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September 15, 2019 @ 06:26 PM

At this point, I haven't given up on this team. (Heck, even Beckman looked good for dead and somehow won two games at the end of a season to make it to a bowl game [Eeww I bet that just sent shivers down some fans' spines ;-D]).

Robert and I have been having this debate for some time now:
Robert: Recruiting >>> Coaching
Bear: Coaching >>> Recruiting

Typically, once a coach shows promise by beating "better" teams with less heralded recruits (i.e. better coaching) the better recruits will start showing up and it becomes a virtuous cycle.

Robert did an "On Paper" post that looked at the basketball team heading into Groce's last season. We all know how that turned out.

"ChiefGritty" posted this info on IllinoisLoyalty (247 2019 College Football Team Talent Composite):

Illinois: 37th nationally
Akron: 124th
UConn: 101st
E. Michigan: 121st
(and looking ahead to the next game: Nebraska: 24th)

Their quarterback was outstanding. Excellent receivers. Running backs that have more power than we do.

Running backs that have more power than we do?!? So, only if we could recruit like EMU? (Maybe the issue isn't the talent on the Illinois side of the ball?)

What else might we glean from EMU's recent victories over B1G teams?

2018: EMU 20 Purdue 19 -> Purdue went on to beat Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio State, Iowa, Indiana, Lost to Auburn in the Music City Bowl
2017: EMU 16 Rutgers 13 -> Rutgers went on to beat Illinois, Purdue and Maryland

Well both of those B1G teams went on to win at least 3 conference games, but both of those teams also beat Illinois in the same season. (It does seem to be an unfair disadvantage though that Illinois doesn't get to play Illinois doesn't it? And does this also mean that Illinois hasn't really been good enough to beat EMU the last 3 seasons now?)

Purdue lost their first 3 games of the season last year (one of those to EMU) and still made it to a bowl game. Illinois has the talent to win some B1G games this year, but in year 4 of a "rebuild" that really shouldn't be the question, should it?

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