I don't even know if he likes to be called "Chet". I just always called him Chet. Not to his face, of course. On the internet. On message boards from 2006 to 2009 - mostly IlliniBoard dot com - I referred to Chester Frazier as "Chet". And I was his

Up To Speed - 05-06-21

This is now the fifth post I've slid above "Spring Mailbag IV" in the queue. I'm pretty sure that article is now asking "is it me? did I do something wrong?". No, little mailbag post. I'll finish writing you very soon. There's a few news items to cover

Final Spring 2021 Depth Chart

This has been a three chart spring. I called the first one "early spring depth chart" and the second one "late spring", so let's finish it off with a "final" depth chart. We've learned so much this spring, and there have been several position changes


I've had this "Mailbag IV" post in the drafts for several days now. And it keeps getting skipped for other articles. First Sitkowski. Then golf. And now... Isaiah Williams moving to wide receiver. My mind is going a million miles a minute. I'll try to

Watch What Happens Next

"Oh great", I thought. "The one time I attend the Big Ten Championships is the one time we don't pull it out on Sunday." I was sitting on the hillside above the 7th green. I had walked with the final group for a bit, but once they teed off on five, I

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Artur Sitkowski

Not even sure how to go about this backlog. I think I'll start with the QB transfer since he'll be on the roster starting in June. And then I'll start running through all of the football verbals I haven't covered yet. Maybe this backlog will get me

2021 Spring Football Mailbag III

Made a list for today. I'm giving myself 10 hours to get it all done. It includes three different posts - two mailbags and a Looks Like University Of Illinois post. I'm starting at 8:00 and I'm gonna go straight through until 6:00 pm with only a brief

Up To Speed - 4-29-21

Maybe it's a new feature. Maybe it's just one article. Maybe I'll start writing Up To Speed posts every week. WHO COULD POSSIBLY SAY? But seriously, with the way I write, I'm always behind. I'm a magazine writer in an internet world. Used to be, you'd

2021 Spring Football Mailbag II

Gonna make this one an all-Slack mailbag post. And probably the next one. I'll get to more Twitter questions with Mailbag IV (and maybe Mailbag V) but this one and the next one will be all-Slack because, really, the upper tier subscribers should get a

2021 Spring Football Mailbag I

Spring football is complete. Which means I'm officially in "the offseason". There will still be plenty to write about, but "the season" for me consists of football camp, then football season, then basketball season, then spring football. May-June-July?

Check The Tape - Spring Game (Part II)

I'm going to have to find a way to streamline this process in the fall. I get rolling with gifs and screencaps and the next thing I know I've spent nearly my entire week on two posts. I have a massive to-do list right now, and I know that I'll have an

T-Rank Projections

We interrupt this Check-The-Tape to bring you some basketball stat-fiddling. Maybe this should be a new feature on the site. Fiddling With The Stats. "Hey Robert, when does the next FWTS post come out?". I'll need to work on the name. The thing that

Check The Tape - Spring Game (Part I)

The plan for last season: bring back Check The Tape. The execution of that plan: F-minus. From launch day in September to my crash the week of the NCAA Tournament, this first year of doing this full time could best be described as "all of the spinning

Late Spring Depth Chart

I feel like we learned a lot last night, so I want to update my depth chart from three weeks ago. First I'll tell you my internal debate on how to "chart" this defense. And then we'll get to the depth chart itself. My main question with the new defensive

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