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January 29, 2021 @ 12:46 PM

There was a distinct odor of pretentiousness with Lovie. From the word choices, the tone, and mannerisms he used when addressing the media. Also, Lovie didn’t have some great secret or was giving up some tactical advantage on many of these issues. He excluded fans, alums, and media because we were beneath him. I was a huge Lovie supporter but I can’t even begin to discuss his level of indifference for alumni, donors, former players in general over the last year plus. If you offered help or publicly questioned his decisions it was handled in the passive-aggressive Lovie way. Hard to “buy in” when you are not included. I hope that this turns out great for the university and you Robert. How awesome will it be if the school has a relevant football program and you are there for it full time? Full time with a coach that understands that you, we are part of the program.

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