Postscript, Maryland

I am maybe the world's most boring Madden player. During my junior year, a handful of my fraternity brothers and I lived in a house on California Avenue in Urbana. One of the things we did that year was start up Madden franchises and play out full

Way Too Familiar

Let's start here: I predicted the score to be 27-24. I thought we'd rebound from the awful performance at Virginia and I think we rebounded from the awful performance at Virginia quite well. The defense was much improved, the offense had its moments

From The Stands - Maryland 2021

I should have stayed up in the pressbox. But we led by 7 with six minutes left and I thought it would be fun to be on the field as we made the big play to salt away the game. We did not make a big play to salt away the game. I went from "please don't

SOC - Maryland 2021

This game just feels WEIRD. Everything about it is weird. It's the first time Maryland has ever visited Champaign (they joined the Big Ten in 2014). It's only the second matchup between the two schools ever (2018 was the other). Their head coach is

Those Were The Days - Maryland

Illinois and Maryland have played once. Ever. That debacle in 2018 was the only time these two teams have met on the football field. So with no win for Detlef to "Those Were The Days" this week, he decided to go in a different direction. I like the

Craig Has The Scout - Maryland 2021

Editor's note: Craig was having a little issue with logging in and publishing. So he sent me the text and I'm going to publish it under my byline. But don't think this post was written by me. It was clearly written by Craig. See, it says so right over

Check The Tape - Virginia (Subtitle: TACKLING)

There wasn't as much tape to check this week. Mostly because the game was on the ACC Network. I don't get the ACC Network (and even if I did, I'm not sure they put full games online), so I was left checking the tape by watching the 26-minute "condensed

One Question Mailbag - Roster Strength

OK, so this one question mailbag just got interesting because the tweet I was using got deleted. I go to preview the post and the Twitter embed isn't working and I go to see why it isn't working and I find that the tweet was deleted. So now I'll have

Postscript, Virginia

In journalism school, one of the first things they teach you about story composition is the nut graf. If the lede hooks you in, the nut graf is the paragraph that tells you why you should care. It's the no-nonsense rundown of the story so far, giving


When Mike Thomas took over as Athletic Director, college football scheduling was changing. The Big Ten had added a directive to their schools: you must play a major conference opponent every year. I say "major conference" because at the time, the Big

From The Stands - Virginia 2021

So I'm guessing you won't want to listen to this one, given that we were woodshedded by Virginia just now. But "drunk on the fact that we're going to have to hibernate for years until we win again" Robert can sometimes be fun Robert. Last night's SOC

SOC - Virginia

Everyone should be very proud of me. I got up this morning at 5:00. Headed to Chicago and then hopped a flight to DC. Met up with Carmen and two other guys, played 18 holes, and then drove to Charlottesville. Checked into the hotel at 9:30 pm, got

Ten Of The Seventeen

This will be an update on subscriptions and renewals. It's a free post. If you're not interested in that stuff, well, there's nothing Illini beyond the jump here. Just a bunch of talk about subscriptions. Auto-renewals begin next week, so I wanted to

Those Were The Days - Virginia

This game right here - this is one of my fondest memories. A trip to Miami for Y2K. A complete and total blowout. Brandon Lloyd throwing a touchdown to Kurt Kittner (like Kofi throwing a lob for Curbelo to dunk). Walking out of Joe Robbie (was it still

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