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September 7, 2021 @ 11:36 PM

I read this comment and had to chuckle. I attended the Nebraska game and had an absolute blast! $30 huh?

$404 airfare to O'Hare; $48 airport parking; $156 car rental from O'Hare; $53 gasoline; $420 hotel (2 nights); $20 game day parking; $70 ticket on the 40 yard line; $100 for two dinners & drinks; $120 tailgating and concessions. Breakfasts were free at the hotel.

Next headed to Charlottesville to do it all again, but this one will be a 12-hour round trip drive. And no --- my son's not on the team, and I'm not a former player. Just a former student and avid fan who got addicted in the 1980's! (Oh, and I have Clemson season tickets which prevent me from attending more Illini games.)

Bielema is the guy.

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