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Brave Illini
April 29, 2021 @ 06:36 PM

Another point I meant to add is that I think this Staff feels an obligation to follow up and make good on their stated emphasis on in-state recruits and continue to build quality relationships with H.S. coaches and others in the State. Taking a few recruits now that aren't highly rated may be a good longer term "investment" in the State and building trust. I understand that until we have signed letters, we don't have players on board. But I'm a big believer in momentum and early verbals can lead to others (including from higher-rated players) that we wouldn't otherwise have received. We've taken some pretty big swings with other recruits so we'll see how it goes; which we should have some idea about after the June official visits. Plus, having early commits sure reduces anxiety levels compared to waiting on pins and needles to see what transpires closer to signing day. I would be surprised if any of these verbals flip, even if their stock rises over the next several months, given the energy and attentiveness this Staff has shown thus far. I think they will stay on top of all recruits through the day they sign.

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