Postscript, Penn State

Words are my livelihood. I write and edit a ton of words for my day job, editing a mid-sized daily newspaper in southwestern Illinois. I write even more words as a fantasy baseball writer for Rotoworld. And then for fun, I write even MORE words about

2019 Depth Chart

It's a September bye week tradition! And because the Big Ten always hands us a bye week in September so that the favored programs get a mid-October bye week (I get it - I'd protect them too), it's a September tradition. We know a lot about this team


A bye week is a great time for a reset. The players will get several days off here where they can just not think about football for the first time since late July. I did the same thing last night - stopped writing, watched TV. And I woke up with a

From The Stands - Penn State

I'm totally doing the same thing as I did for the Western Illinois game. Leave the stadium after the postgame press conference, head to the hotel with the intention of writing the postgame post, get to the hotel, and crash. So check back at 10:30 am.

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Those Were The Days - Penn State

I mentioned this in last night's SOC, but with Penn State coming to town, I think a lot of us are thinking back to that (very surprising) win over Penn State late in the 2014 season which kept our bowl hopes alive. Apparently Detlef was, but cause

SOC - Penn State

I can already tell this is going to be a short one. Worked until 10 pm, got home in time to watch some fun NFL stuff with Baker Mayfield (#walkon), have to be back at work 5:30ish to finish two projects before heading to Champaign for a Friday night

Craig has the Scout - Penn State 2018

Coming Up

Who: Penn State Nittany Lions

When: 8:00 pm - September 21st, 2018

Where: Home Sweet Home

How: FS1

Opponent Primer:

Head Coach: James Franklin. It's hard to believe, but James Franklin was sitting on a big

Countdown to Hoops II: The Schedule Post

Welcome back again to one of my favorite rites of Fall - the Schedule Post. A look at the best, the worst, and everything in between on the upcoming Illini hoops schedule. This one was especially fun as this 2018-19 lineup of games promises to be one

Stats Aren't Helping

I wrote a post during the 2011 season - we were 6-1 and ranked #21 at the time (yes, Illinois football, ranked). I had developed all these fears that the 6-0 start was a mirage (and I wrote about it), and then I looked up a bunch of stats and felt even

Postscript, South Florida

Saturday was a day of firsts for me this Illini football season.

When Chase McLaughlin hit that field goal at the end of the first half, I did my first vigorous fist pump of the year. I could feel how big that was, to go into the half leading by more

I Lied

I'm such a liar. We're all liars. We say things as fans, but we don't really mean them. For example, I SAID that all I cared about this season was that we would compete with better programs. That's what we did today, but here I am, what-iffing. We were

From The Stands - South Florida

I always do these warnings, but this is a WARNING warning. This one is so dumb. Trying to recapture the magic of the final drive against Nebraska in 2015, I started recording when we got to the 50 on our final drive. And then we didn't score. And then

SOC - South Florida

I'm breaking every rule of the Stream Of Consciousness post right now. Well, there's only one rule: write it the night before the game. I'm starting this one at noon. I'm already in Chicago, and my wife is doing some work right now here at this coffeehouse

Those Were The Days - South Florida

We've only played South Florida once. Last year. And it didn't go very well. So for his weekly Those Were The Days post this week, instead of talking about that game, Detlef takes us back to the 1970's and a game against Missouri. Yes, it's time to

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