The 90 Illini – 16 to 9

Isn’t 16 to 9 a television aspect ratio? Or maybe it’s computer monitors. Anyway, here’s The 90 Illini from #16 to #9. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 25 to 17

Yes, I plan to finish. It’s been a crazy month – this is post #50 in 31 days – and between all those posts and the preview, I made the decision at training camp to finish the 90i this week. That’s #notideal, but it’s how I chose to spend the hours in my days. So for the next three days, you get eight (or nine) 90i’s per day. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 45 to 41

We’re fully into the two-deep now. Until we get to the mid-20’s, this list will be understudy after understudy. A few of these guys will surprise in camp and make a push for a starting spot. But for the most part, we’re looking at the backups. And, since we have 15 starting seniors, we’re likely looking at next year’s starters. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 55 to 51

I’m a few days behind here (blame Jeremiah Tilmon), but I should be caught up this week. So glad I chose to do these five at a time this year.

The top 50 are players who are definitely in the rotation, while so these players are right on the outside looking in. Right to it: [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 60 to 56

I’m writing this from about 9,000 feet (mountain, not airplane), so if the altitude affects my writing I apologize in advance. I’ve blamed the altitude for my headaches, my shortness of breath, and my general malaise the last few days. So if this post goes south… add it to the list. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 65 to 61

For a brief few moments, this intro just said “intro”. I use this template to type out all of the 90i posts and I forgot to fill in this part. You know, I probably should have left it. More interesting than what I’m typing right now. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 80 to 76

The 90 Illini continues with the same theme: true freshmen who will redshirt. There’s always that freshman who surprises and enters the rotation his very first game, but I haven’t found him yet. I’ll keep looking. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 85 to 81

I believe most of the freshmen are due on campus today. Which means we should get a roster update soon. Which means we’ll probably learn of a freshman who didn’t make it past admissions (or a walkon who left the team) very soon. Still, The 90 Illini march along (soon to be reduced to 88 or something). Next up: 85 through 81. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 90 to 86

The return. Not only of The 90 Illini, but also my return from my yearly May swoon.  Each year, I take May as a recharge month and write at about a third of my normal pace. Thought I might break the record this year (only 11 posts in May of 2013), but I landed on 13 posts.  Now, it’s June, so it’s time to crank it up. Starting with the 90i. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – Top Ten

HE’S DONE IT, TESS. That’s how I hear Sean Farnham calling my completion of The 90 Illini, anyway. It was ugly, it was lazy, it was delayed, but somehow, at the end, Indiana forgot to guard me and I sank an uncontested layup. [Read more…]