2016 Depth Chart

It’s the Monday after the Northwestern game, so that means one thing: a look at next year’s three-deep. I’ll start with the chart and then, well, then I’ll probably write 1,500 words on how Bill Cubit couldn’t be handed a more complete roster. Talent is debatable, but this will be the most experienced Illini team of my lifetime. [Read more…]

SOC – Northwestern (plus Seniors Part II)

I’m all about combining posts today. This morning, I combined a CTT with the first half of my yearly “what you should know about these seniors” post. Tonight, let’s talk about the rest of the seniors and then let’s Stream my Consciousness. [Read more…]

Craig Has The Scout – Northwestern

Ghosts of the Football Game Past

This is a tough one to be subjective.  The frustration level of this game is as high as it has been for me since 2008 against Minnesota, ironically enough.  Illinois outplayed Minnesota for the majority of the game, but failed to turn strong drives into touchdowns.  By accepting field goals, and giving up touchdowns, Illinois loses by 9.  You can question the decision to go for 2 or not, but Illinois either has to believe in the defense or get aggressive on offense.  Based on the season so far, I would believe in the defense too. [Read more…]

JCL FTW: A Hoops Live Blog

Editor’s Note: Trevor plans to write weekly Sunday Night basketball columns this year. This week, he’s on vacation and said he’d probably write something Monday night. That created a bit of a traffic jam. I had my post, his post, and (soon) Tyler’s reaction to Chicago State. So Trevor goes second. Here’s his blow-by-blow of our squeaker last night: [Read more…]


Two roads diverged in a wood.  I took the one less traveled by.  And, after a few years wandering around, I ended up right back at the exact same spot, having not advanced anywhere closer to my destination.  And that has made all the difference. [Read more…]

Those Were The Days – Minnesota

Today Detlef takes us back to Kittner-to-Lloyd days. I think we could all use some Kittner-to-Lloyd right about now. Hey Wes & G-Mo, could we maybe get some Kittner-to-Lloyd this weekend? Here’s D to take us back: [Read more…]

It’s Time

The report was released. Everyone laughed at us. The Athletic Director was let go. Everyone said “Illinois – what a mess”. The basketball team lost to an Atlantic Sun team. Everyone laughed some more. A field goal attempt made Twitter headlines for its two fumbles on one play. “Hahaha, Illinois is such a disaster!” Can the change start now, please? [Read more…]

From The Stands – Ohio State

You know what?  I didn’t go through my usual anger when the winning opponent sings their school song in our stadium. Maybe I’m just numb to it, but this one didn’t bother me like the others.  What happened happened, we wasted an opportunity our defense presented, and that’s that.  Here’s my thoughts from the stands: [Read more…]

Those Were The Days – Ohio State

Take us back to a simpler time, Detlef.  Back to a time when Mike White roamed the sideline and his recruiting coordinator was some kid named Rick George….. [Read more…]

I Is For Interim

The absolute worst time for news to break (for me)? 9:00 am on a Monday.  I knew I’d want to write out my thoughts, and I knew it would be at least 12 hours before I could do so.  Which is good, I guess.  Gave me all day to think about this.  Here’s where I settled: [Read more…]