I'm Not Mad - I'm Just Disappointed

That's what we say to our kids, right? We know it's not OK to get angry with them. And when we do lose our cool (every parent loses their cool in weak moments), they can destroy us with "are you mad at me?". We respond with the truth: "I'm not mad -

From The Stands - Purdue

Worst loss since... Arizona State 2012? That was the first year of Beckman, so I don't think that really "counts". Has to be the worst loss since Minnesota 2011 - Ron Zook's final game. That team laid down and died that day. Which sounds somewhat

SOC - Purdue

This might be a long one. I have a lot of thoughts. I have gone back and forth and back and forth with this game all week. This is the main reason I don't make a prediction until the night before. I would have changed it 13 times this week. I think I

Craig has the Scout - Purdue 2018

**Coming Up** **Who: Purdue Boilermakers** **When: 2:30 pm - October 13th, 2018** **Where: Home Sweet Homecoming** **How: FS1** **Opponent Primer:** **Head Coach: Jeff Brohm.** The bane of Robert's patience mantra. Brohm, a former Illini QB coach

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Those Were The Days - Purdue

We'll switch up the order this week. Those Were The Days first, then Craig Has The Scout. With a likely Robert Rants About The Fact That We Cannot Keep From Shooting Our Program In The Foot somewhere in between. First, though, Detlef takes us back to

Twenty Five

I wrote about it back in 2016, have probably referred to it twenty five times over the past two years, and now it's here. "We won't really learn anything for the next 25 games, until the Purdue game in 2018". Well, welcome to the Purdue game in

Postscript, Rutgers

I watch a lot of bad football.

That's not a shot at our Illini, although they haven't helped the situation. No, these past few years before the Illini start their games late on Saturday mornings, I'm watching my nephews play junior football.


A Rung

It's not much, but it's a rung on the ladder. This football program of ours - worse than Rutgers the last ten years, look it up - was at the bottom of the ladder in the Big Ten. After today, I think you can clearly say that we are definitely ahead of

SOC - Rutgers

Just so you know, I already know that I'm predicting a loss. If that's not something you want to read, I'd advise that you not click on this post and go watch YouTube videos of the 2001 season or something. If you do want to read why, well, here's my

Those Were The Days - Rutgers

Man, I totally forgot about this post today. Detlef already sent me the post - my only job is to post it on Friday. And it's 10:07, I'm just sitting down to write the SOC, and when I pull up the site I realize that I never posted the TWTD post. So now

Craig has the Scout - Rutgers 2018

Coming Up

Who: Rutgers Scarlet Knights

When: 11:00 am - October 6th, 2018

Where: HighPoint Stadium, Piscataway, NJ

How: BTN (I feel sorry for the announcing crew on this one)

Side note: This is Rutgers' annual blackout game,


Back from vacation. Here's my pro tip for the day: if you want to do a beach vacation in non-Florida USAmerica, do it in September. The air is still warm, the water is still warm, and the beaches are 92% empty because the kids are back in school. The

Bye Week Beach Break

As I'm typing this, I'm staring at the ocean. I'm not ON the beach - can you imagine getting a bunch of sand in a laptop keyboard and hearing a bunch of crunching sounds when you type? - but I'm looking at the sun over the ocean. There's something about

Basketball Is Easy

As a football guy, it always blows my mind how easy basketball can be. Not the sport - the recruiting side.

To fix the football program, especially when the previous coach had recruited 15+ jucos leaving no underclassman depth, it takes a Herculean

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