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November 16, 2021 @ 01:50 PM

Not every game has to be a referendum on a player's entire career. He tried to put the team on his shoulders and he collapsed under the weight. Weird stuff happens when guys step out of their comfort zone, and Curbelo's comfort zone - at this point of his career - has Kofi Cockburn right in the middle of it. This season will be a journey for Curbelo.

Well put. While no coach "wants to lose" BU has his sights set on the prize. In the long run, will this make the team better? Can't answer that for sure yet, but I believe it very well may.

There's only so much you can communicate with words. Some things just need to be experienced. There's a lot to work with here for a player who will probably be a lot more receptive now. Probably couldn't have happened at a better point in the season.

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