Coaches live for teaching moments. Most would admit, though, that lessons taught in practice are often lacking in the impact department. But lessons taught under adversity in real game situations? That's how stuff gets hardwired. Still, one could

Those Were The Days - Ohio State

I'm traveling right now so I'm pretty happy that Tyler gets to write about... whatever that basketball game was. He had to travel right after the game so his story won't be up until tonight. For now, I'll just quickly post Detlef's latest TWWD. And

Thanksgiving Feasts

122-60 and 97-38. 62 and 59 point wins respectively. So did we learn anything? Well, I guess we can enjoy fun little nuggets like this [one](https://twitter.com/jeffborzello/status/1332039925114564610?s=20): _"Illinois is the first ranked team since

Craig has the Scout - Ohio State 2020

**Coming Up** **Who: Ohio State Buckeyes** **When: 11:00 am - November 28th, 2020** **Where: Home Sweet Home** **How: FS1** **Opponent Primer:** **Head Coach: Ryan Day. _*Ryan Day and Lincoln Riley are the two *_IT** guys when talking about college

Well That Was Something

(Free article.) Let's just get it out of the way first: I left the game in the second half because the speakers were too loud. I mean, that's not WHY I left. I left because I was sweating and nauseous and even through I've received a negative Covid

The Field Pass - Nebraska Recap + Juice Williams Interview

Mikey, Dan, and John sat down this week to A) review the Nebraska win and B) interview Juice Williams. The Field Pass is availble on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, CastBox - pretty much anywhere you get your podcasts. Or, if you just want a direct link to

The 2020/21 IlliniBoard Basketball Preview

OK so we went a little crazy this year. Last year, the basketball preview was 10,008 words. This year: 25,598. Sorry not sorry. The main reason it's so long this year (well, besides the fact that we're going to be really good): three of us wrote it.

Postscript, Nebraska

I love a good ground game. My junior year of school, I was living with a group of guys in a house on West California Street in Urbana. As college-aged guys are wont to do, one of the things we quickly organized was a Madden league. Unlike my friends

What It's Supposed To Look Like

I'm writing a biweekly newsletter for Orange Tier and Seventeen Club subscribers now. And three weeks ago, that was the title of the newsletter: What It's Supposed To Look Like. I compared what we've seen from Indiana and (gross) Northwestern so far

From The Stands - Nebraska 2020

I really hate being stuck in a pressbox right now. At Rutgers, I could walk out to a party deck (which doubled as a photog work area) to record FTS. At Nebraska, we cannot leave the pressbox. So I had to go into the work room and whisper. But I wanted

SOC - Nebraska

Here's where my brain goes for tomorrow: can we continue to run the ball well? Because for all our issues, we've run the ball fairly well this season. So if there's any hope (and when you're 15.5 point underdogs against a 1-2 team, there's not much),

Check The Tape - Rutgers

I think I promise to do things just to challenge my limits. Because I keep promising on the Slack channel that Check The Tape posts are coming but then I get bogged down with writing and podcasts and t-shirts and I can't find the time. But hey, right

Those Were The Days - Nebraska

Illinois has beaten Nebraska three times: 1923, 1924, and 2015. And the only reason we beat Nebraska in 2015 was because they threw the ball on third down when we had no timeouts. Before we get to Detlef's post, I need to remind you of that moment

Craig Has The Scout - Nebraska 2020

**Coming Up** **Who**: Nebraska Cornhuskers **When**: 11:00 am - November 21st, 2020 **Where**: Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, NE **How**: FS1 **Opponent Primer**: **Head Coach: Scott Frost**. After firing Mike Riley, the Cornhuskers brought home a

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