The 90 Illini #33: Ethan Tabel

Tuh-BELL. Ethan Tabel has been the starting longsnapper for five years now and I still hear people saying "table." Not Ethan Table, Ethan tuhBELL. Hmmm... since Tabel has been the longsnapper for five seasons and Blake Hayes has been the punter for

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Jared Badie

Am I actually... caught up? I'm pretty sure I'm caught up. It's so dumb that I even needed to catch up in the first place, but I came out of my May "I don't write much in May so I can recharge my brain" mental vacation a week early this year. Started

The 90 Illini #34: Artur Sitkowski

I wrote about this in his LLUOI post, but I'll say it again: I'm not sure any Illini transfer has grown on me more than Sitkowski. When I heard the news, I was a bit confused. An already crowded QB room and we're adding the guy who was famous for

The 90 Illini #35: Tarique Barnes

If there was a breakout player in 2020 (weird season, only eight games, disappointing everything, coach was fired), it was Tarique Barnes. In that disaster of a Wisconsin game, there were 60 lowlights and one highlight: Tarique Barnes. In case you

Interceptions 2021

Happy tenth anniversary to this post. The first time I wrote about Illinois being dead last in college football in interceptions was 2012. So this is the 10th article. The first few years, I traced back to 2002 (the first year's data was 2002 to 2011)

The 90 Illini #36: Max Rosenthal

The roster has been updated, and we know everyone's jersey numbers now, so I know what number will be on the "Rosenthal" jersey I'm going to hang on the wall. I'll be 71 years old, and we'll be taking friends through our home, and I'll show off the

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Matt Fries

I had this big long rant locked and loaded for this LLUOI post. Did a whole bunch of research on it last week. At the time, in the 247 Composite rankings, four of our recruits had the exact same score: .8416. My rant was going to be on how Composite

The 90 Illini #37: Marquez Beason

I'm an unabashed injury optimist. For years I told people that Dre Brown's five knee surgeries did not mean his career was finished, and then my optimism paid off with Dre Brown's 2018 and 2019 seasons. So I apply that to everyone. Every player is just

One Question Mailbag - Football Season Projections

I've been so bogged down with LLUOI posts and 90 Illini posts (and ZOMG KOFI IS BACK posts) that I haven't had time to answer many questions. Some arrive on Twitter, some on Slack, some in the comments, and I need to be better about answering them. For

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Jayden Epps

I'll be honest - I'm a little bit wary of writing these basketball LLUOI articles. I do all of this reading-up on AJ Storr, I write the Looks Like University Of Illinois article, and then less than a month after that, AJ Storr decommits. I also wrote

The 90 Illini #38: Julian Pearl

I did not remember that 247 re-ranked Pearl as the 6th-best player in the state in the 2018 class. I stumbled on that today. When he flipped from Northern Illinois to Illinois (his only two offers), his ranking on 247 was an 80. Three-star recruits are

The 90 Illini #39: Chase Hayden

If there's a position that has depth, it's running back. With Mike Epstein coming back and Chase Hayden transferring in, there are now four tailbacks who have been in a college tailback rotation in the past - Chase Brown, Mike Epstein, Chase Hayden (at

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Shawn Miller

I've given up on tying to catch up on LLUOI posts by writing them in order of when they committed. And I spent some time yesterday watching Shawn Miller film and reading Shawn Miller's Twitter timeline, so I should probably write the Shawn Miller LLUOI

The 90 Illini #40: Kendall Smith

Just like that, we're about to enter the 30's. I always assume the full "rotation" to be around 40 players. It's not that only 40 players will participate - the participation chart will have 50+ players - but when you really talk about the players

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