Back & Forth – Iowa

It’s been a while since a B&F post. It’s been a while since I wrote anything, really.  First, an update on what’s been going on and then several attempts to be hopeful from Tyler and I in what seems to be a hopeless situation (spoiler alert – we end at hopeless). [Read more…]


When you know what to write about but you have some stuff going on so you can’t really find the time to do that… just start writing.  Here’s a quick slapdash post where I explain my absence of late, talk about Signing Day, and give some quick thoughts on the last 25 years of Illini Basketball.  [Read more…]


When you don’t know what to write about, just start writing. Subtitle: I take a look at the remaining basketball games and update the football depth chart herein.  [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Javon Pickett

Finally some time to LLUOI. My wife is doing this thing called the “Frostbite Series” where she runs 13 miles in 25 degree weather (for fun!). So while she’s out torturing herself, I can sit down for a bit and cover some of the latest basketball and football commits. First up – Javon Pickett. [Read more…]

Pick My Post – 2016/17

Back from vacation.  Only fell on the slopes one time. Which means only one thing: I wasn’t skiing hard enough.

I decided to play Pick My Post for my first post back.  The majority of the replies centered around “dagger to the heart of the program” and “keep me from jumping off a cliff”.  I’m not ready to dive into that, so I’ve chosen this topic: [Read more…]

Ten Names You’ll Learn In 2016

It’s a New Years tradition around here: on NYD each year, I vow to eat better, check to see if my gym membership is still valid, and write about ten Illini names for the new year.  Let’s go:

[Read more…]

Gotta Pull A Purdue

I know it sounds gross.  I know it’s not ideal.  But if we want to go to the NCAA Tournament (yes, that NCAA Tournament) we’ll have to Purdue the remainder of our schedule.  How does one “Purdue”? (So. Many. Jokes.) Well, you start the season 8-5 and then somehow go 12-6 in the Big Ten to end up in the dance. [Read more…]

Back & Forth – Miznoz

It’s always great to go into Christmas after a Braggin’ Rights win. I take some time off from blogging just to relax and bask in the glow of Miznoz tears. But Tyler and I were able to get in a few emails here and there discussing the Miznoz win and the upcoming Big Ten season. [Read more…]


If you read my words often, you know that I’ve been looking for our next Kevin Turner or Cory Bradford for a long time – a player ranked well outside the top-100 who proves to be a top-50ish college player.  The ultimate player on that list is Luther Head. While I’m not sure anyone will reach Luther, is it possible that Michael Finke is the next name on that list? [Read more…]

Remembering IlliniGrad

Internet friendships are a strange thing. We never meet, but we really know each other. So when one your internet friends passes away, I never know how to react. When I first started my blog, there were mostly three commenters: IlliniRanger, Joe John, and IlliniGrad. IlliniGrad recently passed away. And I’d like to talk about him. [Read more…]