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November 17, 2021 @ 10:57 PM


As was noted, the vaccine doesn't prevent one from getting the virus, it only keeps the symptoms from being severe. The wrong impression has been given by the federal government and MSM (Main Stream Media) until the facts forced them to admit the error just recently. Everyone who has received the vaccine could theoretically get it AND pass it on. As proof of that, just today (11/17) it was reported that Gibralter, a country that has a 100% vaccination rate, is having a horrendous Covid outbreak. Being vaccinated did nothing to stop that.

If you want to know the full truth and understand this better, you'll have to research non MSM and government (like PBS) sources. There are doctors and researchers forming new associations every month to publicize that their real life experiences in treating patients and doing research (true science) does not agree with the narrative being fed to us.

With that said, I think BB did the right thing given the policies of the university. We can't risk that he might pass it onto other staff or players. Personally, I've lived life normally the last year and a half, got Covid, took my Ivermectin, missed half a day of work and got back on with life. My eyes were opened when we traveled with AAU ball last year (summer 2020) to other states and found that outside of Illinois, people were living very normal lives. (Hopefully that didn't go too far off the rails).

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