I think this is post number nine in May. My record (for fewest posts during this month where I unplug my brain from Illini athletics as best I can) is 11 I think. So I don't think I'll break the record. I think I'll just do a slapdash post to rid my

Our Guys

Nobody understands our experience. We cheer for a team that doesn't win, and because we don't win, we're a little different. There aren't wins to cheer for, or bowl games, so we're left to cheer for the players. They're wearing orange and blue, so

Pick My Post - GOLF

I kind of wanted to answer this question on Tuesday night. But I knew if I wrote "Illini golf - dominating dominance" on Tuesday and then they went out and shot +14 on Wednesday, my post would be blamed for the collapse. So I waited until now to write

Pick My Post -- Top 5 Illini Baseballers!

*EDIT: I FORGOT KEN HOLTZMAN. SWEET, JUMPING JERRY HOW DID I DO THAT? So we tried to play Pick My Post for baseball...and got one response. Cue the sad trombone. We move forward with the goal of making Illinois baseball a household thing here in the

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Pick My Post - When Will We Know?

This isn't a typical Pick My Post. The standard is I ask for post ideas, pick one, and then try to crank it out in 45 minutes. This time I asked for questions and then did a bunch of other things for 90 minutes. And with time to reflect on all of the

Everything Is Fine - Goodnight

I'll just say it - this fanbase is in a rough position. We've exhausted most of our hope this past decade, waiting on a basketball program to return or a football program to appear, and now that we're almost to the next decade and nothing has happened

Not Sure I Follow

I touched on this a bit last week when I wrote about our "late recruiting" style - how Brad Underwood has only signed one recruit in November so far with every other recruit joining in the spring. But I want to expand on that some more. I'm just not

Winning It All

(Yes I chose the cheesey title of a song by The Outfield)

Never mess with a streak. That's the clean version of course. I always preferred the Bull Durham version.

The post-game notes from the Illini's 3-1 win over Indiana to clinch the series pointed

In Demand

Penn State transfer Tommy Stevens visited Illinois (Sunday and Monday, I believe?). He has a visit set for Mississippi State this weekend, and in between the two, he added a visit to Kentucky. His services are very much in demand, and that really means

Rivers To Transfer

I'm on a flight home from California. We had a connecting flight in Vegas. I'm standing in line, waiting to board, flipping through Twitter. And what do I see? MJ Rivers announcing he's going to transfer. I had planned to write on the plane but didn't

Late Recruiting

Remember the days when Jereme Richmond verballed to Illinois before his first high school basketball game? Remember how the 2013 Tim Beckman recruiting class had 14 verbals by the end of June? Those days appear to be long gone. Not only in Champaign,

Vacation Slapdash

More than anything else, I like to analyze things. An example: for the last ten minutes I've stood near the window of my hotel room south of San Francisco and watched airplanes on approach to SFO. I can't just watch them, though. I need data. So I

Spring Mailbag IV

I need to describe this scene right now. I'm sitting on a sun porch at my hotel in Yosemite National Park (this building - built in 1899). It's maybe 78 degrees, the sun is shining, my wife is napping, and I have a little time to flip open the laptop

Spring Mailbag III

Let's start this one with an email question. I'm an equal opportunity mailbagger. Sure, Twitter is flashy and modern, but sometimes you just want to take a question from someone via good old electronic mail, you know? Why, I can remember a day when we

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