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Oct 10, 2013
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illini, lluoi, top-story

Dear recruits: When head coach Tim Beckman and recruiting coordinator Alex Golesh talk about family, they mean family. They want this program to have the best family atmosphere in the country, and this time, they went literal.

The latest recruit: Peter Cvijanovic, younger brother of starting left tackle Simon Cvijanovic. Peter was a 2013 recruit but received no offers, so he went to prep school, added 50 lbs, and landed an Illini offer. It was reported that he was getting recruiting interest from a few other Big Ten schools, but we were the only offer. Which means we're going the sleeper route again.

It also means that we have to call him a Plan B recruit. Offensive line target Aaron Roberts from Chicago De La Salle visited Syracuse over the weekend and committed to the Orange on Sunday. So on Monday, we offered Cvijanovic, and it took him about 32 seconds to commit. He could have waited it out to see if a school like Purdue was going to offer, but the chance to play with his brother for one year was likely too much to pass up.

And his brother is a tiny bit excited about this. Here's what he had to say on Twitter:

S/O to Peter Cvijanovic. So happy little bro is coming to ball with me in January. New #bookend. #illini #WIN #cvijanovictakeover

-- Simon Cvijanovic (@Cvijanovic68) October 7, 2013

I think 2014 will be the best year of my life. Very excited to get after it with Pete. #illini

-- Simon Cvijanovic (@Cvijanovic68) October 7, 2013

It's been a great day. Very happy to be an #illini

-- Simon Cvijanovic (@Cvijanovic68) October 8, 2013

What do we know about Peter Cvijanovic? Not much. There's very little film out there, and what is out there doesn't show us much because it shows him as a 240 lb high school senior, not the 285 lb prep school player he (reportedly) is today. Is he really a tackle? Will he be more of a guard? Big blocking tight end? We'll have to wait and see this spring (he's a likely early enrollee).

I think the main thing we can evaluate here is the way we use our Plan B recruits. Let's look at our last few Plan B guys:

We lost Reon Dawson to Michigan, so we offered Jayen Dunlap from Crete-Monee. If you're going to offer a Plan B recruit, make it a guy on the team that wins state. And so far, it looks like we landed a diamond in the rough.

We lost safety Joshua Jones to NC State, so we immediately moved on Plan B James Crawford. Who just so happens to play for the one of the top high school programs in the country, St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Crawford looked pretty solid in Rantoul, but is redshirting this fall.

And this is the next Plan B recruitment. We lost out on Aaron Roberts when he picked Syracuse, so we immediately offered Peter Cvijanovic, the brother of a current starter. I like that Beckman/Golesh handle things this way (have a sure-thing Plan B kid if Plan A doesn't work out). Zook didn't do this, so when he lost safety Corey Cooper to Nebraska and safety Dondi Kirby to grades, he didn't have any Plan B kids in the queue. Which happens to be why we don't have many safeties on the roster.

So I like that we moved quickly, and I like that we kept things in the family. But beyond that, if we're honest, this is a project recruit with no other offers. If a 4-star offensive tackle with offers from the entire Big Ten has a 72% chance of being successful, then a no-star offensive tackle in prep school who went to prep school because he didn't have any high school offers has to have something like a 16% chance of being successful.

Again, I'm saying this sight unseen. He might be the biggest sleeper recruit we've ever landed and our starting left tackle for years. But playing the percentages - looking at recruiting history and sorting the players by high school ranking - maybe 7 of every 10 four-star kids work out and 1 or 2 of every 10 no-star kids work out. It's just the way it goes.

So I think I have to give out my first single Tom Cruise.  No other offers yet in prep school, no high school offers despite running the camp circuit, and a Plan B after our guy committed elsewhere.  I can't add all of that together and come up with anything but one Tom Cruise.  Now go prove me wrong, Pete.



jhwaddell on October 10 @ 01:45 PM CDT

Hopefully he will prove you wrong. Not sure I can call him a plan B guy, though. I got the sense that we had cooled on Roberts.

Db12 on October 10 @ 01:48 PM CDT

That's what I saw RE: Roberts too. Just message board rumors, but a few people were saying they backed off on him for whatever reason.

Hhsillini on October 10 @ 02:15 PM CDT

If we wanted Roberts, we would have had him. We said no thanks a long time ago. Welcome, Pete!

BexleyIllini on October 10 @ 02:18 PM CDT

Love the enthusiasm he seems to bring to the program.

Shampoobanana on October 11 @ 04:37 PM CDT

Just when I thought I couldn't get more depressed than the interception thread. And here I thought the only reason we took Simon was to get his superstar brother.

andy on October 12 @ 02:10 PM CDT

Given the state of the program we have to gamble on a several of these "project" guys. Of course you take the 3,4, and 5 star guys if you can get them but we're not in a position to win that battle. Get the best you can, coach the hell out of everybody, and hope that some of these guys blossom and grow.

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