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November 17, 2021 @ 02:28 PM


If you test positive (assuming the test was correct) you can still pass it along to others. Because the virus is still in you (although hopefully your immune system is making quick work of the nasty little b*astards) Yes, the entire FB team and staff are vaccinated. But there is still a chance that (for example) if BB goes to a staff meeting with a breakthrough case, he could then pass it along to someone else on staff as another breakthrough case.

Eventually we are going to (hopefully) reach a point of herd immunity, once enough people have received their vaccinations and the case load drops. So then the restrictions will be lowered. We saw this earlier this year when vaccinated people could go to the grocery store or wherever and not wear masks. But then cases increased again and we had to go back to masking.

Are BB and the football team being super-cautious? Perhaps even unnecessarily so? Yes. But flip this on its head and see the sort of blowback the team would receive if a covid-positive coach was on the sidelines for Saturday's game. Masked or not, we wold get lit up like a Christmas tree. So I think we are making a smart, savvy move, both from a safety and a PR standpoint.

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