The 90 Illini – Top Ten

HE’S DONE IT, TESS. That’s how I hear Sean Farnham calling my completion of The 90 Illini, anyway. It was ugly, it was lazy, it was delayed, but somehow, at the end, Indiana forgot to guard me and I sank an uncontested layup. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 21 to 11

Here’s the plan for the words on this site the next 36 hours. This morning, numbers 21 through 11 of The 90 Illini (I’m. Gonna. Finish.). Tonight, probably some epic 2,000 word Stream Of Consciousness post regarding our freebie season. Tomorrow morning, The 90 Illini Top Ten. Tomorrow afternoon: Those Were The Days. Tomorrow night? FOOTBALL. [Read more…]

The 90 Illini – 31 to 22

LOL I’m going to finish the series LOL in three burst posts in the next three days LMAO.  No, really, I’m going to try to finish.  I probably don’t even have enough hours in the day to pull it off but here I am with I STARTED THIS SERIES AND I MUST FINISH and that’s all I can say.

LOL. [Read more…]

90i #32: Tyler White

It is now officially comical how far “behind” this “daily” “series” is. But I’ve someone given up on caring (maybe you can tell). In the last two weeks, every single moment of downtime I’ve had, I’ve been writing. My yearly novel (season preview) comes out tomorrow or Wednesday. So the 90i suffered. Yet I carry on, determined to get to #1 by next Friday. [Read more…]

90i #33: Eric Finney

This is one of those I was hoping to cheat on. Occasionally, after Rantoul, I rearrange the top of the list because this guy looked good and that guy didn’t get many reps. But with the battle at Star, I don’t think I learned anything. So this is probably the correct ranking for Finney, but it might be 15 spots too low. [Read more…]

90i #34: Mike Svetina

I just really hate injuries. I hate everything about them. I hate that after a phase where Purdue was ACL-U and then Iowa had the AIRBHG (Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God) and then Maryland lost all four quarterbacks and had to start a linebacker at QB… now it’s our turn to be Injury U. Hate it. [Read more…]

90i #35: Joe Fotu

I wrote more words on IlliniBoard last week than any week in IlliniBoard history… and I’m even further behind on The 90 Illini. I have 18 days to get it all done. Let’s do this. [Read more…]

90i #36: Ke’Shawn Vaughn

It’s been six months and it’s still hard to believe that it happened. A 4-star recruit sat down at a table with a bunch of hats, grabbed the ILLINOIS hat, and put it on his head. And now, six months later, he’s ready to maybe be the #2 running back and contribute in a meaningful way the very first game. #FeedFive [Read more…]

90i #37: Zach Heath

Still plugging through the 90 Illini. Practice starts in 36 minutes and I’m determined to crank out this one and one more before then. If my fingers blister-up, I’ll just tape them and keep going. #dedication [Read more…]

90i #38: LaKeith Walls

He was the ultimate roster bouncer. Running back, then safety, then linebacker, back to running back, back to linebacker where he stuck. You recruit and ATH, you spend two years finding him a position, and then you unleash him. [Read more…]