Training Camp 2018 XIV - Talkin' Football

So here's what I do. I go to training camp, and then I talk to people about training camp, and then I form my true thoughts on what I saw (and they saw) at training camp. This post will be a combination of my thoughts and all of their thoughts. I have

Training Camp 2018 XIII - Updated Three-Deep

A week ago I posted my guess as to the starting 22 for the Kent State game. Then on Wednesday I expanded that to a two-deep. Now that I've watched five practices, I'm ready to expand that to a three-deep. But this isn't final. I'll go to the scrimmage

Training Camp 2018 XII - Freshman Interviews

There's only one opportunity each summer to interview the freshmen, and it's a mad scramble. So I'm going to be honest - this isn't my best performance. I ask some of the same questions over and over. I forget to turn the recorder off sometimes. I

Training Camp 2018 XI: Friday's Offensive Fireworks

So I type up this long post last night and this morning. And then when I go to publish it, I hit not one but TWO wrong buttons which A) posted the first draft of the post instead of the final draft and B) deleted the post I wrote. Haven't been that mad

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

The 90 Illini - 30~26

Gonna try to squeeze in a 90i post before I writing up some more practice thoughts. And I just did my yearly camp adjustments to the list. Every year, inside the top-30, there are all kinds of adjustments after seeing the practices. There's a few guys

Training Camp 2018 X - Beard Talk With Lovie

Remember back in 1983 before most of you were born when they'd have that TV promo stating "tonight, on a very special Gimme A Break, Joey deals with bullying"? You don't? I forget how young you are. Anyway, today, on a very special Beard Talk, I get

Training Camp 2018 IX - Thursday Interviews

I'm going to post the third interview as its own post because I got to talk to Lovie beard on beard. Before we get to that, here's a conversation with wide receivers coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker and then one of his wide receivers, Trenard Davis. And then

Training Camp 2018 VIII - Wednesday Practice Thoughts

Let's start with a 5-days-into-camp depth chart and then talk about what it means. I'll just go with a two-deep instead of my usual three-deep since there are competitions at several positions which will go right down to the week before the Kent State

Training Camp 2018 VII - Player Development

I had this thought about player development while watching practice this morning and I want to write about it. It feels like one of those topics where I'll finish this post, read back through it, and realize I came nowhere close to articulating my

Training Camp 2018 VI - Wednesday Interviews

Did the same thing again - put all three interviews in one audio file. We'll call these the St. Louis Interviews. The first one (Dele Harding) not so much - he's a Maryland guy. But the last two (Tony Adams and Cory Patterson), I had to ask about

The 90 Illini - 35~31

Gonna try to sneak in a 90i post before heading back to training camp in the morning. They threw me a curveball by switching practice from 3:00 pm to 9:00 am, but I stayed back on it and laced it into center for a base hit. Also, I'm only going to get

Training Camp 2018 V - Voice Memos

I record voice memos in my phone during practice sometimes. OK, all the time. I know it's super lame, but I'm trying to take in so much at one time and I want to remember everything I see so I feel like I need to record some notes.

I won't be back at

Training Camp 2018 IV - Saturday Practice Thoughts

So much to talk about here. I keep some notes in my phone but I always keep notes in my head so I feel like this might be two posts - all of the thoughts in my head tonight and all of the notes in my phone tomorrow. I seriously could write about this

Training Camp 2018 III - Saturday Interviews

I recorded all three back-to-back-to-back in the same file. Thought that might be an easier way of posting these. So here's three interviews. First, redshirt sophomore linebacker Jake Hansen. Second, redshirt-freshman offensive guard Kendrick Green

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