Craig has the Scout - Iowa 2018

**Coming Up** **Who**: Iowa Hawkeyes **When**: 2:30 pm - November 17, 2018 **Where**: Home Sweet Home **How**: BTN **Opponent Primer:** **Head Coach: Kirk Ferentz**. Another year, another Kirk Ferentz matchup for the Illini. Ferentz is in his

That Old Familiar Feeling

With about eight minutes left, I started to think about tonight's drive back to St. Louis. I let myself think about what one of these drives would be like after an exciting win. Put on a favorite album, maybe even sing a little bit in the car. And then

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Moses Okpala

I always say this but I'll say it again. I HATE when these LLUOI posts are hanging out there unfinished. I sometimes daydream about what it would be like to not have a real job - 40-50 hours every week where I could write and write. But, after struggling

Postscript, Nebraska

If Illinois went to Lincoln on Saturday, put their best foot forward and got run off the field, I'd have been OK with that. If Adrian Martinez ran roughshod over them, and an experienced, better defensive front seven shut down the Illini rushing attack

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule


How many times have I written a "this is just so frustrating" post? 25 times? And now I'm supposed to write it a 26th time? Interceptions, fumbles, muffed punts (two!), drops, a blocked punt, and a fairly balanced game becomes a blowout. This is just

SOC - Nebraska

This one is a tough one. Mostly because of trust. A prediction for this game basically comes down to one thing: do you trust the Illini defense to show the same improvement from last week? Do you trust the offense to put up big runs every game? If you

Craig has the Scout - Nebraska 2018

Coming Up

Who: Nebraska Cornhuskers

When: 11:00 am - November 10th, 2018

Where: Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, NE

How: BTN

Opponent Primer:

Head Coach: Scott Frost. Nebraska native and a former Cornhusker, Frost is back

What It Should Look Like - The Basketball Edition

Just 11 seconds into the game Kipper Nichols officially christened the 2018-19 Illinois basketball season with an emphatic dunk off a perfect Trent Frazier lob. It only got better from there. The Illini steamrolled to a 31 point halftime lead and cruised

2018-2019 Basketball Season Preview

Basketball season is here. What used to begin in December (first Illini basketball game of the season 25 years ago: LaSalle on December 1st) now begins in early November. The Illini have two early November games (Evansville this week and Georgetown

Those Were The Days - Nebraska

Gonna switch things up a bit. The big basketball preview (seven posts in total) was going to go up this afternoon but it still needs some formatting. So, I'll slide the TWTD in right now and then look for the basketball preview tonight (or maybe in the

Postscript, Minnesota

There are very few people I dislike.

It's just not my style. I don't hold grudges well. I try to treat others the way they treat me. I'm generally pretty agreeable.

I dislike PJ Fleck.

The reasons are varied. I'm sure part of it is just plain envy

What It Should Look Like

So I cut last night's postgame post short (mostly because it was 1:45 am). I want to expand on that post this morning. But my brain has moved on from the details of the game to one thing: what this thing should look like next year and in 2020.


That'll Be The Day

When the referee overturned the fumble return for a touchdown - you have to take 5 steps with the ball for it to be a catch, apparently - I had a mini meltdown. Why does this ALWAYS happen to us? The refs just changed a win to a loss.

WAIT. What is

Dad's Day

I reference my dad a lot on here. He's the reason I'm sitting here typing these words. In a few weeks it will be 25 years since he passed away suddenly in 1993. So whenever I know about a similar story, I want to share it. And Dre Brown was kind enough

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