2018 Depth Chart

I’ve done this in several bye weeks in years past – since we have a break from football, let’s talk about next season.  Given the timing of this one – a loss to move to 1-2 and a large portion of the fanbase giving up on the season – that’s how this is going to read.  But that’s not my intent here – I’m just following my tradition.  This year takes a break, so let’s peek at next year.  [Read more…]

From The Stands – Western Michigan

Hard to stomach. Yet so familiar, right? It’s such a strange experience being an Illini football fan.  It’s hard – ulcer hard – on the stomach to watch something like that unfold and just accept it. Yet it’s so familiar.  Sadly, it feels normal.  There’s this sick part of me saying “yeah, I know how to behave when it feels like this”. I’m rambling. Here’s my recording from the stands. [Read more…]

SOC – Western Michigan

Just imagine if this game was still scheduled for Kalamazoo. When Ron Guenther scheduled this game, (well, associate AD Chris Hanna scheduled it because WMU is his alma mater), they scheduled it for a road game AT Western Michigan. Us playing a team that might go 12-0 on the road? Would have been a nightmare. Instead, it’s just… a really scary dream. [Read more…]

Those Were The Days – Western Michigan

I was curious about this one – would Detlef take us back to the game he refers to as Guenther’s Folly (the game in Detroit in 2008), or would he choose another game? He chose a different game: the 2004 matchup with WIU. Here’s Detlef to take us back…. [Read more…]

Simple Acts

A few weeks ago, you might have read the story of Travis Rudolph.  Rudolph is the wide receiver from Florida State who, when visiting an elementary school, saw an autistic boy eating alone. Rudolph performed the simple act of sitting and eating lunch with the boy. Great story. One that should happen more often. Like in Champaign last Saturday.  [Read more…]

SOC – North Carolina

I just went back and read through several old SOC posts. This is the eighth (EIGHTH!) season writing them, and I’m a comp guy, so I sometimes want to go back and see how I felt leading up to a similar game. Tomorrow is close to a sellout, and our last sellout was Michigan 2011, so I’m starting with 2011 Michigan. [Read more…]

Those Were The Days – North Carolina

Cyril Pinder! Bo Bachelder! To Hell With Mel! Today, Detlef takes us back to 1965, before most of us were born, to talk about an Illini win over a team visiting Memorial Stadium from the not-so great state of North Carolina. [Read more…]

Check The Tape – Murray State

Apparently I need to tell you how many years I’ve been doing each series (eight years of SOC! third year of Back & Forth!), so this is year seven of Check The Tape.  Football season works like clockwork around here – Monday is B&F, Tuesday CTT, Thursday CHTS, Friday TWTD followed by SOC. PBR me ASAP. [Read more…]

Back & Forth – Murray State

Back and forth! I believe this is now the third year for this series.  After the game – usually Saturday night and Sunday all day – Steve and I email back and forth about what we saw and what we thought.  Here’s our emails since our drubbing of Murray State. [Read more…]

From The Stands – Murray State

So mad at my phone right now. It wouldn’t let me upload this right after the game like I usually do.  Dumb phone.  Anyway, I wandered down to the stands (like I always do) and recorded this after the game (while trying to not be drowned out by Club Memorial Stadium).  [Read more…]