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September 15, 2021 @ 07:26 AM

How do you feel about the identity and shift to pocket passers? I feel like in college football today it’s a little antiquated. Not that you don’t want a guy who will stand in there, has a gun, and will look pass first, but because you need a guy nowadays that can make it happen with his feet when the play breaks down, at a minimum. I view Peters physical ability as the minimum requirement for college football QBs today (my opinion, I’m not a coach and I don’t know football talent).

If the defense never has to account for the quarterback they can load their numbers elsewhere. If he is a threat to break a big play they have to keep an eye on him and that hesitation could open something up somewhere else.

Obviously Justin Fields is in the upper elite class, but he was a pass first qb who could take off and make the defense pay when it broke down, but he was still pass first. I don’t expect us to pull a qb of his talent level, but I wish we looked for guys in that mold.

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