This is where I find myself constantly. "Wait, just give it time." "We don't have all of the information yet - just wait". At least once per week I ask myself "Am I being too patient?", but I always answer with "no, I'm like this with everything". Let

You Don't Win That Game

Has any team ever won a college basketball game before where the free throw differential was 48-15? Put aside the "we foul too much" vs. "the officials homered us" debate for a moment - has it ever happened? Because I'm thoroughly impressed that we

Back & Forth - First Ten Games

An actual B&F post! Since Steve and I didn't do football B&F's this year and then November is this crazy "try to write about both sports" month, Tyler and I are just now getting to our first basketball Back & Forth. We started on Sunday

Home Cookin'

13 year-old me who cried in the laundry room when his heroes lost to Austin Peay in the 1987 NCAA Tournament is fairly happy. I needed this. It still hurts. Ken Norman is my favorite Illini of all time and he didn't deserve to go out like that. But

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Roster Turnover On Steroids

Last Tuesday I wrote a piece (a piece? a post? a story? article?) on the fairly quick roster turnover happening in the program. Zook's third year he started 14 Turner recruits. Beckman's third year he started 11 Zook recruits. Lovie's third year he'll

You Play To (Not Lose) The Game

I would be a horrific coach. Just horrific. Mostly because I would, at every moment, play not to lose. It's just how I approach everything. I'm way to cautious for my own good. I'd be constantly looking for ways to not lose. Which would have helped

Trust Issues

"Any time my team only has 8 assists - that's a problem"

- Brad Underwood.

After a second game in a row in which Illinois wasted a substantial first half lead - losing in overtime tonight to Northwestern 72-68 in the Big Ten Conference opener


When you've been so busy with life and work that you were barely able to watch the Wake Forest game Tuesday night but now it's 11:53 pm on Thursday and you finally have some free time and you feel like cranking out a post, just start writing.


Roster Turnover

I talked about it a lot last year - in Lovie's first year, he still had three Ron Zook recruits on the team (Taylor Barton, Joe Spencer, and Rob Bain). That was three head coaches ago. It takes a long, long time to turn over a roster. Or does it?


2018 Depth Chart

So here we are, the morning after the season. Which is when I do the depth chart for the following year. And this will be the least-interesting future depth chart post of all time because I just need to change six players (four starters). Pretty much

Sorrow Is Knowledge

As I've described many times, I calm myself with a classical music playlist during home games. There's a pressbox announcer describing every play, and that's too distracting for me, so I put some classical in my earbuds. When the game fell apart this

Player Interviews - Northwestern

I wanted to talk to three people after the game: Ahmari Hayes as a follow-up to our camp conversation, Bobby Walker, walkon who keeps playing more and more and is pretty much our blocking tight end at this point, and Dre Brown who has fought through

From The Stands - Northwestern

OK, seriously, don't listen to this. It's like 10 minute of me going on and on about the weird vibe around Northwestern football. The players come off after the win and this hype dude is running around like a fool and this other dude is holding up a

Next Steps

Another cupcake - another win. The Illini bounced back from their worst 20 minutes of basketball this year with a season best 52 point second half en route to a relatively comfortable 86-73 win over North Carolina Central. That's six straight wins to

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