Just write. I always have to remind myself to write. I get all wrapped up in this series and that series and “I need to write about #FJND and I have to do the next 90i and am I caught up on LLOUI?” and I forget to just write. Just got off the phone with four football players (for an article I’m writing). They left me with this general feeling: calm. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 70 to 66

My wife is out of town on a girls weekend and I just binge watched 10 consecutive episodes of Better Call Saul. So the next time I say something like “sorry I don’t have that post up life has been busy”, don’t believe me. I’m probably just addicted to the “watch next episode” button. Anyway, 70 to 66. [Read more…]

Lift For Life 2016

Late June means two things every year.  Freshman Jersey Number Day (coming in two installments this weekend), and Lift For Life, the Acoustic Neuroma fundraiser put on by the football team each year.  Freshman Jersey Number Day? That’s silliness. Acoustic Neuroma? An important cause taken up by our team. Let’s help them out.  [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 80 to 76

The 90 Illini continues with the same theme: true freshmen who will redshirt. There’s always that freshman who surprises and enters the rotation his very first game, but I haven’t found him yet. I’ll keep looking. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Vederian Lowe

I always Jerk Store the good jokes.  24 hours after Vederian Lowe picks Illinois, “Lowe’s – let’s build something together” finally comes across my brain. That would have been so perfect on Sunday.  Like, tweet the photo of Lovie and the Lowe family with the caption “Lovie to the Lowe’s: let’s build something together.”

Yeah, you’re right. Would have fallen flat. [Read more…]

8 Wins Or Sweet 16?

I somewhat invented this statistic.  Two years ago, after five years blogging about mediocre teams, I looked up the recent Big Ten history and saw that every team had at least one 8-win football season or Sweet 16 basketball season since 2009… except Illinois. A Twitter follower looked it up this year and saw that 62 of 65 P5 teams had accomplished this. When will we? [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Cameron Thomas

We recruit to the Petrino multiple offense for a few years and then Beckman arrives and installs a fly-sweep spread. We recruit Aaron Bailey for that… and then switch to the Cubit offense after one year.  We recruit four quarterbacks for the Cubit offense… and now switch back to McGee’s Petrino multiple offense.  The first QB recruit for the McGee offense? Cameron Thomas. [Read more…]

I Get It Now

You know that thing I always say about “if an Illini football coach wins seven games every year we’ll build him a statue”? How, after cheering for such a struggling program for so long, we all think we’d be ecstatic with 7 wins followed by 8 wins followed by 7 wins?  After watching Illini golf come achingly close to that elusive title, I think I get it now. It’s not true. [Read more…]

A Program

By the time you read this, the Illini golf team may already be eliminated at the national championships. The quarterfinals start first thing this morning followed by the semifinals this afternoon. Even if they’re upset by one of those opponents, it won’t change the fact that Mike Small has build a program. Not a team, a program. [Read more…]


OK not really. This is the yearly beginning-of-summer basketball recruiting post, but I can’t use my normal format. In 2014, with Finke already on board leaving one remaining scholarship, I wrote a 4-2-1 post. I wanted to chase four specific players, get two to visit, and land one of them (we did – Leron Black). It’s much harder to pull of for a class with six scholarships available. [Read more…]