What Is Happening

No, seriously, what is happening? Is the entire football roster transferring? Are we going to have any quarterbacks left? Should I try to walk on tomorrow? I figured I'd take some time here to write out my thoughts on what is happening. First, this

The Song Remains The Same

What song is that, you ask? How about Almost Is Never Enough? No good? Let's see, didn't Green Day have a song like "Close Only Counts In Horseshoes And Hand Grenades"? Whatever it is, we're stuck on repeat. And it's excruciating. Let's unpack


Readers often ask for certain things from me. I'm the positive guy - I need to get away from the negativity surrounding our programs and stay true to who I am. Or, I need to wake up - enough positivity, Robert, look at how awful things are right now. If

Still Digging

I almost didn't come. There's going to be ice on my car when I get out there, and I'm going to chase that ice all the way back to St. Louis where it's sleeting right now. I knew that weather was coming but I wanted to attend a win. I didn't attend a

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Back & Forth - 0-4

I felt surprisingly good after the Michigan loss, and that was weird, so I enlisted Tyler's help (does one "enlist" help? oh well I'm leaving it.) I needed to talk through the season so far and what it meant for our future. So we did. These are those

The 90's Illini - Dana Howard

Why not just make this a series? I wrote about Kiwane Garris last week, and Dana Howard has now been voted into the College Football Hall Of Fame, so why not just write about a bunch of 1990's Illini players for a while? I mean, I lived and breathed

0-4 And I Feel Good

I can't really explain myself. I navigate fandom completely by intuition. When people ask "why did you pick us to lose to Rutgers?" or "why did you pick us to beat Wisconsin", I can't answer. I just go with my gut. And my gut feels good today.


Pick My Post - Kiwane

I did a Pick My Post tonight (I just put those words on Twitter and let someone else pick my topic). A response from @alexcards79 was just one word: Kiwane. Well, that's a post I could write in my sleep. Here's everything you should know about Kiwane

The Long Road Back

When you lose it, it's lost. Can't really be found. It's not one of those "now where did I leave that?" situations - it's gone and you have to start over. That's my general feeling watching basketball this season - it's completely gone and we're not

Ten Names You'll Learn In 2018

My yearly New Years Day post (although this one probably won't get published until after midnight so it's gonna be a January 2nd post). A look ahead at ten important Illini names for the year to come. Starting with a look back at last year's list:


Ten Years

10 years ago today was Tennessee State. As in, Illinois basketball, makers of 21 of the last 25 NCAA Tournaments, lost at home to Tennessee State and we all realized that we were going to miss the Tournament. We've been to the Tournament 3 times since

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Verdis Brown

I think we can check defensive line off the list. This will sound crazy for a team that just went 3-9 followed by 2-10, but this team now has a defensive line that could win the Big Ten. I mean, every other position still lags, but on the DL, real talk

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Sydney Brown

Any time there's a surprise signing on Signing Day, I always develop these little conspiracy theories. The coaches usually let the recruiting sites know who they're offering - why such secrecy around this kid? Maybe... they didn't want anyone else

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Kerby Joseph

Kerby Joseph is one of those names where you think the comma is missing. You read the name and think it's supposed to be "Kerby, Joseph" instead of the other way around. He's gonna get some many phone calls from doctor's offices saying "yes, Mr. Kerby

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