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September 15, 2019 @ 01:31 AM

Robert I feel so bad for you. I also feel like it's probably inevitable that Lovie and possibly Whitman lose their jobs and we have a brand-new rebuild. BUT maybe there is a shred of hope:

The 1999 Illini lost at home to Minnesota 37-7 to fall to 3-3. The next week they won at scUM and their only loss the rest of the season was to #2 PSU to finish 8-4.

The 2001 Illini nearly lost to NIU at home and lost by 25 to scUM before winning the Big Ten and heading to the Sugar Bowl.

The 2007 Illini lost to Missouri, Iowa, and scUM before going on to the Rose Bowl.

Some teams just clicked late. But what's happening to the OL is extremely concerning. GO ILLINI!!

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