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Boneyard Surfer
September 6, 2021 @ 02:43 PM

Good post.

In addition to being an Illini fan, I am a 50+ year Cubs fan, so I have cheered for a lot of awful teams in my lifetime.

How many P5 starts were represented by the guys in orange and blue Saturday? Hundreds? And yet they lost to a team that didn’t exist 10 years ago populated by a bunch of guys that wouldn’t even get a B1G visit, much less a scholarship.

The Cubs lost a lot of games because the team members weren’t very good at baseball, certainly when compared to the competition. I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that most of our guys just aren’t that good at football.

And the following comment is not intended as snark, but is made with genuine concern: BB had better chop some weight or he won’t be around long enough to see if the rebuild is successful. (See Underwood, B.)

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