90i #20: Alex Hill

Aug 13, 2013
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90i, illini, illini-football

Alex Hill
6'-3", 325 lbs.
Junior (on scholarship, 2 years to play 2)
Slidell High School / Slidell, Louisiana
Jersey Number: #52

What I Know About Him:

I usually have a template that I cut and paste for the formatting of these 90i posts, but I'm not on that computer tonight, so I'm just doing a cut and paste from last night's post (Taylor Zalewski). It's always fun to go from kicker to offensive lineman. Zalewski and Hill are the same height. Zalewski weighs 190 lbs. Hill... doesn't.

I have one Alex Hill story that I've probably told at least three times. But I like the story so much that I'm going to keep telling it. When Hill was making his college choice, he came down to two schools: Illinois and Duke. He was completely torn between the two schools, so he decided to leave it up to a text message. If a "d" appeared before an "i" on the next text he received, he was going to go to Duke. If an "i" appeared first, he would go to Illinois. He got a text from his girlfriend, and apparently she didn't say something like "Double Dare was a fantastic children's television program", because here he is as our starting center.

I'm totally going to ask him about that story tomorrow. Bet you Bamba I have it wrong.

What I Expect From Him:

Two years ago I self-appointed myself World's Biggest Alex Hill Fan. He needed to get in better shape, but I really liked what I saw from him as a redshirt freshman. In drills which required mobility for the linemen, he looked really good. I'm no line expert, so I pretty much just go by "if his footwork is solid, you can make him great". And his footwork is always solid. Ok, solid most of the time. Routinely solid.

Hill bounced around at the different guard spots the last two years, but this spring, under Bill Cubit and AJ Ricker, he moved to center full time. The first-string line that we saw in the spring - Cvijanovic, Heitz, Hill, Karras, and Lewis - has remained the same line right through the scrimmage today. Backups are still yet to be determined, but I'm 98% positive that's the line you'll see against SIU on August 31st.

I think Cubit and Ricker are going to rely on their center a little more this fall. They get on Hill during practice about making the correct call, so apparently he'll be making the line calls. Which means I should probably have him higher than 20th.

Where I'm most excited about that line is next year. Four starters will return, and if we can find a tackle to replace Lewis (Pat Flavin is probably the most likely candidate as of today), that line could be really good. And Hill is the anchor.


Illinigrad on August 13 @ 03:11 PM CDT

Is it not curious that Beckman's first coaching staff constantly changed the makeup of the OL through the spring game and August drills and into the season, never, IIRC, really settling on a starting OL combination. What does Cubit and company do: Just the opposite.

Let's hope the win record is different too.

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