Basketball Mailbag

Hey all - thanks for the questions. My first thought: "these are really hard questions!!" It's like you are all paying attention or something. The majority of you weighed in from Twitter, but there were also a couple of questions lingering in the

On Wisconsin

I'm doing it again. I sat down to write an overdue LLUOI post and I just can't do it. Something is bothering me, so I have to write about that before I can write the LLUOI. What's bothering me? Seeing the Wisconsin win referred to as "lucky". So apologies


I think the bowl game has made me more impatient. Like, I'm One Of The Seventeen, but even I feel like Illinois football shouldn't return before Illinois basketball. Now that we're in a bowl, it feels like that our last tourney appearance in 2013 was

Postscript, Northwestern

As we are wont to do, late last week I began to have a creeping worry about the Northwestern game. Not to be too "woe is me" \-- I'd imagine every fan base worries about losing games it shouldn't lose, especially to its rival -- but Saturday just began

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Next Year

Really odd writing this post this year. It's usually "sure, we're home for the holidays, but next year maybe...". This year it's "three weeks of bowl practices, then a bowl game, and then right on to next year, which should be better". It's more fun


This wasn't the rain. The rain basically stopped in the first quarter. This wasn't the injuries. Yes, our 10 points and 160 total yards were Peters and the three starting receivers being out, but 378 yards rushing for the worst offense in the Big Ten

SOC - Northwestern

It's the final SOC of the year. WAIT, NO IT'S NOT. BOWL GAME. Ok I'm going to be honest here. I knew when I started typing that this wasn't the last SOC of the year. But I wanted to pretend like it wasn't so I could act surprised when I "remembered"

Back & Forth - November

Haven't done a back-and-forth in a while. But as I vacillate between "it's not there, is it?" and "ARE WE GOING TO WIN 25 GAMES?", I needed Tyler's help. Especially after two games where we scored 120 and 117. So here's our emails back and forth

Those Were The Days - Northwestern

I think this is now two years in a row where I remembered to post the Northwestern TWTD. The two (three?) years before that I totally forgot because of Thanksgiving. But look at me now, remembering AND posting it Thursday night. Here's Detlef to take

Craig Has The Scout - Northwestern 2019

Coming Up

Who: Northwestern Wildcats

*When: 11:00 am - November 30th, 2019 *

Where: Home Sweet Home

How: FS1

Opponent Primer:

*Head Coach: Fitzy. *Illinois played the longest-tenured coach last week. This week is 2nd


Just thought of this - I should have bummed a ride with Lindenwood on the way up. On the way back, they could just drop me in the city on their way to St. Charles. AND, I could be writing this on the bus. Maybe they'd even have snacks?

If you've never

Class Balance

I'm just a tiny bit focused on the 2021 roster cliff. We're bowling, the next step is a better season next year, and then the third step is to survive the graduation of all those seniors. So I put together a roster by class last night and found some

Postscript, Iowa

I'm going to start at the end.

The hit on Brandon Peters in the final minutes of Saturday's game was bad in the moment because it was, seemingly pretty clearly, a foul -- a late hit at best, targeting at worst. The replays shown on TV seemed to show

Change Management

Earlier this week, after Illinois beat the Citadel in a game in which they struggled in the first half before pulling away in the second, I wrote about the relevance of the victory margin. You remember - how really good teams should beat really bad

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