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September 14, 2021 @ 12:09 AM

Good analysis! I'm just not sold on BB's pound it on the ground approach. I don't think a team can be any more successful than a .500 team with that approach. Sure, that might make some Illini fans happen but, I selected the Illini because I was sold on competing for national championships. I refuse to give up on that dream. While BB is more sold than Lovie on throwing the ball when he gets behind, he will still waste series by pounding against teams with 8 man fronts. I worry about our O line because we have a coach there that has said he doesn't worry about technique but, just wants guys to fire off the line and pound guys. D lines are taught to slip blocks now instead of making it an I am stronger than you contest. He has also said that he might work on pass protection for a few minutes at the end of practices. I am sure the Midwest stereotype of pound the football is still big in high school but, this is not high school anymore. Nick Saban throws it 30 or 40 times every game and people think that he is just pounding the ball. If you don't throw it in a game as part of your gameplan, you won't do it successfully when you have to, I have no problem with BB running the ball. There just must be some focus on the passing game. Both of our lines seem to be taught to just outmuscle the opponent. Put your head down and just fire off the ball. Teams counter that in today's world. My apologies. I didn't mean to vent. But, an O line that has blocked very well the past couple of years, with almost everyone back, doesn't become bad overnight without some changes having been made.

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