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March 22, 2021 @ 12:14 PM

I’m not sure I have the stomach for a Rewind post from this game - maybe in a month! ?? That said, I was as mystified by the lack of adjustments as well - especially out of halftime. They were killing us on the pinch post and with aggressive trapping of high ball screens- things we used to run!!

I thought we should have brought a wing to the high middle to give Ayo an outlet pass. Trapping with Krutwig often left a guard on Kofi but Ayo was too strung out to get him the ball. A quick pass to the middle would have then allowed for a quick post feed or a pass to the weak corner which was also open.

On defense I think Kofi should have played tighter up on Krutwig. I know drop coverage is our thing and doing that would pull him away from the rim, but he controlled the game from the pinch and I thought we should have done more to disrupt that.

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