Check The Tape – Nebraska

I swear, it’s so hard to crank out this post (waaaahhh). I started this post Sunday night and here it is, Wednesday evening, me trying to finish before my thing at 7:30.  Two things that are dumb: having a job (OK not really) and trying to watch the game 11 times instead of actually Checking The Tape.  Whine over – here’s the CTT:

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Back & Forth – Nebraska

Well this was certainly more enjoyable than the last 15 Back & Forth posts with Steve. It’s weird – when you win on a touchdown pass with 10 seconds left to beat a historic power to move to 4-1 on the year, you tend to wake up the next day fairly excited about college football. Who knew? [Read more…]

What Happened On That Play

I’m glad Illinois pulled this one out. If it was a loss, a post like this from an Illinois blogger comes off as sour grapes. “The Illini would have won if the officials hadn’t blah blah blah”. Instead, with a win, it’s just one thing: an evaluation of total and complete incompetence from the officials. [Read more…]


TOUCHDOWN! No, wait, his feet were out. Good, they’re going to review. LOOKS GOOD! Wait, can’t see his toes. Official was right there they can’t overrule. THROW TO G-MO AGAIN. Interference. THROW TO G-MO AGAIN. Interference. Will they keep doing this until the clock runs out? G-MO AGAIN. TOUCHDOWN. FINALLY. Finally, a win like this. [Read more…]

SOC – Nebraska

It’s time for another “no idea what I’ll predict when I reach the end of this Stream Of Consciousness” post.  I’ve been going back and forth all week.  Nebraska will be the worst pass defense we face – we’re gonna win.  30 MPH winds will make this a ground game – we’re gonna lose. Still don’t know how I feel.

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Those Were The Days – Nebraska

Today, Detlef takes us back to… 1923.  Yes, 1923.  A time when Champaign was pretty much the center of the college football world.  Hey, that makes me think of a future post: 1923.. 2023… 100 YEARS BETWEEN UNDEFEATED NATIONAL TITLES. Ok, no.  I’ll stop.  Go, Detlef. [Read more…]

That’s Nicole

When I’m at a wedding reception, I hug the wall. A lecture with a Q&A session afterwards? No chance I’m raising my hand. Long dinner table set for 14? I grab a corner if I can. Some people step forward into the light – my natural inclination is to step back. Which is why I’m so impressed with those who do more than just step forward. They shine. [Read more…]

From The Stands – MTSU

From the ACTUAL stands! I sat in East Main today with my wife, so this wasn’t a stroll down from the pressbox to record on the field. This was a pick-myself-up-off-the-bleachers kind of thing where I exhaled and then hit record. [Read more…]

SOC – Middle Tennessee State

11:49 pm, just got home, beyond tired.  I really can’t see any way I complete this SOC without falling asleep at my keyboard.  Even the last 5 miles of that drive here were sketchy. This should be interesting. How many words can I type before I’m no longer making sense?

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SOC – North Carolina

It’s been a great vacation out here in North Carolina.  Great and exhausting (in a good way).  My wife wears a Fitbit, and according to that data, we’ve walked 51 miles since Saturday.  I’m not on vacation. I’m at fat camp.

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