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Brave Illini
September 14, 2021 @ 09:09 AM

This very helpful. Couple things come to mind. Would you say that in most instances, when a player who was highly ranked out of high school transfers to a different college or university, he had not performed up to his ranking at his first stop? I know there are exceptions (e.g., Justin Fields), but it seems the statistics would bear out that most transfers failed to live up to their expectations. This could be verified, but assuming this is the case, then that would seem to suggest that in assessing team talent, we should at least slightly dial down our expectations for those transfers relative to their ranking out of high school. The other thought is whether and how much Bielema and Co. will adjust schemes to reflect the talent on the roster, so as to improve performance and number of winds this year. It seems, as you explained, Coach has a basic philosophy and schemes that reflect that philosophy. Does he stick to that, and suffer the pains along the way from players he didn't recruit trying to adapt to that? Or does he, at least in the interim, make adjustments that may be more in line with the existing roster and better utilize their makeup and skills? Anyway, this post is comforting in that lessens the wonder and skepticism that naturally increase following the Virginia loss. I hope you revisit this topic later in the season after we have more games and data under our belt.

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