Post-Spring Depth Chart

Spring ball is complete (well, it's complete after this afternoon's increasingly odd "bowling instead of practice" exercise). Which means it's time for a depth chart and then some mailbaggery. I may hold off on the mailbagging for a bit. I like to let

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Trevon Sidney

Be very skeptical when you read the word "tomorrow" here. On Monday night I wrote that the Trevon Sidney LLUOI post would be up "tomorrow". It's now 11:35 Wednesday night, I just got home from work, and I now finally have time to write the Trevon Sidney

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Oluwole Betiku

I feel like all I do is write LLUOI posts anymore. I'll write about 24 of them per year between football and basketball (in 2018 I think I only wrote 16 of them), so that's about two per month. And now this is the fifth LLUOI post in 10 days. With a

Spring Back

Tried to write last night, couldn't. Tried to write this morning, couldn't, so I watched the scrimmage again. I think the words are starting to arrive now, so I left my house (with the final round of The Masters on!) to capture them here at this

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Looks Like University Of Illinois -Bernard Kouma

Times I said "who?" following Illini basketball recruiting from 2000 to 2017 - twice, I think: once for Dom Keller, once for Ibby Djimde. I was at least aware that we were recruiting every other verbal. Times I've said "who" the last two years: maybe

A Peek At The 2021 Two-Deep

I'll get to the basketball LLUOI soon, I promise (once I figure out who he is), but in the last two posts I referenced how these first three recruits were filling holes I was worried about on the 2021 roster, and that got me thinking about the 2021

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Jadon Thompson

When I was younger, someone told me that three hours of sleep was a "full cycle" (deep REM and then back out or something), and so when I know I'm not going to get much sleep, I try to restrict it to exactly three hours. I was planning to write this

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Reggie Love III

So I had this intro written here at lunchtime and then ANOTHER four-star commits to Illinois just now (Jadon Thompson) so now I need to go back and reformat this whole thing because in the context of THAT commit this is now a different situation. The

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Marcus Harper II

A blog reader came up to say hi in the stands yesterday. He asked me if I saw a team that could eventually contend in the Big Ten West out on the field. I responded by saying "well, I do see one over on the sideline here". The high school talent visiting

Time To Hit

I've watched maybe 30 Lovie Smith practices? Maybe more than that? And I've never seen them tackle this much. This was a full-blown, maybe-100-plays scrimmage where even the QB's were being tackled. Lovie has always taken it easy at practice, especially


Hey there! Chief Chicken Little here. Our team is losing! Our team is losing!

Monday, following our Illini 9's sweep at the hands of hated Iowa, I was fairly sure we had been at the peak of the rollercoaster and were about to plunge down the drop,

Position Confidence - The Defense

I did that thing I do where I say "defense tomorrow" and now it's 11:14 and while it's technically still "tomorrow" I only have 46 minutes to write this post if I want to publish it "tomorrow". So right to it. After a few days watching spring practices

Position Confidence - The Offense

Let's do the Saturday practice thoughts this way: on a scale of 1-10, how confident am I in the depth of each position? Given what I saw on Friday and Saturday, and I feeling good about the linebackers or am I frightened of that position going into the

Fix it on the Fly? Yikes.

Yikes. Oof. Bleepin' Squawkeyes (Insert your own adjective here for how you felt about seeing our Illini 9 go to Iowa City for their opening Big 10 series and get swept. On a weekend where Bruce Pearl, one of the scummiest Squawkeyes of all time somehow

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