Looks Like University Of Illinois – Lere Oladipo

Not even gonna lie. His score on the composite rankings says he’s the fourth-best player in this class so far, but I think he’s the best (and most important) player we’ve landed so far. Let me count the reasons why. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Carmoni Green

I used to complain Ron Zook’s recruiting and how he really didn’t recruit to any positions – just athletes he would move around.  I wanted his recruiting to be more intentional.  Well, Lovie Smith is more or less doing the same thing: athletes, athletes, athletes. And I’m OK with it.  [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Trent Frazier

Someone I know on the internet suggested the perfect nickname for Frazier. In the spirit of “Luther Powell Jr.”, motion to refer to this kid as “Chester Meacham”. See, the 2009 backcourt was TRENT Meacham and Chester FRAZIER, Trent Frazier, Chester Meacham, yeah, you’re right, the explanation ruins it. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Larry Boyd

What a difference 30 hours makes.

On Friday afternoon, I’m staring off into the void. Micah Awodiran has chosen Yale, Tony Adams is about to pick Mizzou, and we’re still stuck on seven commits.  By Saturday night, Adams chose Illinois and then Mizzou’s top offensive line target chooses Illinois.  I could get used to this. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Tony Adams

I don’t do LLUOI’s for kids who choose other schools (although maybe I should).  So there won’t be much mention of Jordan Goodwin. SLU hired his former AAU coach, he picked SLU. The end.  Instead, let’s focus on SLUH, which is SLU’s high school.  That’s where we beat Missouri for 3* ATH Tony Adams. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Antwan Collier

That was a long 50 days.

Before we get to Collier, let me try to explain My Personal Journey To Find Peace With Our 2017 Recruiting Given The Fact That Our Class Is Currently Ranked Last In The Big Ten.  How July was pretty rough on me. And how August could be pretty great.  Because, really, what’s a good recruiting article without the author going on and on about himself? [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Marc Mondesir

Two players commit on the same day – Vederian Lowe and Marc Mondesir.  I write the LLOUI post the next day for Lowe… and now I’m covering Mondesir nearly two weeks later.  When I do that, it’s usually a sign of this: you’ll like the post I write – you probably won’t like the post I’m putting off. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Vederian Lowe

I always Jerk Store the good jokes.  24 hours after Vederian Lowe picks Illinois, “Lowe’s – let’s build something together” finally comes across my brain. That would have been so perfect on Sunday.  Like, tweet the photo of Lovie and the Lowe family with the caption “Lovie to the Lowe’s: let’s build something together.”

Yeah, you’re right. Would have fallen flat. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Kendall Smith

Perhaps the biggest question facing Lovie Smith when it comes to recruiting: can he end ABI? Can he turn the tide so that recruits coming out of Chicago are no longer headed Anywhere But Illinois? His first move, landing Smalling and Smith (LLC), suggests that he can. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Ricky Smalling

Let me just start with this. Using the composite rankings, the highest ranked player to pick Illinois last year was TE Zarrian Holcombe, who ranked #704 nationally. Ricky Smalling’s ranking on the composite list? #333. This is Lovie climbing up two or three rungs on the talent ladder. As it should be. [Read more…]