Post-Spring Three Deep

This the least accurate depth chart I’ll ever put together. We don’t fully know the schemes yet (and we won’t, really, until North Carolina), and we don’t know which players fit those schemes (at least in the eyes of the coaches). So here’s my post-spring depth chart… subject to 25 changes before September. [Read more…]

Pre-Spring Depth Chart

I did a little fine-tuning to my depth chart based on the new schemes. There’s a lot of guessing here – we don’t know exactly what kind of scheme Garrick McGee is going to run, but it’s going to be a little more run focused and less one-thousand-one-one-thousand-throw, so I needed to adjust some things. I NEEDED to. [Read more…]


When you don’t know what to write about, just start writing. Subtitle: I take a look at the remaining basketball games and update the football depth chart herein.  [Read more…]

2016 Depth Chart

It’s the Monday after the Northwestern game, so that means one thing: a look at next year’s three-deep. I’ll start with the chart and then, well, then I’ll probably write 1,500 words on how Bill Cubit couldn’t be handed a more complete roster. Talent is debatable, but this will be the most experienced Illini team of my lifetime. [Read more…]

End Of Rantoul Three-Deep

Craig emailed me his depth chart today. And I TOTALLY DIDN’T LOOK AT IT because I knew I was writing this post. Once I’m done here I’ll go look at Craig’s. And then mock him for his third string Star not being promising walkon Cedric Doxy. I think Ced can hold down the 3rd-string spot, but Craig probably thinks Justice will prevail. [Read more…]

Post-Spring Three-Deep

I wrote this long, whiny post yesterday about burnout and the perils of maintaining a near-daily blog whilst working a sometimes hectic full-time job (and being a father & husband). But it had been far too long since I wrote something and deleted it, so it’s in the trash. Instead, let’s get to all the posts I should have written since the spring game. First up: depth chart. [Read more…]

2015 Three-Deep

I love that this feels premature. The day after each season ends, I do a depth chart for the next year. The season “ended” yesterday so it’s time for the depth chart, right? Well, yes, but the season isn’t over. These seniors get one more game. Have you heard? We’re going to a bowl game. [Read more…]

Post-Rantoul Three-Deep

This one was pretty easy.  As far as competitions for starting spots go, there’s really only three open competitions right now: quarterback, of course (for a competition there wasn’t much competing), right tackle (Pat Flavin or Christian DiLauro), and Leo (DeJazz Woods or Dawuane Smoot).  The rest of the starters seem to be set in stone. [Read more…]

Spring Mailbag III

I think I have enough questions for seven or eight of these. Is it bad if this site is ten to twelve consecutive days of spring football mailbag posts? I guess that would make The Seventeen happy, but that’s not really smart blogging, right? I should probably talk about something other than the third string offensive guards.

[Read more…]

Pre-Spring Depth Chart

Spring Practice starts in 15 days. Want to know the weird thing? For maybe only the third time in the last 30 years, those words are somewhat musical to the ears of Illini fans longing for something – anything – to prevent another look at the current Big Ten basketball standings.

OK, fine, it’s only me and the other 16 of you. But Spring Ball starts in 15 days, so we need to get prepared. [Read more…]