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March 24, 2021 @ 07:56 AM

Excellent job gentlemen. My only frustration is the 5000 or so times I tried to interject, but apparently my microphone was not working. A few thoughts/opinions:

  1. Upon further reflection I do think we were both physically and mentally exhausted. The buildup the last few weeks may have taken its toll just at the wrong time.

  2. Tyler.......Actually Kofi scored the last 5 points of the first half and Ayo the first 2 of the second half, so we did have a bridged 7-0 run there.

  3. In 55 years of following Illini basketball I can still clearly see the Sean Higgins rebound and put back 32 years later. That’s my personal greatest devastation. Still feel that was the most talented Illini team I’ve witnessed.

  4. I do believe we’re officially back. Miller and Curbelo are going to give opponents fits. To steal a short phrase from Robert, Illinois basketball is “a thing” again.

  5. Robert....I had to chuckle when you discussed your seat location and your personal level of “fan pain”. I think you should run with that one and tell people you live in Fanpaign, IL.

Keep the faith, and thanks for all your efforts in this crazy season.

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