Looks Like University Of Illinois - Mark Smith

This whole thing was a shot in the arm for me. I've mostly taken April "off" this year (instead of my usual May break), and I've felt the batteries recharging this last week. Today, a jolt of energy: Illini basketball stared down the blue bloods and


So we've completed 2011/12 all over again (fire the football coach and both basketball coaches, hire three replacements in one year's time). This time, with this AD, we went with coaching, coaching, and coaching. So why am I still hung up on

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Julian Pearl

Some coaches run a "pro-set" offense in college - it's more NFL than it is NCAA. Some college coaches run a big, bad NFL defense. Lovie, I think, is trying to run an NFL personnel department. Let me try to explain what I mean before talking about the

State Of The 'Crootin

I think I've decided that April is May this year. Every May I slow way down on posts - need to let my writing batteries recharge - and with no spring football this April, April has become my May. But that doesn't mean I can't weigh in on football

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Post-Spring Depth Chart

Since I'm acting like Spring Football just ended... what's the first thing I usually do after Spring Ball? Depth chart. There were only 58 scholarship players going through spring practice (and around a dozen were injured), so this will be an interesting

Sophomore Leap

Fighting Illini Head Baseball Coach Dan Hartleb knew almost immediately he had made a mistake in the opening game of Illinois' three-game series at No. 18-ranked Michigan.

"We're thin on pitching and I started thinking how we could win three games

Spring Football

This is "green day" for me in St. Louis. You've noticed trees beginning to leaf out, but then you drive to work and it feels like everything greened-up overnight. I usually associate this time of the year with the Spring Game. We didn't have one, but

The OA

I've been out of pocket the last several days (mother-in-law's funeral), so I haven't really been paying attention to any Illini news over the past week. So the best way to just start writing about the thing that sticks out the most when I look over

The Kids Are Alright

In turbulent Illini times, there's nothing like a win over the hated kitties of Miz-noz to cure what ails you.

And to play on words, the Illini kiddies seem to be coming of age. There was a lot to like from the youngsters coming out of Wednesday's 5-3

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Coran Taylor

What's the phrase? Off the schneid? Lovie Smith is now off the schnied with the 2018 recruiting class. Penn State has 12 verbals, Northwestern has 10, Wisconsin and Minnesota have 8... Illinois now has 1.

Let's first talk about that before we talk


I don't think I'm going to watch Gonzaga/UNC tonight. Maybe I'll check in if it's close in the final four minutes - wouldn't want to miss an ending like last year - but the comps between Gonzaga 2017 and Illinois 2005 are too strong. It will hurt too


I haven't done one of these in forever - a hastily thrown-together post covering everything and nothing at all. Everything has been so topic driven lately (will we fire the basketball coach, we fired the basketball coach, who will we hire, we hired BU

Phase III

So I was thinking today, I was thinking "everything is new". From Mother's Day in 2015 when Simon Cvijanovic grabbed his phone until last week when Brad Underwood was hired, everything about every part about what I write about has changed.

First there

The Underwood Defense

While offense has justifiably dominated the discussion since Brad Underwood's announcement, Underwood considers himself a defense first guy. You heard it in the interview he gave Robert. Coach Underwood noted that in recruiting kids love to hear that

Football Recruiting Headquarters

Needs, targets, and gut-feels on the 2017 football recruiting class, all in one link:

Football Recruiting HQ

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