The 90 Illini #20: Owen Carney

Any time a player is lower on this list than the year before, that's probably a bad sign. Well, not a "bad sign" but more a signal that their previous season didn't meet expectations. I think that can be said about Owen Carney and 2019. He had started

The 90 Illini #21: Khalan Tolson

Just watched the Michigan State game tonight on BTN. Man, was Khalan Tolson huge in that game. Jake Hansen is injured (and we don't know at the time that he'll miss the rest of the season including the bowl game), Tolson gets his first start, and he

The 90 Illini #22: Luke Ford

I'm not sure we've ever had a player in his exact shoes. When top-100 recruits come to Illinois, the usually play right away. We're not Clemson where you can have some player ranked #55 nationally and he has to wait three years to get on the field. So

We Love No Other 4.1 - Randy Ballard

The return of the podcast. After 4.5 years, it's back, and back for good. In this episode, I interview Director of Sports Medicine Randy Ballard. For now, this and all other We Love No Other posts will be free clicks - you're not using one of your

The 90 Illini #23: Donny Navarro

Do we bowl last season if Donny Navarro decides to just stay at Valparaiso and be this really great FCS wide receiver? I took a trip to the Bay Area pretty much because Donny decided to give Power Five football a shot, right? I think so. Just look

The 90 Illini #24: Devon Witherspoon

Let's start off with a bang: next summer, Devon Witherspoon might be top-3 on this list, preparing for his final season in Champaign before heading off to the NFL draft. (He could also be #17 on the list, just another starting cornerback for Illinois

Interceptions 2020

Happy July, everyone! Every July, er, October, I publish my yearly INTERCEPTIONS post. I guess I forgot three months ago. Blame Covid. But the season is about to start, and I don't think a season can start without publishing this post, so I finally

The 90 Illini #25: Verdis Brown

I guess I'm kind of tipping my hand here on who I expect to win the starting right guard spot. Of course, I think I had already written the Jordyn Slaughter 90i post before we got the "Blake Jeresaty had shoulder surgery and will miss the 2020 season"

The 90 Illini #26: Trevon Sidney

Here's the thing people might not remember about Trevon Sidney last year: he probably leads the team in receptions if he doesn't go down with the injury in the Minnesota game. On the season, Josh Imatorbhebhe led the team with 33 catches. Donny Navarro

The Age Thing

So LSU wins the national title and then, exactly three games later, loses to a Missouri team that might go 3-7 this season. How is that possible? How can a team fall that far that fast? For me, it's simple: age. The thing that no one ever seems to

The 90 Illini #27: Delano Ware

Don't worry, this isn't 100% a 90 Illini site now. I have twelve drafts saved in there, all in order. And they're all formatted and ready to go - they just need words. So expect something like 90i post, 90i post, actual article, 90i post, 90i post,

The 90 Illini #28: Marquez Beason

I'm so tired of talking about injuries in these posts. I just set up a bunch of posts (filled out the information below - height, weight, offers, 2019 statistics) and I'm so tired of typing "missed X games with an injury last season". This is going to

The 90 Illini #29: Ethan Tabel

The longsnapper always has to be in the top-30, right? I think that should always be the case. McCourt's field goal isn't good without Ethan Tabel snapping off a snap. Blake Hayes isn't booming punts without Tabel tossing a dart (underhand, between the

The 90 Illini #30: Casey Washington

I should run some kind of contest. "Rank the top-8 Illini pass-catchers this season in order of number of catches". I submit that no one could get anywhere close. There are 12 wide receivers, three tight ends, and several tailbacks who will factor into

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