I've had a lot of site questions the last week (mostly centered around the bugs we're experiencing), so I figured I'd do a quick post on that. Might help you understand "so that's why that's happening". As always, posts like this don't count you a click

The 90 Illini #47: Seth Coleman

Your nightly reminder that 1) I'm just slowly writing free 90 Illini posts until all of the subscription bugs are worked out, 2) your "I'm having trouble with this portion of my subscription" emails aren't a hassle - they help us find said bugs, and

The 90 Illini #48: Dalevon Campbell

The customer service emails have slowed a bit, which is good, I think. Most bugs have been worked out and we've figured out which buttons to push to help your login and subscription process. So I feel a little better about writing posts on the site

The 90 Illini #49: Michael Marchese

I've been intentionally dragging my feet with posts on the site the last five days. My fear: subscribers struggling with login issues wouldn't be able to read the articles they were paying for. We completed a big long list of customer service tickets

Checking In On The Three-Deep

Quick note: if you're having any subscription issues, please email me (robert@Illiniboard.com) or send me a DM on Twitter. Many of you say "sorry to bother you" when you contact me but you're not bothering me. I work for you now. So if you need anything

3-0 plus...

Here's how I'm looking at this season: if Covid didn't exist, we would have gotten out of bed this morning and F5'd the AP football poll to see if Illinois was listed in Others Receiving Votes. It would have been a mirage - Rutgers would have been 3-0

Schedule Release

I've been waiting to write anything until we got all the subscription bugs worked out. I think most of those bugs are worked out now (I think the last thing left is to get all of the lifetime subscription people their login info - that's coming soon)

The Launch

My dog is currently wearing the Cone Of Shame. She had a cyst removed, and dogs don't understand "don't scratch that scar", so she has to wear the cone until the scar heals. It's a rather helpless situation. She hates it, and I can't explain to her why

We Back

This must be why professors take sabbaticals. The last seven months for me have been the most disconnected I've been to Illini sports. Which is weird, seeing as I could walk to Memorial Stadium now. But major life transitions - like, say, quitting

If This Is True...

I might have to go back and edit this entire post before I publish it. It's Sunday, early afternoon, and Twitter is alive with reports that the Big Ten COPC is planning to vote today on the football season starting October 17th. It's quite possible


My sleep schedule is toast. Wednesday night I probably slept 10 hours, the old "body reaches emotional and physical capacity and forces a reboot" kind of sleep. That meant that last night was 5 hours and now wide awake at 3:55 am. Which means that

Of My Own

My father-in-law passed away yesterday. I need to write about it. This post will have nothing to do with Illini sports, but I'm 8+ months into this "write for free" phase so I don't have to worry about chewing up your free clicks with my personal stories

Miss A Lot, Miss A Little

Just got back. I should have hung the "gone fishin'" sign (I wasn't really fishing) but I was unplugged for the last six days. Hopping back on Twitter today I see that a lot has happened in the last six days. But digging beyond Twitter, uh, maybe nothing

Follow The Depth Charts

It will be a week from now and I'll probably be writing things like "sorry to keep harping on this but I just thought of another thing - Lovie said that Cal transfer Chinedu Udeogu might pursue a sixth season since he missed two years at Cal. So he

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