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September 14, 2019 @ 07:29 PM

Robert - just wanted to say I feel your pain - I have been a football first fan now since 90 and this is just another gut punch. After several years of no expectations but still watching I began to have hope after the spring. And that is gone now. This was a very important game and to loose like we did as u described is unacceptable. My only purpose going forward is to make sure when the story is told of the demise of Illinois football (if anyone cares anymore) that its an accurate one. The uninformed will say that we are a bball school. The young will blame Lovie. The bitter will blame Mike Thomas. There are many sub plots that can be honestly mistaken for this situation. But I believe its important to take a step back into history and acknowledge who is has more responsibility than anyone for the our joke of a program, Ron Guenther. When he took over at AD for John M. we were the 4th best program in a strong B10 (an argument could be made for 3rd). When he left we were one of the worst programs in the nation much less the B10. He controlled the program for 20 plus years and those 20 years were critical for NCAA FB. D1 football absolutely exploded in terms of popularity, money and national exposure. While programs like Wisco, Va Tech, Boise and Oregon were built from seemingly nothing. Ron Guenther took a strong program with a lot of support and ran it into nothing. I bring it up because I think Illini media have largely let him off the hook at least publicly. I believe that NCAA FB will not be recognizable in ten years or so with regards to conferences, the size of D1 and payment to players. I personally envision some 35 to 40 teams making the cut. If I am correct, at this point I don't see Illinois making the cut sadly. Here is to hoping I am wrong.

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