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September 12, 2021 @ 02:05 AM

I was at the game today. We have no pass rush. None. Nada. I understand the future plans for the QB. But how could Williams hurt the team more than our current QB/WRs? One thing that would have helped was putting the fear of God in UVA that Williams would put up 150 on the ground. Our receivers are not getting the ball, dropping the ones that hit their hands and the QB is staring down his first read like it’s a stripper. The most electric guy on our side touches the ball 5 times a time. This year it needs to be every snap. Next year we can find someone who can find # 2 or (God forbid) # 3 on the depth chart. This year, if the first guy is not open scramble.

P. S. The flyover was the best part of the game.

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