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From a fan perspective, it's amazing how much this basketball season feels like the 2017 football season. The season is over early, the coach is playing the freshmen more and more every game, so you're left to just watch for signs that this might turn


Momentum in sports is a fickle thing. You often see momentum ebb and flow over the course of a single game, but it's a little trickier to grasp from game to game. In baseball the old adage says that momentum is only as good as tomorrow's starting pitcher

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Luke Ford

I think I'm all caught up now. It seems silly to be writing this one more than two weeks after Ford announced his transfer, but that's how it works around here. When I have time to sit down and write, I do, and sometimes that means I don't catch up on

Let It All Out

I mean, it doesn't mean anything. We're now 5-12. It was fun, and it was loud, and it was start-to-finish drubbing, but it doesn't mean anything. Big picture, there are big concerns (duh). 5-12. But for one night (and, hopefully, for many more nights

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

January Depth Chart Update

Someone on Twitter just requested a depth chart update with all of these transfers being added so I kind of want to do the "pick my post" thing and surprise him with a fully-written post 35 minutes after his tweet to me. Right to it.

From the last

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Keith Randolph

I gave Keith Randolph his Tom Cruises on Signing Day when I wrote the breakdown post. But I've never given him an LLUOI post, and everyone gets their own LLUOI post, so here's his LLUOI post.

First off, I'm a big fan of linemen who play other sports


I mean, look. We're not going to beat the #2 team in the country when we're 4-11. I knew this driving up here. I was trying to think of a more futile basketball game in the last 35 years and honestly, I think this was it. This will be the worst Illini

OK, So What Does It Mean?

Suddenly, we've landed all this football talent. Some high schoolers, some transfers, some fifth-year transfers. There's no question that the talent has taken a step forward in the last six weeks. But what does that mean when it comes to wins? Especially

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Kofi Cockburn

I put myself on a 48 hour clock for this one. NO WAY could I write it after the Northwestern loss. There were about nine gutpunches in that one - we could have put the game away with 30 seconds left but had a shot clock violation, we could have put the

Regression From The Mean

I enjoy Las Vegas. I've probably been to Sin City 20 plus times over the last 30 years. I'm primarily a blackjack guy, but I'm also always oddly fascinated by roulette. I don't gamble much on the wheel, but it's hard for me to walk by an active one

Back & Forth - 4-10

The last Back & Forth that we did was titled "2-6". And that was meant to be some kind of epic low point, a spot we'd look back on and say "remember when we were 2-6?" Well, we're now 4-10 with no idea when win number five might come, so Tyler and

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Shammond Cooper

Let's just get this out of the way. When you look at Shammond Cooper's recruiting bio online, under visits, it still says he's visiting Florida State on January 25th. Until that visit doesn't happen, or until that visit does happen yet he sticks with

Ten Names You'll Learn In 2019

Happy New Year. Let's start with a fun fact. Did you know that Illinois won 12 times in the last 12 months? 4 basketball wins last January/February, 4 football wins this fall, 4 basketball wins in November/December. Oh, you knew that? You lived every


"I'm standing at the crossroads - believe I'm sinking down"

- Eric Clapton

So that was dreadful.

Illinois fell in OT 73-71 to a Florida Atlantic team that came in ranked #215 in KenPom and was missing two of its best players. The Illini

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