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March 26, 2021 @ 02:40 PM

Since the Michigan question was mine...

Robert: "It's weird. My "please God, no" team was Iowa..... If Iowa finally made the Final Four in a year where we were a 1-seed but lost in the second round, I'm not sure I'd come out of my house for a month."

Believe me, I was right there with you on this. The only reason I didn't mention them was that they've already lost. Part of what's been helping me deal with this is the Big Ten as a whole not living up to expectations (as you wrote about in Part 1). If the B1G had 8/9 teams in the sweet 16 with us being the 1 team out I may have had to quit sports altogether.

The Michigan hate, though, isn't just general Michigan hate. It is THIS YEAR's Michigan team hate. Their conference champ confetti party, Juwan wanting to fight Turgeon and all his comments afterward... I don't know. They "won" the regular season, we won the BTT and I wanted to win the NCAA tournament. Or short of that, at least go farther than Michigan. The fact that the entire B1G is out, and their Liversless team is still in.... We are better than them and now it doesn't matter and they've won the argument. Feelsbadman.

So when you say

"I'm guessing they make the Final Four and the final statement on who was really the best team in the Big Ten will be shoved in our face. Simply preparing myself to accept it. "

That is the part I'm having trouble with. Accepting it. And I don't think they even need to get to the Final Four. They made the Sweet 16 and no one else did. It's done. Every win from here on out just shoves the knife in deeper. At least for me. I'd like the stabbing to end, and as long as Michigan is still playing it just won't.

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