Broken Record

I did several things after the game to avoid writing the same post. Dinner with my wife, some binge watching of the TBS show "Search Party", walked the dog. But I'm back here at midnight in the same place. Encouraged while everyone is angry. I tell

SOC - Minnesota

Man, I don't have a clue. I've been so thrown off my game by the basketball recruiting stuff this week. Normally, while driving to work, my mind is in constant "if we can get a good game from JGjr this Minnesota secondary can be had" mode, but this

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Ayo Dosunmu

The first one, for me, was Sherron Collins. I know there was the whole Shaun Livingston thing, but Livingston was always headed to the NBA. Collins was the first "in order to continue being Illinois basketball, we have to land him" recruit. That's

The Brand

A little over three years ago the University of Illinois unveiled a total rebrand of the entire athletic department. New logos and new uniforms across the board for all 19 sports on campus. So while the new duds have been nice and all (I'm still not

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

  • Oct 28 Wisconsin 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Nov 04 @ Purdue 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Nov 17 Indiana 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Nov 18 @ Ohio State 12:00 AM / TBD
  • Nov 25 Northwestern 12:00 AM / TBD

Those Were The Days - Minnesota

Detlef takes us all the way back to 2009 this week. Remember the 2009 season? Vegas over/under of eight wins, real Big Ten title hopes, and a 3-9 debacle? Well, let's relive one of (very, very few) the bright spots from that season - a win over the

Craig Has The Scout - Minnesota 2017

Ghosts of the Football Game Past

I was at a family event last weekend, and I didn't watch a single second of this game Saturday. I saw the final score though...and was not impressed. Then I watched this and

Looks Like University Of Illinois - MJ Rivers

BREAKING: Dallas-area quarterback MJ Rivers has committed to Illinois. Wait, this happened more than a month ago? And it wasn't until I started thinking about writing a different LLOUI tomorrow that I remembered I forgot? OK, thanks for catching me up

Player Rotations

The first game of the Tim Beckman era (a win over Western Michigan and Bill Cubit), all I could tweet about were the player rotations. Ron Zook would stick to 16-17 players on defense, Beckman played 26 in the first game. Lovie? Lovie is completely

What It Means

That's the constant fan question, right? We're constantly searching for meaning. Signs. Something we can hang our definitive hat on. Glennon threw that poor pass so it is now settled - he is definitely not the answer. The safety bit on play action, so

From The Stands - Rutgers

I tried to do some players interviews afterwards but it was Journalism 199 day. And on Journalsim 199 day (which I'm totally for), students in that class get a chance to interview players and observe the interviews. The thing that I do (one on one

SOC - Rutgers

I realized something this week: I don't know the Illini football schedule this year. I know who we play, but I don't know the order. I think Minnesota is after this one? Honestly can't remember.

Most years, I'm obsessed with the schedule. "But then

Pick My Post - Rebuilds

Every time I do this - seriously, every time - I get five or six suggestions that I want to write about. Someone suggested doing this every week on Thursday night - I think I might just do that. Today's #PMP: the USMNT rebuild vs. the Illini rebuild.


Those Were The Days - Rutgers

This week Detlef takes us all the way back to 363 days ago. A struggling Illini team, having just doinked a field goal to lose to Purdue, goes to Rutgers to take on a struggling-even-worse Scarlet Knights squad. You know, kind of like the game this

Craig Has The Scout - Rutgers 2017

Ghosts of the Football Game Past

I really enjoyed watching the Iowa game. I know the more negative elements would say that that excitement is not justified, and the game was proof that the Lovie experiment is doomed. Illinois put together a competent

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