A Different Kind Of Year One

I'll just start by quickly going through the Year Ones for the last four Illini coaches - Ron Turner, Ron Zook, Tim Beckman, and Lovie Smith. Lou Tepper was a different scenario entirely because he was handed a program coming off four straight winning

Postscript, Penn State

We can all picture the moments. Tony Adams peeling off his man, reaching up and just barely getting his hands on a Jack Coan pass for the interception. Dre Brown pinballing off defenders as he fought his way into field goal range. James McCourt kicking

The Mix

Let's get the disclaimer out of the way right now. Everything that happened last night did so against an NAIA school from Joliet. This was not a fair fight. You weren't going to learn all that much from seeing 6 '6" "post" players harmlessly bounce off

Let Me Sum Up

To clear the cache in my brain, I think the best thing to do here is to write a mini-post about every thought I'm having. I usually collect those thoughts and turn them into entire articles, but there's just too much here. To quote Indigo Montoya, "Let


My brain is still going in a thousand directions. It's 1:10 am, I'm on the train in Pittsburgh, it was supposed to leave the station at midnight but we're still here, I have no idea when we're getting to Chicago or when I'm going to get back to Champaign

From The Stands (And More) - Penn State

I have so much to say. I can't keep my brain organized right now. Need to focus. Let's go about it this way. I'll link my usual From The Stands here. Then I'll write out like 15% of my thoughts and publish them with the From The Stands. Then I'll go

SOC - Penn State

I will now cheat. I have two unfinished articles from this week. I intended to publish both, but then I'd feel the need to write 1,500 more words about "context" and I never completed them. So now, under a post title that's supposed to mean "stream

So, How We Doin'? Saint Francis (IL)

I have a thing about series'. Serieses? Series's? I like writing posts as part of a series. Especially during football season. Stream Of Consciousness. From The Stands. Check The Tape. Looks Like University Of Illinois. Back And Forth. Even the articles

Those Were The Days - Penn State

The game Detlef chose here is one of my fonder memories of the last decade. I just refer to it as the Nate Bussey Game. But if I start to tell you my memories of the game, I'm defeating the purpose of Detlef telling you about the game. So I should just


Gabby Petito is missing. Her boyfriend refuses to talk to police. The Internet is angry and wants him arrested. Three days later, his parents report that they haven't seen him since Tuesday. The Internet loses its damn mind. His parents, The Internet

Craig Has The Scout - Penn State 2021

**Coming Up** **Who**: Penn State Nittany Lions **When**: 11:00am - October 23rd, 2021 **Where**: Beaver Stadium, State College, PA **How**: ABC **Opponent Primer**: **Head Coach: James Franklin**. With the LSU job opening up, Franklin has another

Floor Plans

Let's just start here: In my estimation, Bret Bielema knows what wins in college football. This does not mean that he will win at Illinois, but after 10 months of covering him, I am fairly certain that he understands what it takes to build a winning

Bye Week Mailbag IV

Writing location: an Airbnb in Kansas City early on a Sunday morning while my wife kids (and their various wives and girlfriends) are asleep. Had a wedding here yesterday. The schedule change for Illini football that came down back in February was a

Bye Week Mailbag III

Random thought before we get to the mailbag. Maybe I'll just call this me asking me a mailbag question. Would Illinois be 6-0 with Michigan State's schedule? One common opponent so far - Nebraska - and Illinois beat Nebraska 30-22 while Michigan State

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