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September 5, 2021 @ 09:38 PM

Robert, You're all things Illini as I am after 57 years of rooting for the beloved. Sat on my Dad's knee and watched a lot of great football and football players come to Memorial thru the years. ( Butkus, Grabowski, etc.). I watched a kid named Dan Marino and his # 2 team almost lose the game because of great secondary play. I believe it was 4 int. but could be wrong. Now, back to why I wanted to send you a message. Question: When is the last time you saw the Illini passing attack play quick play action slants, or stutters and hope the receiver can gain separation. Tom Brady has become the greatest QB on little dink passes over the middle, and let the receiver get the yards. UTSA outcoached us and figured out how to negate the rush.

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