Those Were (Not) The Days - Cincinnati

Sep 05, 2013

Detlef returns with another installment.  This time, a look back at the Cincinnati game in 2009.  A game we scheduled that February AFTER Cincy had been to a BCS Bowl.

Detlef, take us back......


It’s the Mike Thomas Bowl at Memorial Stadium on Saturday! Cincinnati at Illinois! It’s Gonna Happen! MT hired Brian Kelly and Butch Jones who won a lot at Cincinnati before leaving for bigger programs. Now Tommy Tuberville leads the Bearcats against MT’s hire, Tim “Skoal” Beckman. The last time the teams met, anyone who bet the over was a big winner. Anyone who bet on Illinois to win is an idiot not named Warren Carter. RG!!!!!!!

November 27, 2009: More of RG’s asinine scheduling came to fruition on this Turkey Friday. Illinois, at 3-7, traveled to #5 Cincinnati, at 10-0. What????? Anyhow, with UI’s football season in tatters, I hoped this meant we were nearing the end of the RZ error before next week’s game vs. Fresno State, in Champaign, in December. Great job Ronnie! Anyhow, Mrs. Detlef and I were vacationing in Kauai and I dragged her to the Waimea Brewing Company to watch this debacle. Illini football drives me to drink!

Incredibly, UI showed some fight, and scored first on a 21-yard touchdown pass from Juice Williams to Fred Sykes. With 7:36 left in the first quarter, was there reason for Fighting Illini fans to bel I eve an upset could happen? Mandy Gilyard took the kickoff 90 yards to the house, so no. This started an offensive explosion for the Bearcats, as quarterback Tony Pike threw four touchdown passes on their next four drives for a 28-7 lead. BOGGLE!

However, that Bearcat defense was mediocre and the UI offense showed signs of life with Chris Duvalt catching a 19 yard touchdown pass and a Derek Dimke 39 yard field goal to make the Cincy lead 28-17. Sadly, it took Cincinnati only two minutes to score on another Pike touchdown pass to make it 35-17. Dimke tacked on a field goal to make it 35-20 at half.

No need to discuss the second half, other than lots of points and no defense. Well ok, UI did draw closer to start the fourth quarter on a Juice 2 yard run to make it 42-30. The final score was 49-36. Tony Pike of Cincinnati was 32/46 for 399 yards passing and 6 touchdowns. Great defense, Dan Disch! “You go into a game trying to make them pass. That may be a mistake against them. We gave up too many big plays.” No feces, Sherlock!!!

On the bright side, Juice Williams was 21/34 for 282 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also ran 11 times for 70 yards and a touchdown. Moreover, Juice became only the sixth player in B1G history to have over 10,000 career combined yards. “It’s a blessing” said Juice.

Mrs. Detlef shook her head in pity at her husband and his beloved football team. We went to Princeville and its swank resort for more beer, a nice ocean view and an outdoor bar to watch competent college football. On the long flight home I pondered my short list…FURG thought otherwise and brought back RZ for 2010...



illiniranger on September 06 @ 07:27 AM CDT

that dan disch quote is hilarious.

i remember watching that game on TV. as soon as we score a TD, Gilyard rips our heart out. Can't believe the final was 42-30. Seemed like it was more like 49-7.

TheSecretWeapon on September 06 @ 03:54 PM CDT

2-for-2! keep the tobacco references coming! I'm in stitches!!

John Coctostan on September 06 @ 04:24 PM CDT

Looks like someone had a famous UI baton twirler on his mind when writing about that kickoff return....

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