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November 16, 2021 @ 07:04 AM

Excellent, balanced analysis. I missed the first 3 minutes and upon turning on the tv, one of the first comments I heard from the announcers highlighted the sloppiness of start. Well, 2 hours later it was (quite a bit) more of the same. Deep in my soul I began having admittedly bizarre questions about points shaving. It was that atrocious.

We lost to a team that will get spanked quite a bit this year. To be fair, they don’t even have a legitimate point guard. With that said let’s move on and pray this was an awful aberration. Sometimes you watch a football game, see a wide open receiver drop an easy catch, and suddenly it seems contagious. Hoping that was the case with our Keystone Cops offense last night.

P.S. Props to Robert on his pregame thoughts. He should start a betting service. Seems to be on a heater.

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