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November 15, 2021 @ 01:05 PM

I thought you were going to have a cool metaphor with us having four guys out being like the waist-deep snow and now we are heading downhill into the rest of the non-conference schedule.

The thing I'm seeing with this group is that they play mean. They aren't going to cheap shot opponents, but this is not a finesse group. The things we are best at like defense and rebounding should travel very well. Usually you'd worry about going on the road and missing 3-pointers and free throws. Well, we did that last game and we won by 39.

I do see a concern where we rack up too many fouls playing a fast-paced game and live-ball turnovers hurt our defense. All the length clogs up our offensive sets and we just can't score. I think that was last year's team though. This year's team might just bully these guys.

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