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June 27, 2019 @ 12:30 PM

I think the title would make more sense with a ? at the end. Yes, now is the time that the construction SHOULD be complete. The foundation SHOULD be set, etc. But It's very difficult to see that being the case. When Lovie was hired, the expectation was a solid, disciplined defense and a good running game on offense. That, combined with good recruiting from a big name, big salary coach, was going to be the FOUNDATION. Instead, it took a new OC to bring us the running game, the defense has been an utter embarrassment, and recruiting, while slightly improved, is being outpaced by nearly the entire conference. I'd argue we don't have a solid foundation at all.

Normally going into year 4, you don't have these huge depth issues. The starting QB will have just gotten to campus this summer as either a true frosh or grad transfer with very limited experience in a completely different offensive system. The top 5 WRs are likely 1 recruited scholarship player, 2 grad transfers with very limited experience, and 2 walkons. The open OL spot is being filled with another grad transfer with barely any experience. Ideally all these openings would have been backfilled through above-average recruiting, not castoffs from bigger programs. Can it work? Sure but this is patchwork and risky.

As a depth chart and roster construction nerd, I'd love to hear your objective take on this team. I worry the cliff we're about to hit after 2020 can be just as bad as what happened at the end of Beckman/Cubit. That's probably the underlying reason I can't buy into Lovie having completed a "foundation." This really sets up as a 4-5 win '19, 6-7 win '20, then right back to a rebuild. Really hope you don't take this as a criticism of you, and it's true that "you don't know until you know." I just see so many red flags and no good signs. With all the unknowns this year, I feel like the future of this program depends on us hitting a huge parlay.

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