2021 Three Deep

The tradition around here is to go through next year's depth chart during the bye week. I already did that during our first bye week in September. Since this is a two bye-week season, what to do during the second one? A 2021 three deep, of course. If

Resurrection Symphony

"Oh, you have to do it." "I will." That's a promise I made seven years ago. It was 2012, I believe, before my Aunt Jill's cancer diagnosis. I was sitting in her living room and we were talking about my thing where I listen to classical music while

More MSU Stuff

I have so much more to share. It's been a few days and I'm still buzzing. Honestly, because I couldn't watch the basketball game Sunday night and fell asleep early in the second half, it's almost like it didn't happen? Maybe I'll just go the whole

Postscript, Michigan State

As the Illini offense flopped around in the third quarter Saturday, I texted my buddy AJ, "They're getting their ass kicked and all I can think is, a TD and they're only down by two scores. Dumb." It's what we do. Those of us still hanging onto hope

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Not There Yet

Yeah it was asking a lot. The second of back-to-back road games with just a 48 hour turnaround in another really tough gym - and this time against a top 20 (maybe top 10) caliber opponent in Arizona. It just wasn't likely.

Yet after getting off to a

The Moment Of Not Knowing

We couldn't tell what happened. We're freaking out about the clock running down as we rushed several subs onto the field, the final play is happening in the exact opposite corner of the stadium from the visitor's section, and we couldn't tell what

From The Stands - Michigan State

How many times have I talked about it? How many times have I been recording From The Stands while watching another team celebrate in the corner of our stadium? So when we flip the script and WE are the fans celebrating in the corner of a stadium after


After disaster was narrowly averted in Illinois' season opening win against Nicholls State on Tuesday, the angst so familiar to Illini fans immediately bubbled to the surface. Suddenly this two-game road trip across the state of Arizona became potentially

SOC - Michigan State

OK so here's the thing. (No positive SOC ever begins with "OK so here's the thing".) We last won four consecutive Big Ten games in 2001, which happens to be the last time we won the Big Ten. Why 18 years? Because it's really hard to do. Is this the

Those Were The Days - Michigan State

Today Detlef takes us back to 1989. And since we're talking about 1989, I need to mention my 1989 thing again because everyone needs to remember. The ranking of Big Ten programs in 1989:

1/2: Michigan/Ohio State.
3. Illinois
4-10 who cares?


Change Of Plans

One decommitted from Iowa State. The other one committed to one Michigan staff and decommitted from the next one. It's December 2015, and Illinois' double-interim coach Bill Cubit and his newly-appointed DC Mike Phair are looking for linebackers. Where

Craig Has The Scout - Michigan State 2019

Coming Up

Who: Michigan State Spartans

When: 2:30 pm - November 9th, 2019

Where: Spartan Stadium

How: FS1

Opponent Primer:

Head Coach: Mark Dantonio. Dantonio has been coaching in the Midwest since 1980. Dantonio first

Shaken Confidence

I'll be honest. I was so confident in this game tonight that I did something I've never done before. I pre-wrote this post. Well - not the whole post, but a solid outline of the post. I mean this game itself wasn't going to be the story. This game was

2019-2020 IlliniBoard Basketball Preview

I have to say, I got a little fired up writing parts of this preview. Blame the three-game football winning streak. It's not hard for me to get all "and then we'll go to a BOWL GAME and then we'll go to the NCAA TOURNAMENT and then we'll win the COLLEGE

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