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December 23, 2020 @ 02:11 PM

Robert: You do a lot of explaining of your explanations... LMAO

Second: I would have replied to your 'fatigue question' like this... I'm fatigued because in 1967 Jim Valek said nearly these same words, Bob Blackman who followed also uttered nearly the same phrases, as did Gary Moeller, and actually Mike White. Mackovic was more muted, but he did try to instill continued confidence, as did Tepper. All this followed by Turner, Zook, Beckman, and Cubit all saying the things that are meant to instill a certain degree of 'Hope'... Lovie did chime in a little also... Soooo .... After 12 coaches in the last 60 years saying and repeating the SAME mantra over and over and over. - HOW could anyone NOT get at least a little 'Hope Fatigue' ? ? ?

Obviously the questioner is young and full of energy and HOPE... And THAT is good, and it's needed, but even the young should realize that it's possible for those of us who have followed this over these last 60 years to get 'worn down' a little in the process....

Finally, I'm going to pick on you a little Robert. Don't introduce a term without first defining it (ABI ? ? ? ) for those of us not 'educated' enough in ECIT&A... LMAO + + ...

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