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January 29, 2021 @ 01:59 PM

Many of us expected that Lovie would act the way he did to the media because we saw how he operated when he was with the Bears. We didn't think necessarily expect other stakeholders (e.g. former players, alumni, football coaches) would feel like they were getting similar treatment. Now, I recognize that to some extent, those groups may always feel a bit slighted - but there sure feels like there is a lot more smoke here than a usual coach departure.

Then again, winning cures all. I think that had Lovie acted like he did to the media (and potentially to other stakeholders), we would still love him because we were winning. Alas (spoiler alert), that was not the way to be.

I'm fairly certain that Lovie was ultimately a good person, but it sure seems like there was arrogance in how he approached certain aspects of the job. In contrast, we're inheriting a coach who has publicly acknowledged that he has been I think the fan excitement is a combination of the transparency but ALSO humility that we can see. I don't think Bielema would be getting the kudos he has been without the humility that he has demonstrated.

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