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Dec 23, 2016
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illini, lluoi, top-story

"I'm so worried about numbers", I said. "What if we get to Christmas and we have to get desperate and start offering every two-star on the planet because our top targets are all going elsewhere?", I screamed. Well, it's almost Christmas, and we keep unwrapping extremely talented presents.

As you know, I obsess over the composite rankings. Yes, it's fun to say "four star chooses Illinois" but that's a tiny bit dishonest (unless it's your own service). If a kid is a four star on one of the services but a three star on the others, that's not exactly a "four star". That's more or less just spin.

Which is one of the many reasons I love the composite rankings. Combine the ratings from all four services to get a consensus on where that player stacks up vs. the other recruits in the class. You can then take those numbers and compare them across the years. If Jeff Thomas chooses Illinois, he'd be the fifth-highest ranked recruit since 2000 behind Arrelious Benn, Martez Wilson, Martin O'Donnell, and Rashard Mendenhall. I very much enjoy the ability to compare recruits across classes.

Because when you do that, you can get an idea on talent upgrades and downgrades. Take the last two years, for example. Here's visual representation of the players in the last two classes, with this 2017 class in bold. If combined, here's how those players would rank when you use their individual composite score:

Ricky Smalling .8868
* Delshawn Phillips .8737*
* Larry Boyd .8721*
* Kendrick Green .8718*
* Carmoni Green .8680*
Zarrian Holcombe .8559
Dele Harding .8549
Olalere Oladipo .8512
* Dwayne Lawson .8496*
* Kendall Smith .8443*
* Tony Adams .8422*
Tre Nation .8422
Howard Watkins .8395
* Vederian Lowe .8362*
* Cameron Thomas .8356*
Kurt Gavin .8319
Kenyon Jackson .8335
Tymir Oliver .8321
Mike Epstein .8295
Jacob Cerny .8292
Ra'Von Bonner .8254
Andrew Trainer .8240
Darta Lee .8209
Marc Mondesir .8199
Eddy Fish .8171
Dominic Thieman .8114
Christion Abercrombie .8113
Brandon Jones .8081
James McCourt .8068
Jake Hansen .8035
Doug Kramer .8031
Stanley Green .7983
Griffin Palmer .7965
MJ McGriff .7850
Harvey Clayton .7824
Evan Jones .7783
Ayo Shogbonyo .7750
Ahmari Hayes .7700

OK, trivia question. Which class is better at this point? Good, every single one of you got it right.

Kendrick Green is the latest player to join. Green is a late bloomer. He wasn't on many of the in-state lists in the spring, but a great camp season and then a huge senior year pushed him way up the charts (to the point where Scout recently moved him to four-star status). In June he got his first Power Five offer (Minnesota), and then as he blew up this fall he added Iowa, Syracuse, Rutgers, Missouri, and Illinois. In fact, we didn't offer until about five weeks ago.

Which is why this was such a fantastic close for Lovie and staff. We offer mid-November, we get one of his three official visits (he also visited Minnesota and Iowa), and from following his Twitter (and looking at the Crystal Ball), he was a heavy Iowa lean. Then, an official visit to Champaign on the weekend of the 10th, a Twitter that changed from all things Iowa to all things Illinois, and a verbal on his birthday not even two weeks later.

Offer November 16th when he's already leaning heavily elsewhere, close on December 22nd. Lovie gets coffee.

Green was being recruited as an offensive guard/center for some schools and as a defensive tackle at others. At Illinois, I think he's destined for the defensive line. A good comp might be Brandon Moore - big guy who was really quick afoot and played defensive tackle at Illinois and offensive guard in the NFL. I'm not saying that Green has a certain NFL future, but I think he's that kind of versatile athlete who is perfect for college line play.

You know how coaches will recruit a kid as an "ATH", a player they might put at wide receiver or cornerback? Kendrick Green is a line ATH. When you watch him running on film, there's part of me that wants him to lose weight and be a ridiculous blocking tight end. Then I'll watch him pancake someone and want him on the offensive line. Then I'll watch him burst off the line on the snap, slip between two offensive linemen, and make a tackle for loss and I DEFINITELY want him at defensive tackle.

So I think this was a really great get. Since I'm constantly filling out future depth charts, I'm feeling really good about defensive tackle in the future. That game against Michigan on October 12, 2019 that I'm always talking about? A defensive tackle rotation of Jamal Milan, Kenyon Jackson, Kendrick Green, and Tymir Oliver will be really solid in that game. This is how programs are built.

Tom Cruises. I'm enjoying the fact that I have to break out the quarter-point Tom Cruises in order to distinguish between players. I have Green a step below Ricky Smalling (four Tom Cruises) but a step above Carmoni Green (3.5 Tom Cruises). So I'm going to put Kendrick Green in the same place I put Delshawn Phillips. Right at 3.75 Tom Cruises.



DB50 on December 23 @ 07:37 AM CST

Huge get for the program, Lovie is on a roll!

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