Needed That

Wanna get away? I did. So my wonderful wife planned a get-away weekend to my favorite place on earth: Champaign, Illinois. We walked the quad in the snow, ate a Russell at Farren's, and, perhaps most importantly, watched the Illini win. I needed that

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Matthew Robinson

Quarterback recruiting is like no other recruiting. It's almost not recruiting. Yes, for the top 20 high school quarterbacks in the country, it's recruiting. But for the rest, it's all about the offensive coordinator looking over 50 quarterbacks and

More Of The Same

So we're likely going to go winless on the road. We have two more road trips - one to MSU (lol), one to Rutgers. And after last year's season finale at Rutgers, (and after, you know, our winless streak on the road), I just can't see a win. I'm not sure

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Kenyon Sims

I'm more or less blogging by telegram at this point. Want to learn about a football recruit who verballed in January? Wait two weeks and you'll find out! Good burst STOP. Doesn't have the greatest balance STOP. Film doesn't show many broken tackles

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule


"Everyone else in this league has pros"

- Brad Underwood

With three seconds left in the first half and Illinois clinging to a 36-35 lead against Penn State, Brad Underwood called a timeout to set up a a play for the final shot. The result:


Before I can finalize the player-by-player breakdown of this class, I feel like I need to get this post out there. I feel like this point always gets missed. Yes, bigger/stronger/faster is wildly important in recruiting. But it still takes a backseat

Talk It Out

I just couldn't stay. What was I supposed to write about? A 14th different angle on "we might finish in last place in the conference in both football and basketball?" No. So I left. And I called Tyler. And I recorded our conversation. And this is

Signing Day Summary - 2018

Happy Anniversary y'all. This post marks nine years of doing this. My tenth Signing Day. The very first blog post was a breakdown of the 2009 recruiting class, so I'll begin this summary with a State Of The Blog speech and then we'll move on to all of

Slapdash - Sick Edition

I've been sick. Like, sick sick. Like, lose 5.5 lbs in 48 hours sick. Pretty much from Friday afternoon until around the time of the Ohio State game, I was in bed taking advantage of the fact that my wife is a nurse. I think I spent around 42 consecutive

The 90's Illini - Robert Bennett

It's a new thing I'm doing - not The 90 Illini, The 90's Illini. People toss out a name on Twitter and I write down everything I remember. This is not "where are they now?", it's "what were they then?" Tonight's subject: Robert Bennett. Let's go back


So that was fun. A blow out. An honest to goodness full throttle floor wiping. This game was pretty much over following the Trent Frazier Heat Check Spectacular in the first half. The Iowa game ghosts were fully exorcised as a 19 point lead at the break

Stretch Goals

When the schedule came out I think we all focused on the first nine Big Ten games. Start with five of seven on the road and then come home for Michigan State (preseason #2) and Indiana (new coach, who knows, always a big game). After that, the second

Football Staff Turnover

I mean, if the roster is going to completely turn over, why stop there? Lovie will now have four new faces on the sideline (or up in the booth) next season, so let's talk about that.

The biggest thing I see: the offense has completely changed with a

(Un)Just Win, Baby

This felt like Purdue 2013. The football game. We had lost 20 conference games in a row, we're crumbling at the end, Steve Hull has to run around in the endzone and then take a safety to run out the clock, everything went wrong, but... a win. A

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