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April 21, 2021 @ 01:06 AM

Not sure what the future holds. Given the line composition in 2021, perhaps Juice's mobility isn't the same asset it is with a less experienced line; however, in the future it may be. They certainly wanted to take a long look at him as more of a passer the other night, and it's difficult to say whether he "passed" the test, due in part to the dominance of the #1 DLine against the #2 Oline when he played with that unit and in part due to the "tag" rule on White-shirts. Juice was 2-10 passing vs. the Orange; but 3-4 vs. the Blue. It looked like many of his other pass attempts vs. the Orange ended up as "runs" where he was flushed from the pocket and gained a yard or two (impacted by "tag" and a quick whistle). I'm wondering if the staff wanted to see more patience out of him.

I think Coach B intends to win "now", in the hopes of increasing program momentum (and by win, I'm talking a 5- to 6- win season) rather than taking the complete rebuild approach.

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