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March 22, 2021 @ 08:51 PM

Shock, devastation and disappointment but you’re right- if this is the rebirth of a top ten program that gets 1-4 seeds every year again and can have elite teams than like some of these programs (Villanova, etc) the positive variances will cancel the negative ones and well punch through...maybe even some year as a higher seed. Hopefully it’s a new foundation with Miller and Belo. Hopefully Kofi returns to work on passing, jumpshot and perimeter D and hopefully this was the team the revived a program for the 2020s. That will be the hope that gets me through the hurt for now. Thanks for covering a great season. I’ll go back and watch my DVR of us dominating mich, iowa, OSU, minn, wisc, and others in the off-season!!! Thanks again Ayo, Trent, Kofi and others. Thanks Robert and Tyler!

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