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November 17, 2021 @ 03:23 PM

That's an interesting list of players. What you see at the 70-100 level we have been recently recruiting at are no superstars, but mostly hits, and some misses. There are certain factors outside of the RSCI which would indicate a better likelihood of success. You look at the way Jayden Epps has been performing at top tournaments, and I feel pretty confident that he's going to be a major contributor. On the opposite end, we all remember DJ Williams and how he was performing his senior season. You'd look at the box score and wonder if he even played.

With this level of recruiting, we're going to be super competitive in the Big Ten, but if we want to continue to be a factor nationally, probably gotta get the Ayos and Kofis. Adding Ty today is huge step; likewise with Morez. Those two are going to be very high ceiling players.

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