90i #50: Zach Grant

We’ve reached the top 50! Which means there are 50 days remaining until the Kent State… wait. Something’s off here. Either they moved the Ken State game to September 18th, or I’m behind on my countdown by nearly two weeks. I’ll let you decide which one is correct. [Read more…]

90i #51: Tito Odenigbo

How could you not love a player who grew up an Illini fan? Who, after the Ohio State win in 2007, ran around his Ohio junior high school taunting everyone with his Illini gear? Love Tito. Oh, also, he’s going to be a really good football player. [Read more…]

90i #52: Jevaris Little

Here’s the perfect example of the “see what we have in three years” recruit. Little redshirted. Little played very little his first two years. Last year he was a backup safety, playing in all 12 games. Now, as a redshirt junior with three years learning the system, time to make the donuts. [Read more…]

90i #53: David Reisner

Just how many kickers can one 90i list have? The answer is four. Four kickers. #90 was a kicker and that’s mostly because I wanted to put my boy Avery Bass on the list. Then we covered Chase McLaughlin, a freshman who could surprise if the upperclassmen can’t do it. Now, the first of the upperclassmen. [Read more…]

90i #54: Tyrin Stone-Davis

Number changes are weird. TSD was #2 last year, but then Aaron Bailey left so TSD moved to #15 and incoming freshman running back Reggie Corbin took #2. Several of the defensive linemen moved into the teens, we’ve doubled up on nearly every number from 1 to 20… it’s so hard to keep up. [Read more…]

90i #55: Gabe Megginson

Ohio State. Arkansas. California. Penn State. Mississippi State. Wisconsin. Missouri. Nebraska. Miami. Michigan State. Virginia Tech. Ole Miss. And he picked Illinois. When Gabe Megginson is a first team All Big Ten lineman in a few years, everyone must remember that he could have gone to any of those schools… but he chose to come to Illinois. [Read more…]

90i #56: Marchie Murdock

Remember Marquis Wilkins? He had three catches in his Illinois career. Two against Minnesota, and one against Ohio State… which turned out to be deciding touchdown in our crazy upset at #1 Ohio State in 2007. Marchie Murdock is somewhat similar so far. He has one catch… to put us in field goal range where we would eventually beat Penn State and keep our bowl hopes alive. [Read more…]

90i #57: BJ Bello

That’s right. You’re waking up this morning to ten – TEN – new 90i posts. For the first time in what seems like three months, I had a completely free day to just sit down and write. I put in 10,000 words on a football preview AND cranked out ten 90i posts. It’s been glorious. I can feel Rantoul just around the corner. [Read more…]

90i #58: Dillan Cazley

I remember Dillan Cazley for two things. One, he verballed very early – he was the first member of the 2013 recruiting class. Second, that picture attached to this post. Cazley, screaming at the top of his lungs after the Illini knocked of #25 Minnesota. [Read more…]

90i #59: Kendrick Foster

I never know what to think about the mighty mouse players. Like Rocky Harvey. First time I saw Rocky Harvey I thought there was NO WAY he could be a Big Ten running back. Next thing you know, he’s diving into the endzone in the Big House. So I’ve learned to never count out the little guy. [Read more…]