Check The Tape – North Carolina

My takeaway after the game was that Trubisky >>>> Lunt cost us the game. Trubisky 5 incompletions; Lunt 18. Switch the quarterbacks and maybe we win 48-23.

My takeaway after watching the tape: Lunt was fine for three quarters (except for the fumbles)… followed by a nightmare fourth quarter. CTT this week: the 18 Wes Lunt incompletions. [Read more…]

Check The Tape – Murray State

Apparently I need to tell you how many years I’ve been doing each series (eight years of SOC! third year of Back & Forth!), so this is year seven of Check The Tape.  Football season works like clockwork around here – Monday is B&F, Tuesday CTT, Thursday CHTS, Friday TWTD followed by SOC. PBR me ASAP. [Read more…]

Check The Tape – Purdue

I often write my weekly “Stream Of Consciousness” post late on Friday night. Which means that sometimes, through heavy eyes, I don’t remember what I wrote. A reader pointed out something I wrote on Friday and I think it fits as a starting point for this post: “the thing about struggling offenses is that sometimes they just need to play Purdue”. [Read more…]

Check The Tape – Nebraska

I swear, it’s so hard to crank out this post (waaaahhh). I started this post Sunday night and here it is, Wednesday evening, me trying to finish before my thing at 7:30.  Two things that are dumb: having a job (OK not really) and trying to watch the game 11 times instead of actually Checking The Tape.  Whine over – here’s the CTT:

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Check The Tape – MTSU

It’s interesting to watch a game on tape that I watched from the stands, not the pressbox.  I generally watch games from the pressbox or on TV, so I’m used to then watching tape after viewing from those angles.  Being in the stands and then watching the game again – totally different experience.
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Check The Tape – UNC

First two weeks of Check The Tape: OH GOD THIS IS SO MUCH FUN WE’LL BEAT EVERYONE FOREVER.  This week: not so much. Watching those fourth quarter drives (when our defense was dog tired and UNC was just rolling) was pretty darn painful.  But I soldiered through. Here’s what I saw:
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Check The Tape – WIU

I lost my favorite Illini shirt somewhere out here in North Carolina. I can’t remember being this depressed about losing something. Like, seriously depressed all day. I know I can just buy another one, but still, that was my SHIRT, you know? I lived in that thing. So depressed. Anyway, here’s the WIU CTT. [Read more…]

Check The Tape – Kent State

Year six of Check The Tape! Feels good to be back with the stylus in my hand, trying to pause the tape at just the right moment. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but checking the tape after a 52-3 win is a tiny bit more enjoyable than checking the tape after beating Texas State by seven. [Read more…]

Check the Tape (Basketball Edition) – Michigan

With 11:23 left in the second half, the Fighting Illini had a 13 point lead over the Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor. It was looking like the Illini were going to spoil Jim Harbaugh’s Homecoming to Ann Arbor and leave Crisler Arena 1-0 in the Big Ten. But we know that is not what happened. But what did happen?

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Check The Tape – Penn State

What is wrong with the human mind/body that you can still get nervous when watching a field goal that you already know goes in? How is the brain able to convince itself that it might not happen? I’m watching Reisner line up and my heart is racing watching the tape. The brain is weird. Wait, I know – Illinois football has done this to me. [Read more…]