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June 25, 2021 @ 09:36 PM

Hmmmm I think that’s a bit soft IMO. Consider throwing out the Mac bias because if he can’t get evaluated due to Covid, Mac teams know he’s an easy take for them but Notre Dame would probably want more film and time. Because of this staff he’s evaluated early and they push the pedal and boom he’s ours. It’s not his fault ND or others were slow..just speculating. Also the cruise downgrade because of your bias against the position he’s at. Again he may be a giant running back compared to what we are used to but not BB. Also he is standing at the end of the row and is forward, the hold your Bass out from your chest a few more inches effect. Yes he’s big, but maybe not too big to be a John Clay. His feet? Speed? Size? YAC? Program? I just don’t see that weak of a prospect. Tight end, LB, RB, HBack...don’t care, gifted kid from great program, love the pick up.

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