I have this "fine, I'll do it myself" part to my personality that's SUPER lame. You've seen it before on here. Ron Zook doesn't understand how field position is hurting his team of future NFL players? I WILL BE THE ONE TO TELL HIM. I'm having similar

The 90 Illini - 80~76

It's so odd talking about redshirts after the new rule passed last week. Used to be, the redshirt decision for freshmen meant one play and the redshirt is burned. Now, that freshman can play four full games. So when I'm making these "I think #81 might

November Call-Ups

The new redshirt rule was approved by the NCAA yesterday. This news earned an actual fist-pump from me when my son texted me the news. I think it's quite helpful for a team like Illinois. And I will now attempt to explain why. For starters, here's old

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Dominic Stampley

And now for the least-informed LLUOI post in history. A junior college wide receiver joins the 2018 class on June 8th (which is after the 2018 class has already arrived on campus for summer school) and his junior college film is set to "private" online

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

The 90 Illini - 85~81

Thanks to the reminder from Bear8287 in the comments on the last 90i post, I'm (finally) going to add the Tom Cruise rating for each player. I started doing the Tom Cruise thing in the middle of the 2014 class, so it's taken until now to have Tom Cruise

Then There Were Four

We have to be last now. Of the 351 Division I basketball programs, I'm almost certain that if you made a list of returning players, Illinois finishes 351st out of 351. I mean, maybe there was major upheaval at Quinnipiac and seven players transferred


Recruiting is tricky. There are rankings, and rankings get us 80% of the way there, but we need more markers. Something that says "this player is highly likely to contribute in a big way". To me, USA Basketball is one of those markers. Which is why Ayo

The 90 Illini - 90~86

Yep - the season is 90 days away. Which means that it's time for The 90 Illini to return. Every five days or so (sometimes seven, sometimes three), I'll put up another post, counting down the 90 most-important Illini players this season. Once we reach


I think I write this post every year. The month of May - my "I barely have enough words left to type half a post" month - is complete and I begin again. I like to think of it as the first day of my fiscal year. The books are closed on the 2017/18 school

500 Days

When I put "October 12, 2019" in my Twitter bio back in March of 2016, I (apparently) also put a reminder in my phone to buzz me today saying "500 days until 10/12/19". I'm not exactly sure why March 2016 me wanted to remind May 2018 me about this

Recruiting Pace

So as we near the end of the Evaluation Period for football recruits (the Evaluation Period is when the 10 assistant coaches - but not the head coach - can go out on the road and into the high schools), where should we be in terms of numbers for this

Recruiting Numbers

"Man, you're REALLY a slave to recruiting rankings, aren't you?" is something I've heard maybe 150 times in my online life. If there's a sport, there are recruiting rankings, and if there are rankings, I can tell you which teams will be good. Coaching

No, Really - 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown

I've been kind of... saving this? As I've discussed way too much, a project at work (which wrapped up May 4th) took all of my time this spring. So the breakdown of the football signing class was put on hold. This week, I had this little minor surgery

History Lesson

I recorded a podcast this week with an Ohio State site - they're previewing the other 13 Big Ten teams this summer and started with Illinois - and one of their questions was if I thought we'd ever change the name "Fighting Illini". It's a pet topic for

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