Big Concern

Last summer I made a 2018 basketball recruiting class declaration: Ayo or bust. Brad Underwood had an opportunity to land a 5-star Chicago guard and make a recruiting statement. He did. So the class was made and I should be happy, right? Well... Let's

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Griffin Moore

If I was in charge of recruiting rankings, I would add a category for "jumbo ATH". Kids that might be a WR and might be a CB and might be a S get labeled as "ATH". Kids that might be a DE and might be a TE don't really get a category. And that's the

Gone II

Somewhere in the archive here you can find a post by me, some time after Ayo committed, talking about the 2018/19 Illini. "Ayo + Mark Smith in the backcourt and then Leron in the frontcourt WE MIGHT JUST HAVE SOMETHING". Well, we no longer have two of

Always Next Year

I believe I've had "October 12, 2019" in my Twitter profile for more than two years now. Right after Lovie was hired, I looked at the schedule for his fourth season and landed on the Michigan game as our next Moment. Revenge for the officiating disaster

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Marquez Beason

Sunday afternoon. It was supposed to rain but there's heavy wet snowflakes falling outside my window. Just got back from brunch with my wife. Alpine Symphony in the background. Our best recruit in 12 years just verballed. Life is good today.

We needed

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Samba Kane

I can sometimes get lost in research for a post like this. For Samba Kane, well, I can tell you that I now know everything there is to know about Flying Star Academy in Senegal and how they send players to the United States. Samba Kane followed that

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Jacob Hollins

Maybe I just don't understand what they're looking for in linebackers. I feel like I "get it" with all of the other recruits, but with linebackers, I'm constantly scratching my head. Here are the high school linebackers that Lovie has brought in so far


I am a roster projector. I've been like this for decades. When a new basketball recruiting class signs, I'll immediately "so then in 2020 when these freshmen are juniors he can be the backup two guard and maybe get minutes at the three...". But it's


I'm going to write about Mark Smith tonight. Last night I was too depressed. So to tide you over until then, with Illini Baseball just completing their biggest weekend in three years, I asked Ben to write about the baseball team. So read this good news

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Dylan Wyatt

Here's how far behind I am on this 2018 football recruiting class: until today I thought Dylan Wyatt was a junior college recruit. He picked Illinois three days after Signing Day, and because he goes to "St. Mary's College High School", I only saw the

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Alan Griffin

Recruiting is everything yet recruiting is nothing. Recruiting is the main reason the four teams in the semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament are the four teams in the semifinals (yes, even Penn State), yet teams all over the country are going to get


It's over. The worst season of our lifetimes - worse than 1998 football + 1998/99 basketball, worse than 1977 football + 1977/78 basketball - is over. It's still February, and, mercifully, FINALLY, it's over. We will not have to endure something like

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Ezekiel Holmes

Do you know what goes through my mind when I hear the name "Ezekiel"? Like, EVERY time? Weird Al's "Amish Paradise" and the phrase "Even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone". Every single time. Talking heads are talking about Ezekiel Elliot? "But if I

Lead By Example

I attend most all of the home games and watch the road games on TV. So even though I did technically watch the Longwood and Rutgers home wins on TV, it feels like this is the first win I've watched on TV in three years. I grumble, I pace around, we

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