Looks Like University Of Illinois – Eli Peters

I have one more basketball post I need to get out.  I might let it build all weekend and post on Monday – not sure.  But I can’t fully move on to 100% spring football until I vent a little more.  However, I’ve put off the Eli Peters LLUOI for too long.  I’ll write this, then write the basketball postmortem, and THEN move on to spring ball.  First up – our new QB. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Kentrail Moran

I love it when a plan comes together. When Matt Domer wasn’t admitted to school in January (for the second time) and Devin Church transferred away, we looked at the roster of tailbacks in a few years and said “Dre Brown and then who?”. Then BOOM 4-star Ke’Shawn Vaughn. And now BOOM 4-star Kentrail Moran. Problem fixed. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Ke’Shawn Vaughn

There’s so much to talk about here.  How did we pull this off?  How did we land such an outstanding tailback with such an outstanding offer list?  How much of an instant impact can he make?  And, perhaps most importantly, what Signing Day domino almost fell, putting this whole thing in doubt? [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Cameron Watkins

This is so much fun, all these LLUOI posts. YOU get a Cruise and YOU get a Cruise and YOU get four Cruises… [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Jamal Milan

This is fun. And exhausting. Fun in that I get to write this and two more LLUOI posts because Signing Day 2015 was amazing. Exhausting because I feel like I haven’t stopped writing since the Rutgers game on Tuesday night. But that’s fun. And exhausting. Because writing about landing our top defensive tackle target is fun. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Trenard Davis

I’m kind of obsessed with one thought today: what if David Reisner’s field goal was eight feet to the right? There’d be no bowl. There’d be no momentum. There’d probably be no strong close to the 2015 recruiting class. Which means Trenard Davis might be at Wisconsin or Pitt. Instead, Trenard Davis will be in Champaign. In the defensive backfield. Maybe even at safety. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Sean Adesanya

I mean, the series is titled “LOOKS LIKE University Of Illinois”. So by “looks like” I’m not implying that it’s a lock, right? I mean, Tom Cruise just said it LOOKED LIKE he’d go to the University of Illinois. At that moment, there was no guarantee he’d show up in August. OK. That means I can LLUOI a kid who still might visit Pitt this weekend. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Two Guys Who Verballed A Month Ago

Big weekend ahead for football recruiting. Tim Beckman has four (maybe five) spots he can fill, there’s a few voids on the 2017 roster that need to be filled (namely defensive line), and players visiting this weekend and next might determine how hard the heavy graduation losses hit after 2016. Two guys who hope to factor into that: Frank Sumpter V and Ainslie Johnson.

[Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Jordan Fagan

Three verbals behind. So let’s see if I can knock out this LLUOI today, another tomorrow, and another on Thursday. There I go again, setting public deadlines for myself that I’ll never meet. Words are fun! Here’s my thoughts (and Martin O’Donnell’s thoughts) on offensive tackle Jordan Fagan. [Read more…]

Looks Like University Of Illinois – Connor Brennan

I made this promise to do every LLUOI post within 48 hours of a commitment. But I have a very good reason why this one took 72 hours: I enlisted help. I asked IlliniBoard line play expert Martin O’Donnell (that’s on his business card – Line Play Expert) to take a look at Brennan’s film and tell me – tell us – what he thought. [Read more…]