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March 24, 2021 @ 04:17 PM

We showed before in this season that we were vulnerable to a good mid-major (see Ohio game, see Nebraska on the road).
There are likely many factors which contributed to this loss: I would rank them as follows:

a) Loyola being good/under-seeded b) Ayo's injury - I know Ayo and that was no Ayo. c) general exhaustion - the amount of games we played on the road during the last month is insane. 11 games in 30 days, 10 on road. 7 games in the last 21 days of our season, all on road. Loyola's schedule: by comparison: 7 games in 30 days, 4 on the road.
d) Loyola playing better than they are in this 1 game. See 50%+ shooting and 40% from 3. e) Our weaknesses could be exposed by a good coach, such as Kofi's inability to pass out of the post.
f) us playing our worst game of the season, 28% from 3 with many being good looks, 17 turnovers

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