Whitman Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Coach Underwood today. I'll post that tomorrow once I format the audio. For now, before talking to Coach Underwood, I got the chance to talk to Josh Whitman for 7-8 minutes. The topic: his whirlwind first 13 months

Arms Race

Injuries are a nightmare to any coach. At the professional level, they can be somewhat overcome so long as you've got cap room or exceptions available to you. At the high-school level, you unfortunately just have to play the hand you're dealt. Nobody

Back & Forth - UNDERWOOD

So I rambled on and on over two posts with my thoughts on Underwood. And Trevor wrote up his piece on Underwood's offense. So now it's time for Tyler to get in on the fun. Here are some emails we've exchanged since Underwood was named the coach on

Had To Be Here

There's part of me not ready to fully move my thoughts forward to Brad Underwood just yet. I'm excited, and I'm so ready for next season to start, but I love these seniors so much that I've put that on hold until later. For tonight, I needed to be at

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

The Underwood Offense

I'm juiced about this hire. The levels of excitement I currently feel match those I had a year and a half ago when my favored footy team Liverpool hired wunderkind Jurgen Klopp. The parallels are there. Klopp was known for having taken middling sides

Roster Fit

I wrote this same article for Lovie Smith. We have this new coach, we have this here roster of players... how well will it mesh in the first few years? Does he have a roster where he can win immediately or will it take some time? Let's go through all

The Basketball Whisperer

I'm a RECRUITING guy. You know this. I defended John Groce for five years because JUST WAIT UNTIL THE RECRUITING PAYS OFF. (The recruiting never paid off.) So now we turn the other way: we hired a Basketball Whisperer.

Let's be honest - I was so wrong


I love coaching searches. But man do I hate coaching searches. And as the lead writer of a website with a subscription model, I usually avoid coaching searches like the plague. I'll write thousands of words about the coach once he's been hired, but

Back & Forth - Coaching Search

The calm before the storm. That's how I see the early part of this week. The coach is fired, the team is in the NIT, and the AD is waiting for NCAA Tournament teams to lose so he can make a move. So while we have a moment, Tyler and I shared a few

The Fat Smoker

More than enough ink, real and virtual, has been and will continue to be spilled over the next head coach of Illinois Men's Basketball. I don't think that's a conversation I can reasonably contribute to. We'll hire who we hire. I honestly haven't formed

Silver Medal

I haven't told this story before because I didn't feel it was appropriate. It's an eavesdropping story, and nobody likes an eavesdropper. So I told myself I would sit on the story until the day John Groce was no longer head coach. Well, that's today,

Happy Endings

One of my all-time favorite shows is a show that ran for three seasons on ABC called "Happy Endings." Very "Friends"-like premise save for the fact that show opens with one member of the group, Dave, getting left at the altar by his fiance', Alex.


Every Opportunity

This was such a tease. Completely out of it three weeks ago, suddenly we sweep Northwestern, win on the road at Iowa and Nebraska, beat Michigan State, and we're right on the cusp of the NCAA Tournament. And then loss loss and it's over. Bubble burst

Back & Forth - Out Of Town

I was in Boston. Tyler was in... a little nicer place than Boston. He sent me that pic above saying "here's where I'm writing the response". So while we were both out of town, we celebrated the highs (Michigan State) and the lows (Rutgers).

I'm going

Football Recruiting Headquarters

Needs, targets, and gut-feels on the 2017 football recruiting class, all in one link:

Football Recruiting HQ

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