Carbon Copy

I had to go back and look for my "if." I knew I had included an "if" in what I wrote on Monday and Tuesday, but I wanted to see exactly what I had said. I was being bold - I wrote "Turnover Margin" as Part I and then "What If We Win The West?" as Part

From The Stands - Purdue 2023

How do you record something when you're in disbelief? You keep seeing 44-19 on the scoreboard, and you know that it happened, and every happy Purdue fan to your left and your right confirms that yes, this was a thing that happened, but somehow you still

SOC - Purdue

This is the Stream Of Consciousness, right? Where I tell you what's on my mind. Where I write and then hit publish without returning to read what I just wrote. Well, I have to start this one by talking about what's on my mind. And it's not the Purdue

Those Were The Days - Purdue

Now this is a great year to revisit. You're probably not going to ever top 1989 in Champaign. In the spring, a Final Four run for the Flyin' Illini (with Nick Anderson and Kenny Battle both getting picked in the first round of the NBA Draft). In the

Craig Has The Scout - Purdue 2023

This is a fascinating week for scouting. Barry Lunney and Ryan Walters know each other's tendencies. Walters probably knows the way Aaron Henry thinks. And Purdue has a slight advantage in that offensive coordinator Graham Harrell is the only coordinator

What If We Win The West?

I used to do this all the time. I'd allow myself to dream a little bit and present the "what if it happens?" case for a positive Illini season outcome. But we don't really live in a "disclaimer: this is an 'if everything goes right' article" world

Postscript, Florida Atlantic

As I've mentioned here a time or two, I'm a big fantasy baseball guy. One of the many decisions fantasy baseball players have to make during a draft is how to attack pitcher wins. It's one of the five pitching categories that are counted, so it's

Turnover Margin

I just split this article into two. I need to do a lot more research for the second portion (I'll likely publish that one Tuesday evening), so I'm gonna take this one long hot-take and turn it into two long articles. You'll still need to read this one

Boots & Cats

Here's how this works in my brain. My original post title was "Points & Yards." But while visiting my son and daughter-in-law a few weeks ago, my son was feeding his daughter and trying to get her to smile. So he started in with "boots and cats and

From The Stands - FAU

This recording is maybe 70% about the last two minutes of the game. Because I'm an "I cannot relax until the very moment the game is officially over" fan, I'm constantly watching for the following numbers on the clock on first down (when we're driving

SOC - Florida Atlantic

My main emotion this week has been "hurry up." I'm fairly certain we win this game, and if we do, then there's an immediate shift to "OK now the real season begins." We move on to the game at Purdue and then Nebraska comes here and we're off to the

Those Were The Days - FAU

The editor (me) just went crazy with the delete button on this article. There's no FAU game in our history to write about, so Detlef chose the Illinois State game from 2003. And, as you can imagine, his anger at everyone (including a certain former

Craig Has The Scout - Florida Atlantic

Three more "this is written by Craig, not Robert" intros to write. The revised website goes up October 8th no matter what, and once that goes up, Craig will have the ability to publish his own articles under his byline again. Which means I won't have

23-24 Hoops Schedule

Let's cleanse the palate with a little basketball talk. The schedule was (finally) released yesterday, and even though we already knew the Big Ten home and away opponents, now we know the order of the games. An order that ends with at Wisconsin, home

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