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March 26, 2021 @ 01:43 PM

If Kofi returns...oh wait you covered that.

Recruiting has changed forever with the transfer portal. It's now 12 months a year and you can't project your roster more than 12 months into the future.

This staff is good at roster churn. We can miss on 3 recruits and be in on 3 more later. They seem to be able to find and develop talent. So we'll be okay. I still had a meltdown when I thought we were 24 hours from landing Enoch Boakye and then ASU swooped in the way they did. A month from now there will be a new must-get guy.

So, yeah, trust the staff.

To me, it feels like 2000-2005 Illinois basketball is back. Even the soul-crushing defeat in March felt familiar. I think the fans understand this and SFC will be filling up on a regular basis.

I don't see any non-Kofi guys on the radar achieving All-American status. All Big-Ten, yes, but not quite at that next level. I think we'll have more depth of talent and more versatility going forward. This year's team was a little bit "do that thing you do really well" and when it didn't click things got ugly. Future teams will have less dominant pieces but more ability to actually run a system. Systems win in March. Underwood can do systems but when you have Kofi and Ayo you maximize their talents and get a 1 seed. Work the system next year.

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