick the home state school?  I wanted some insight on what happens behind the scenes when a big-time in-state recruit stays home.

So Martin and I talk about the entire process.  What’s it like to find out you’re good enough to play Division I football?  What’s it like when all these coaches start calling?  What are official visits like?  What about unofficial visits?  There’s a lot I wanted to know about recruiting, and Martin had some great answers.

Also, I called him a farce.


We Love No Other 1.12 – Athletic Director Mike Thomas

I absolutely panicked.  I finish an audio interview with the Athletic Director late last week and the recording software I use gives me this “there was a problem so I’m closing now” error.  What do I do?  That half hour I just recorded – do I call the AD back and say “hey, could you say all of that again?”

Thankfully, it recorded everything. [Read more…]

We Love No Other 1.11 – Craig G.

My first repeat guest! I guess I could also say that like this: “We just had a Spring Game, and it needs to be analyzed, so who better to call than my friend Craig G. so we can break down everything that happened?”

Craig is like me – he keeps his own depth chart and roster spreadsheet because sometimes at 1:30 in the morning on a Tuesday in June you just have to look it up to see who’s fighting for the third string Will Linebacker spot – so who better to break down Saturday’s Spring Game? I’ll warn you, we go a little long. This podcast is close to an hour. But come on – we just watched the Spring Game. It’s to our credit that we kept it under an hour.

Didn’t get to watch the Spring Game on Saturday? Never fear. Here’s two obsessive Illini fans analyzing every ounce of the game:

We Love No Other 1.10 – Carey Davis

With the Spring Game approaching on Saturday, I figured I’d talk to another former Illini player for this week’s We Love No Other podcast.  Today’s guest: Carey Davis, Illini fullback during the Ron Turner fullback glory days in the early 2000’s.

Carey is now on ESPN Radio in his hometown of St. Louis doing pregame and postgame work for the Rams as well as coaching high school football as an assistant at Hazelwood West.  We talk about the Sugar Bowl season, his fight to land on an NFL roster, and then his climb to the top of the mountain when he won a Super Bowl ring as the starting fullback for the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.