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April 21, 2021 @ 10:43 AM


  1. Robinson and Taylor each got snaps with the Blue Team once Isaiah Williams went over to the Orange Team in the second half. But both only attempted one pass. Spann got a full series with the Orange Team (3 for 4 for 58 yards, 3 rushes for 25 yards). I know Spann was 5th in all drills to start the spring and then he moved to 4th ahead of Taylor. Perhaps he's now 3rd ahead of Robinson.

  2. I think the "primary backup" stuff for Eddie Smith was not true. In that LLUOI post I included links to articles saying that Eddie Smith played in the title game when their starting safety was ejected but someone commented that the article was incorrect and it was another safety who came in. PFF charts all of the snaps for every play of the college season (they have someone chart the player numbers for every single play) and Smith shows as having 0 snaps in the title game. In three seasons they show him with 67 total plays. 49 as a freshman, 1 as a sophomore, 18 as a junior.

Not saying he won't play for us - the 7th Alabama safety is generally better than our best safety - but I've backed off some of my excitement after seeing that the "primary backup" reports were not true.

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