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October 13, 2020 @ 09:21 AM

I think choosing the "Age" argument for LSU is not particularly strong. In reality, ALL of your factors have changed from last year to this year with LSU, and pretty significantly. They lost their OC and DC. Both were considered the best, or nearly the best in all of college football, and Coach O is a relatively "hands off" coach when it comes to offensive/defensive schemes. That's a clear coaching downgrade. That huge loss of coaching AND playing talent then affects the Order. New terminology, new systems, new coaching philosophies/attitudes, new starters, etc. Then when you lose 20 players to the NFL, that clearly resets the Age, Talent, and Experience categories. I guess if I were to rank your categories, from largest change to smallest change from last year to this year for LSU, it would go 1. Experience, 2. Coaching, 3. Order, 4. Age, 5. Talent (raw talent - still tons of 4/5 stars). Just my 2 cents.

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