Looks Like University Of Illinois - Brody Wisecarver

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm somewhat tired of writing LLUOI posts. It's all I've done in the last two weeks. This isn't some "we're rollin' now!" point I'm making. I mean, read my last post. I'm just saying that I'd like to write about some

Quarter Pole

I just got 1,500 words into the Brody Wisecarver LLUOI post before I realized that it wasn't a LLUOI post at all because I was 1,500 words in and I hadn't even mentioned Wisecarver once. So that is now this post, and then the Wisecarver post will come

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Snook Edwards

Oh, right, the track thing. I used to write about it all the time ("Lovie recruits track kids like Gary Pinkel recruited wrestlers"), but I haven't done that in some time. Mostly because we've been a little light on DB recruiting in 2019 and 2020 after

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Sedarius McConnell

I'll start here: Sedarius McConnell retweeted something the other day that gave me the sense that he's a sweet spot recruit. There are always levels of pursuit when it comes to high school players - ask any parent of any recruit and they'll you that

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Ashton Washington

I don't normally LLUOI when a new Director of High School Relations is named, but I got an email today asking if I could do just that, and I was on the presser Zoom call yesterday, so why not write up an LLUOI? Maybe I'll even assign some Tom Cruises

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Chinedu Odeogu

I'll be honest - I'm not really sure if I need to write this post? Because my current scholarship list shows 85 players, and Odeogu would be #86, that either means someone else is leaving or Odeogu is a walkon. I don't write LLUOI posts for walkons,

The Transfer Thing

I've been reading some of the State of the Program articles that The Athletic has been putting out (no, the Illinois one hasn't been posted yet). These are subscription articles, so I can't really link to what they've been saying, but I can show you

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Trevor Moffitt

I don't understand recruiting. All of it. The rankings, the offers, the process - I just don't understand. I mean, I feel like I know a lot about recruiting. I've had hour-long conversations with fathers of Illini players where they walked me through

Looks Like University Of Illinois - TreSean Smith

Maybe it's the fact that the last two DB's I graded got 1.5 Cruises (Nicholson and Green), meaning I'm not calibrated properly, or maybe it's just that I'm desperate for us to find safety help, but I think this kid is really, REALLY good. Best of the

If You Ask Me A Question

...be prepared for a really long answer. I'm that guy who doesn't realize you're only making conversation (or that you're really just looking for a yes or a no). The "sir, this is an Arby's" meme was made for me. My wife has developed a sixth sense for

Looking Back At A Look Forward

The schedule for this (hopefully) upcoming 2020 season came out in September of 2017. And when it did, I wrote an article talking about how weird it was that 2020 was way off in the future but we probably already knew 75% of the starting lineup for

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Prince Green

My first thought watching his film: nope, not a WR, must be a DB recruit. My first thought after that is "cornerback?", and that's followed my "man, we are so set at cornerback". And even though Nate Hobbs and Tony Adams will have graduated by the time

Two Guys

I'm jumping the gun a little bit here. The final RSCI for the 2020 basketball class won't come out until all final lists are released, but with 247 updating their rankings yesterday, I think I can take a pretty good guess at the rankings. Which gives

Looks Like (He Committed To The) University Of Illinois (Five Months Ago) - Samari Collier

I went to write the second LLUOI post for the 2021 class and I realized I had never written the first one. Samari Collier committed to Illinois back in December, the first-ever "added immediately after his junior season" recruit for Lovie, I believe.

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