We Love No Other 2.5 – Tyler C.

Tyler and I recorded this Sunday night, gleefully discussing this Illini offense and how we pitied the fools who might try to stand in its way. Then, we trailed Brown at halftime last night and I felt like this podcast might sound silly.  Then we maybe played our best half of the year and I was ready to pity fools again. [Read more...]

Player Interviews – Penn State

I tried to get to as many seniors as I could. I ended up getting four of them – Alex Hill, Michael Heitz, Davontay Kwaaning, and Reilly O’Toole. And I talked to Darius Mosely as well. And, of course, FEJ! [Read more...]

SOC – Penn State

It’s always odd to see the permalink name assigned to each post. If I’ve used a title before, it will automatically add a number. This here is soc-penn-state-5. Which means I’ve not SOC’d Penn State five times. It actually might be six, since the first year I titled every post “Stream Of Consciousness”. I should get started. [Read more...]

Back And Forth – Georgia Southern

Busy weekend. I’m back-n-forthing with Tyler about basketball (Tyler C, not Tyler G). Back-n-forthing with Steve about football. Sitting in stunned silence with Martin in the pressbox watching Iowa put up their most yards in ten years. Let’s switch to basketball, shall we? Here’s the emails Tyler¬† and I shared since Friday night. [Read more...]

IlliniBoard Basketball Preview

Originally, this was going to be just like the football preview: $5 gets you access to a special portal and then you can print out all 94 pages. But it’s now nine hours before the first game, and it’s finally finished, so we have a new way of putting out our tip jar: The IB Basketball preview, available to subscribers. Not a subscriber? It’s $3 for a one-month subscription which will give you access. [Read more...]


Normally, the latest post goes up here at the top. Regular readers have been conditioned to just check the top story to see if it has changed. Today, I’m switching it up a little bit. There are three new posts below from three different writers. I’ll attempt to describe some of the changes in this post, and then you can go look for those articles. [Read more...]

We Love No Other 2.4 – Braintrust Two

It’s so impossible to keep up with the schedule I set for myself. Travel to games, podcasts, Check The Tape, basketball preview (coming tomorrow!) – I think that I can do it and then I can’t do it all. But three final football games means one thing: time to get my Braintrust back together for a podcast. Seven weeks between podcasts is too long.

As I mentioned yesterday, my football thoughts here are enhanced by the brilliant minds of three dudes: Steve, Craig, and Martin. So why not get them all together on one podcast to figure out if two more wins are possible?

I’ll warn you – we go long. This is 75 minutes of the four of us breaking down Illini football. But if you’re one of the remaining 13, you might enjoy it. Possibly. 60% chance.

Meet The Team

It’s refreshing to read words here that aren’t my own, right? I mean, how many times can one guy make the same Finding G-Mo joke? So for Year Two of the new IlliniBoard, we set out to find a team of people who could help Brumby and I reach our goal: the site with the best Illini opinions and analysis on the planet. I think we found them. [Read more...]

Final Exam

I don’t like predicting the outcome of games until the SOC post the night before – I have to let all of the information settle first. I won’t predict a season until the night before – there’s still so much information to go over. Work, blog, politics – I’m like this with everything. Refine every opinion up until the last possible moment. I’ll vote at 6:55 tonight. [Read more...]

Those Were The Days – Ohio State

Today Detlef takes us back to one of my favorite Illini games ever: 1994 at Ohio State – the Dana Howard Guarantee Game. I almost drove to Columbus for that game (went to the game at Wisconsin instead) because that defense was so much fun to watch. Four of the ten best linebackers ever at Illinois, all on the same team. Take us back, D: [Read more...]