Craig Has The Scout - Northwestern 2017

**Ghosts of the Football Game Past** The Illini defense was not equipped to stop the Ohio State offense, and by and large did not. It was a bad weather game in Columbus, which held down the Buckeyes a bit, and they still put up a ton of points. Illinois


With about seven minutes to go, leading by 20, Illinois put it in neutral and coasted down the hill. I believe you're familiar with this coast. Starting with the Washington game in the 2006 NCAA Tournament, we've become famous for coasting home. Kill

Second String

The most common question I get asked every August: "how can you tell if the team is progressing if they're scrimmaging themselves?". In other words, does a long pass play mean a great offense or a poor defense? The answer I usually give: look at the


Illinois and DePaul met tonight for the first time in 60 years, and appeared to try to celebrate each and every one of those years with a foul for each season, but alas, the Blue Demons declined to foul on the Illini's last possession and the assembled

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

  • Nov 25 Northwestern 12:00 AM / TBD

SOC - Ohio State

This one is going to be very short and no so sweet. Remember in 2012 when the SOC for the Wisconsin game was just "we're gonna get killed" and then a score prediction? I considered that again this week but decided I should at least write out some

Those Were The Days - Ohio State

Gee, I wonder which game Detlef will use this week. He usually picks a previous game where we won, and we're playing a game at Ohio State, so I'm trying to think of a game at Ohio State that he might use for a post like this. Ah yes, 2007. Which was

Craig Has The Scout - Ohio State 2017

Ghosts of the Football Game Past

I was displeased with the playcalling in this game. If you followed me on Twitter, well, you saw my mini-meltdown. I really don't want to rehash what I hated about this game. Essentially, I believe Illinois rolled

Enjoyable Meltdowns

I'm three games in on watching Brad Underwood from press row (including the EIU exhibition) and I have to say - I think he gets excited when things go poorly. Tonight, when UT-Martin cut the lead from 16 to 3 in the final four minutes, my sense was

Blind Faith

It's not faith in a system. It's not really faith in a coach. It's faith in a concept. The concept: tear everything down, rebuild from the ground up. While every home in the neighborhood redoes the kitchen, we'll demolish the whole house and start over

From The Stands - Indiana

This is a really long one. 25 minutes I think. I don't even want to post it - it's just me rambling on and on about how nobody understands what this school puts the fans through. But there I am in the stands, gutpunched, and I'm watching bands dancing

SOC - Indiana (With Basketball!)

I don't really have time to crank out two posts tonight. Well, I could - just split this into two half-posts - but that's the kind of thing a clickbaiter would do and I don't clickbait. So I'll start with some thoughts on the basketball game tonight

Begin Again

Today you will see four new posts - two from me and two from Tyler. Let's call it the IlliniBoard 2017-18 preview in four acts. The season begins tonight - the Underwood era begins tonight - and we have a lot to say about it. Starting with starting

Culture Shock

"We've lost our swagger and I'm here to bring it back. We're going to bring it back. There's no question about that."

- Brad Underwood

Late last December, then head coach John Groce took his Illinois basketball team on the road to

Schedule Thoughts

Before we deep dive in to the nuances of this season's schedule, some new context is necessary. This past summer, the NCAA Tournament Committee revealed an overhaul of the metrics they will be using to rank "win quality" this season. The primary change

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