Private Showing

I noticed them early on. There have been no fans at home games - not even parents - and other arenas like Rutgers and Penn State have also been fan-less. Wisconsin had a grand total of 14 fans - two family members each for the seven seniors. So when I

In Your LIFE

There's this famous call from Verne Lundquist at the 2005 Masters. You've seen the clip. Tiger is chipping off the back of the green, the ball rolls right to the edge, pauses, and then falls, and Verne Lundquist says his famous line: "in your LIFE have

We Love No Other 4.19 - Mike Small

Obviously, all anyone is thinking about today is Illini Golf. After winning the SEC championship on Sunday, now they can focus on another Big Ten championship. So while I'll be all over Twitter this afternoon urging you to stop obsessing over #4 Illini

One Question Mailbag - Covid Waiver

I received two questions about this in the last 24 hours, so why not just turn the topic into a One Question Mailbag? I responded on Twitter, but sometimes I feel like an explanation needs to be longer than 280 characters. So here's an explanation I'll

We're Goin' Shriekin'

My story goes back a long way. Well, not "long", but to 2015. Late February of 2015, we're playing Michigan State in Assembly Hall (I think it was still Assembly Hall then, right? Maybe not. Doesn't matter.), and I'm covering the game from the old press

The IlliniBoard Store

FINALLY. We launched the new era of IlliniBoard on September 17th, promised a store, and now, finally, we're launching it. I can't do anything without writing a bunch of words about it, so here's a bunch of words about the store. For starters, one of

On Fumes

Brad Underwood looked tired. Near the end of his postgame press conference, he noted that he didn't sleep on Tuesday night after the Michigan State game and will probably not sleep tonight. I just received an email that there will be an Underwood press

Street Fight

"Street fight. That's a good way to put it. We had an alum that was down there and the first thing he said to me was that it looked like our street fighting days". That's a direct quote from Tom Izzo in the postgame press conference last night. A Big

Not Our Night

It's 3:56 am. That's not a joke - that's really the time. I just wrote for nearly six hours, saved it, and am not sure if I'll ever publish it. It had nothing to do with Illini basketball and everything to do with Covid protocols in Big Ten basketball

Travel Log

This will be a free post. No one should pay for this post. I'm just going to share my travel journey from the moment I bragged about flying to the Minnesota game. I'm normally a "just drive - you control everything" guy, but I found an inexpensive

When You Wish Upon A Star

This is the first game where I've flown. Flights were cheap, I could stay by the airport and Uber to the game, so I decided to fly. My alarm went off in Champaign at 5:10 and I landed in Minneapolis at 10:04. That's a big improvement over the drives

What's Next

I've been writing too many long articles lately. I need to be able to get straight to the point more often. So that's what this one will be. A simple topic: There are five, maybe six games remaining. Four (or five) of them are on the road. What should

Rewind - Anatomy of a Takeover

While I like to believe in the notion that I'm an objective analyst of Illinois basketball, I know I'm kidding myself. I know this because that all goes out the window when we're down six with under three minutes to play to a Nebraska team wearing a

Long Live The King

This season is strange. No fans in the stands. Coaches wearing masks. (Sorry, coaches "wearing" "masks".) Nothing is normal. Well, one thing is normal. In fact, it's a return to normal. An Illini superstar hitting daggers and a Northwestern bench guy

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