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March 22, 2021 @ 08:36 AM

Beautifully said. The debut album of The Sundays defines Fall 1990 for me, when I finally left Champaign after six years. I'd finished grad school in August and, after six weeks out west I returned home for three months before going to work. I visited campus three times that fall to see football games (it was a good season) and a dear friend put me onto that album in early October. I listened to it incessantly, and still dial it up occasionally 30 years later.

As you note, Here's Where the Story Ends seems to be about moving on and gratitude for what we've experienced. It reminds me of that fall. Of sitting in the west balcony as Doug Higgins hit his fifth FG of the day to beat MSU as the golden sunlight bathed Memorial Stadium. Of brilliant maple trees on the Quad. Of finally being at leisure to truly enjoy campus in autumn without the stress of classes on my back. Of a crystal clear Sunday at Allerton, driving through the cornfields ready for harvest. Of the stubble in those fields come November. Of hitting the entrance ramp onto I-74 off Springfield one final time and heading east to begin real life.

Lots of metaphors for the Illini and our fans here in that song. I'm grateful beyond words for what this team provided us during this truly terrible year. Remember, however, that Here's Where the Story Ends is the opening track on the album. Lots of other stories follow, of sorrow and triumph.

The final track is the ethereal, soaring Joy. After the sorrow subsides, lets focus on that. The foundation is there. I choose to believe that this is the beginning of many future triumphs.

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