After the Josh Whitman media roundtable yesterday, I walked the exterior construction fence at Ubben and took some pictures. 100% felt like I was at my old job. Time to tell the contractor I don't think that vault is in the right place. (It is. It

Number Crunching

(Free Article) I wrote about this last week in the newsletter - well, I wrote the "wow, 99 scholarship players and 30-some walkons will mean a lot of players on the Illinois sideline for home games" part - but today I want to go through the 2022 numbers

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Owen Anderson

I've learned so much in the last 45 minutes. I seriously don't know how we stayed informed about anything before the Internet. I went from completely scratching my head to full understanding in mere minutes just by clicking this button on the left side

Uninformed Opinion - The College Football Playoff

This will be a 45 minute opinion. I write way too many long posts, so I'll restrict this to 45 minutes. I just asked Siri to start a clock, and I now have 44 minutes and 22 seconds to get this opinion out there. No research, no reading other opinions

The 90 Illini #75: Griffin Moore

I really don't know how to fill in the "year in school" portion for these. For the last 10 years, it was easy. If they haven't used their redshirt year, they were "4 to play 3" or "2 to play 1" or whatever. If they had, "3 to play 3" or "2 to play 2"

The 90 Illini #76: Daniel Edwards

I like nicknames, and Edwards' Twitter profile says "Daniel (Snook) Edwards". I'm hoping that when the freshmen are added to the roster, he chooses to go by "Snook" on the roster. Daniel Edwards is just another name. Snook Edwards is an All American.

The 90 Illini #77: Quinton McCoy

I'll always associate Quinton McCoy with the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup in 2019. Instead of watching Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals that year, I wrote the McCoy LLUOI post. Even though I was a huge Blues fan as a kid, and even though my

The 90 Illini #78: Josh McCray

Feels like the front page gets too littered with 90i posts. I think I'm going to start putting them in the main feed down below and not the top four spots. We'll see how that goes. Some people only check the top post to see if they've read that one,

The 90 Illini #79: Coran Taylor

See what I mean? A quarterback who started one game and played 95% of another game last season is 79th on this list? Who are the 78 players in front of him? Well, the answer to that is found in the thing I've been writing about all spring. I don't

The 90 Illini #80: Blaise Sparks

I'm probably going to say the same thing for the intro of all these posts: "This seems too low for him, because he might find his way onto the two-deep, but still, I have 12 other offensive linemen in front of him so 80 is probably correct". That's an

The 90 Illini #81: Dylan Rosiek

There's always a benefit to enrolling early. Especially when there's a coaching change and the new staff is installing the new schemes in the spring. And ESPECIALLY when the top four linebackers on the depth chart are all rehabbing injuries in the

The 90 Illini #82: Nick Fedanzo

I'm just telling you - this was a very difficult 90 Illini list to compile. Normally, 20 seniors depart and everyone moves up. This year, only five players departed and eight transferred in (plus 18 freshmen arrived) so several players moved down. Chase

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Clayton Leonard

I like researching things. One of my favorite research topics when Illinois lands a kid from a small school: school district boundaries. Especially rural school districts. Because of my time working as a Scoretaker at the News Gazette back in college

The 90 Illini #83: Sean Coghlan

If I did one of those online quiz things where you have 10 minutes to fill out the form with every Illini player who has played in every game the last two seasons, and there's 29 spots, I'm guessing lots of people could get to 26 or 27 players but no

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