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April 7, 2021 @ 06:56 PM

I don't think its possible to create an experience for all players so that they don't want to leave. Take Tevian Jones for example. Aside from any academic issues, he just wasn't a good enough player (his talent was, his understanding of the game wasn't) to carve out a major role for us. He wanted to experience getting major playing time in college basketball, so he transferred to a level he could do so. Alan Griffin supposedly had some stuff going on in his personal life that motivated his move, nothing the staff can do with that. Adam Miller wanted to be the Ace Wolf, but Curbelo has taken the reins of the team going forward, so he likely transfers somewhere where he can improve his on ball skills more. None of those situations could have been predicted when they came to U of I, and don't necessarily speak poorly to their experience here. The key as always will be finding the right guys to replace the ones who inevitably leave.

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