Hero Ball

After the events in Ann Arbor this afternoon, there was never a doubt about what the focus of this post game column was going to be. The only question I had was what I was going to title it. Closing Time? Ice Water? Heavy Lifting? Special Delivery? Ayo

RIP Arch

I don't want to write this. I feel like I should because many of you are too young to remember Arch and I want to tell you about him, but I really don't want to write this. How do you properly eulogize someone you didn't know but who was part of your

Projected Roster Balance

Gonna slide in a quick football post here before getting back to basketball. The reason: with Dominic Stampley tweeting that he's transfering, I started looking at the number of seniors on the roster next year. That number has dropped significantly in

Really Good, Then

My post last night pondered two things: the next eight games are quite difficult, so this fun little 5-2 start in the Big Ten might fade quickly. But on the other hand, what if we're really good? Tonight, we were really, really good. Tonight, we ran

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule


So we moved from 24 to 21 in the latest AP Poll. And we made our debut in the Coaches Poll at 22. It's January 20th and we've won more games than all of last year. And now we... might lose seven of our next eight? Let's try to sort through that.



Almost three years ago, after Illinois lost to Minnesota to fall to 13-11 overall and 3-8 in the Big Ten, I wrote a post I titled "Irrelevance". (You can read it here if you enjoy walking

Org Chart

The News Gazette published the football assistant coach salaries which went before the BOT today. Basically, nine contracts are set to be renewed (with the only one not renewed being Austin Clark who has left for the Miami Dolphins). Everyone was given

The Rest Of The Way

We're ranked (ranked!). We're in second place all alone in the Big Ten. Our freshman center was just named Big Ten Freshman of the Week for the sixth time. Things are going well in Illini land. So let's talk about it. Including, you know, some bad stuff

The 4-3 and Illinois

_Editor's note: Sometimes, responses to comments turn into entire posts. That's what happened here. Craig wanted to reply to one of the comments on his bowl post but his reply was so long it might as well be posted here. So here is the question and

Find A Way

"But we're so young." "But we only have four players returning from last year." "But we overhauled the entire roster and that takes time." These are some of the things I said last year. These are not things I will say this year. We're in NO BUTS territory

Next Year

What do I do when things are going well for one of my teams? I immediately start projecting it out to the future. "Is this sustainable?" is the number one question in Illini land the last 10 years. And we've gotten four consecutive NO's. Seriously -


I don't have much to add here. I can't write about the emotions of the game because I wussed out and turned it off at halftime. I was so deep in my "I cannot stand the officiating in Kohl" hole that I'm watching the second half on the DVR just now,

Opportunity Knocks

Tweeted it yesterday and now it's all I can think about. Yes, we lost to Miami and yes, we collapsed at Maryland and yes, we lost to freaking Missouri. But beat Wisconsin tomorrow and we can put this thing right back on the tracks while also accomplishing

Defense Mechanism

So I had it all figured out back in November. An Illini team returning over 80% of its minutes from last season and adding one of the best freshman big men in program history would be primed to take the next step forward - taking an offense that was

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